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    Default Eeveelover824's Digtal Graphics

    Hello im Eeveelover824 just showing off some of my artwork i do for myself and many people...i list all my banners and avatars i did for myself and request in my shop, and made for others from the kindness of my heart ^_^ i make other things but i can't show on this part of the fourm check out my shop if you like to see other stuff...I do my best to make everyone on serebii happy with my art...

        Spoiler:- animation banners:

        Spoiler:- more animation banners:

        Spoiler:- ghost image banners:

        Spoiler:- fragmentation banners:

        Spoiler:- extraction banners:

        Spoiler:- avatar profile pictures:

        Spoiler:- simple banners:

        Spoiler:- avatar banners:

        Spoiler:- random banners:

    more will be added just putting some in now
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    when my chart is full I will have link to other ones in the future
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