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  • Brock

    4 10.26%
  • Misty

    3 7.69%
  • Tracey

    20 51.28%
  • May

    4 10.26%
  • Max

    5 12.82%
  • Dawn

    2 5.13%
  • Iris

    0 0%
  • Cilan

    0 0%
  • The out of pokeball pokemon

    1 2.56%
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Thread: Which main character got shafted the most while they were on the show?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pyrotechnet View Post
    she was most there as nothing more than a third wheel on a guys day out or another kid for Brock to babysit. Though we were spoiled with her presence, she didn't really develop a whole lot. Misty was already a gym leader and she just kinda decided to tag along.
    So in other words, you're saying her traveling with Ash & Brock did nothing for her. She's explored many parts of Kanto, Orange Islands, and Johto that she had never seen before. She met Lorelei, her idol. She has come into contact with Legendary Pokemon. She placed top 8 in the Prestige Whirl Cup which was the shows most blatant Water Themed Tournament, won the Seaking Catching competition, Won the Alto Mare Water Race. She battled a Gym Leader in an underwater Gym. It doesn't seem like you've been watching? She has made a great deal of progress in achieving her goal, even if it wasn't to the extent of May & Dawn. She caught pokemon too. Horsea, Politoed, and Corsola. She sure was focused more than Brock. Needless to say, She would not have done any of that if she stayed in Cerulean. She got over her long time fear of Gyarados and surprisingly caught one. As well as receiving character development. So she did catch pokemon, learned many things, met many people she interacted with & became a much better trainer since her debut.
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