With the end of the year rapidly coming up, we'll once again be in awards season very soon. Like always, we'll be having honors for fics and authors as voted by the users themselves.

Here is the list of categories that were used in last year's awards.

Overall Fiction Awards
Best Pokémon Chaptered Fic
Best Pokémon One-Shot
Best Non-Pokémon Chaptered Fic
Best Non-Pokémon One-Shot

Other Fic Awards
Best Plot
Most Original Overall
Best Writing Style
Best Description
Best Setting
Best Expansion of Canon
Best Character Development
Best Characterization in a Short Story
Best Romantic Relationship
Best Non-Romantic Relationship/Interaction
Best Original Species
Most Suspenseful Fic
Most Heartbreaking Fic

Pokémon Genre Awards
Best Trainer Fic
Best Horror Fic
Best Comedy Fic
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Fic
Best Pokémon-Centric
Best Canon Character-Centric

Character Awards
Best Human Main Character
Best Non-Human Main Character
Best Human Supporting Character
Best Non-Human Supporting Character
Best Human Villain
Best Non-Human Villain
Best Minor Character
Funniest Character

Fic Moments Awards
Funniest Scene
Most Frightening Scene
Most Heartbreaking Scene
Most Heartwarming Scene
Best Action Scene
Best Cliffhanger
Most Memorable Quote

Author Awards
Best Established Writer
Best New Writer
Most Dedicated Writer
Most Improved Writer

Reviewer Awards
Most Helpful Reviewer
Most Dedicated Reviewer

This list was responded to fairly positively last year, so I don't have anything in mind to modify it with. That said, I'm open to suggestions for things to consider.

The main issue that was raised last year was the need for a limit on how many nominations a single story or single author could get. I've decided that that is something I want to incorporate into the rules this year, but I'm going to need input to decide how to format it. Should it be a limit on nominations for a single story? For a single author? What should the cutoff number be?