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Thread: Guess the animal game!

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    Default Guess the animal game!

    In this game, one person picks an animal. That person keeps that animal a secret, and the others try to guess what it is. The person who picks the animal must give hints to begin, and must continue to do so for as long as people keep guessing. If everyone gives up, then the animal must be revealed. The one who gets the animal right first, gets to pick the next one.

    Now I'll begin.

    The animal is tall.
    The animal is not a fish.
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    So I was building quite a nice winning streak on random wifi battles, having beaten my way through countless Garchomps, Volcoronas, Aegislash and Mega Blazikens. Then my streak was utterly broken by a Vivillon, who completely swept my team.

    I laughed it off as a one off sort of thing, since the guy deserved props for using it after all. But just as I was starting to build another win streak another Vivillon trainer showed up and it happened again. I am living in perpetual fear that the next trainer I face will have a happy, smiling murder butterfly on their team.

    Pokemon #666 indeed.

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    Is it a giraffe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtual Headache View Post
    Is it a giraffe?
    Guessing the same thing

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    Hmm, well lets see here:
    you say it is tall, but not a fish. Fish are not really considered "Tall", but there are fish that are quite perhaps you are using tall and long synonymously? Based on that, I will guess, a Snake.
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