Trainer fics... they are becoming increasingly popular. I mean if you post one, you will get a friendly or in between review in five minutes or less.

That is one reason I've been wanting to write one. However, I don't have the time to write 30 chapters about one person's journey. Can they be one shots or like short simple and to the point?

I also know that trainer fics can have canon characters in them. Like there's one that everyone flocks to and it involves Max or whatnot from the anime I believe. And because the idea I had in mind also has a canon character (points to the lovely girl in the avatar) but I don't want to copy her fic just because it's popular.

Oh and on to trainers and plots, do the characters have to be 10? I mean the girl I'm writing about was 19 (this is kinda a past fic because I'm writing this right after she quits her job which was two years ago) and she travels to the new region to start her journey (before she goes back to her job 2 years from now).

Well I know the formula for these kinds of fics. 10yr old trainer leaves home, picks starter, fights gym leaders, becomes champion. My fic has the girl debating on whether to get herself "stronger" because the way she comes off, she comes off as someone who thinks she's all that and a bag of chips. But she then decides to challenge one leader and then decides from where whether she wants to do this kind of thing. She does learn that she isn't the strongest thing out there like she think she is, so it has a lesson like other trainer fics.

I mean it's not traditional so people might have a problem with that but can I pull such a trainer fic off or it it going to be too much like someone else's? How can someone pull of something this short?