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I know that people like Knightfall are passionate and could very well contribute excellent points (especially because they have insight into the genre), but for whatever reason, they're shy about doing so right now beyond "PMD is totally something different." So the first problem is that I'd like to state for the record that I'm not the voice for your side; I'm just painting the targets on points so everyone else can be awesome people (and not shy).
I think what you mentioned here about being shy is correct, I myself, unsure of how to respond would likely botch the argument because I'm not so great at wording things the way I want to be said, so providing an excuse/reason/point to prove why PMD fics should be it's own genre is really difficult for me and probably a few others.

All I can say is something that was already said and I don't think people quoting other people and just leaving posts saying "This" is going to help anyone on either side win this argument and it would be better to say nothing at all. I'm not sure if I am making sense myself right now but I hope you guys understand what I'm trying to say.

In addition, the people who aren't writing PMD fics gain nothing from arguing why there should be a PMD category and won't speak up so it only seems the people who do care (The authors of PMD fics and the people interested in a fair discussion) are just complaining because there isn't a category for their story or just want to argue for the sake of arguing when that's simply not the case.

I don't know what else to add other than I hope and pray that the category is created with the proper thought and reasoning behind it, being that they simply cannot be appropriately classified as anything else without treading treading 4 other genres as it stands now.

Again I hope I didn't shoot this argument down because I didn't explain well enough, it's just that there is not much else to say beyond what has been said, or so I feel.

*ninjad* twice. disregard or read or whatever. Yay it won.