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    Name: Portia Belladonna

    Age: 21

    Race: Verlain

    Appearance: Portia, like most Verlain, is tall, standing at almost six feet in height. Her eyes are a bright violet color and framed with long lashes. Her straight, thick, silvery-beige hair almost reaches her knees in length, some of the hair framing the sides of her face plaited into two long braids while leaving the rest loose. Serving as Prince Noctus' bodyguard fortunately gave her enough to eat and is as a result slim, lean and fit without being skinny or gaunt. Her skin is pale and smooth, though her hands are rough and strong from wielding claws for a period of time. Portia's face is slightly angular, with an aquiline nose, eyebrows of medium thickness and pouty lips. Her breasts are large and prominent, made even more so by her choice of clothing. Tattooed on her upper left back is a howling black wolf's head, a symbol that she is Prince Noctus' "guard dog", and on her wrists are a pair of black scorpion tattoos. Her left ear has three piercings and her right ear has two.

    Portia, being an assassin, does not like wearing heavy armor and prefers clothing that don't cover her much and allow her to move quickly. Around her neck is a long, crimson scarf whose ends hang backwards, almost like a cape. Her sleeveless top is black with red edging and cropped to ribcage-length, its low neckline laced up partially by black strings, exposing her ample cleavage. Her bottoms are tight, black short shorts with a crimson ribbon belt tied around it, the belt's ends hanging to the left side. On her feet are black boots with crimson laces over thigh-high black stockings. Portia's arms are covered by long, black flared detached sleeves that start from the middle of her biceps and flare out, ending at her wrists. Her gloves are black and fingerless, and simple black cords secure the ends of her braids. She wears her crimson quiver on her back, its strap fastened diagonally across her body.

    Personality: Clever, calculating and at times, a bit too serious when it comes to her job, Portia may seem to be a standoffish, cold person to others, despite her being not exactly so. The closest thing to an older sister Noctus had, she is the one who answers all his questions as well as prevent him from doing anything reckless or stupid. This may make her seem like a bit of a killjoy, but this just comes along with her job. Outside of work, Portia is sociable and outgoing especially towards guys, if a little harsh with her words, suggestive with her actions and being very inappropriate at times, especially when having a bit too much fun, which is why sometimes, she has to be kept in check. Portia knows that she is beautiful and often tries to use this to her advantage to flirt with guys of her taste, though she isn't exactly popular among them because of her tendencies. Despite her sultry looks, Portia is also surprisingly intelligent, which stems from her secret passion for reading, of which only Noctus knows about. Because of this, she can be impatient towards younger people, thinking she is better than most of them and not being the sort to tolerate prolonged levels of childishness, another reason why younger people think she is too serious when in fact, she's just quite arrogant.

    While her job calls for "cool, calm and collected", Portia is anything but. Instead, she is moody, temperamental and easily provoked. A drunk Portia is a violent, unrestrained Portia in fact. One of her biggest tics is being called "Piggy", a nickname that stems from the meaning of her first name and that she dislikes very much. Call her "Piggy" and she'll end up shooting you. She is trying to work on this, but this unfortunate tendency is far from controlled. However, Portia doesn't stay angry long and forgives pretty easily, claiming that it's bad for her mind to hold grudges. Despite all these tendencies however, Portia is also caring and brave, not being one who deserts Noctus or any of her comrades for the matter, even if they get on her nerves.

    Portia loves to read, something only Noctus knows. Whenever she is alone, and only when she is alone, one could see her reading whatever book she snitched off Noctus' desk (With his permission of course). However, she isn't one who'd openly admit to that and more often than not tries to hide it from others. She also loves the shadowy, dark side of things, disliking too much light and well as the color pink.

    Class: Assassin

    Weapon Appearance: Portia's weapon is a spiked crossbow made of dark iron and studded with blood-red stones. The arrows she uses are also dark and are tipped with crimson. These arrows' tips are usually poisoned with nightshade, making them both powerful and dangerous. As Portia is left-handed, she more often than not carries her crossbow on her left. Her quiver is a deep crimson color with a black strap.

    Likes: Reading (secretly), boys, drinking, target practice, flirting, dogs and wolves, darkness, the color black, rare meat

    Dislikes: Pink, people she deems too stupid, pigs, being called "Piggy", being told off, "proper" manners

    Bio: Portia was born and raised in the Verlaine Hills, within the Black Rose Domain. As her mother died when she was three years old and she was raised in poverty, she had to grow up quickly and at a young age, started training as a petty thief under her father. Until she was ten years old, she traipsed the darker alleys of the Black Rose domain and took whatever she needed to help herself, learning stealth and careful planning in the process. When her father deemed her good enough, he then passed her to his older sister, an Assassin, who then took the young Portia under her wing. Portia was then trained in the way of the claw, learning how to fight and ambush. This was not easy, as she hurt herself more than occasionally and her aunt was rather harsh when it came to training her. It all paid off in the end however, and Portia became a full-fledged Assassin four years later at the age of sixteen.

    Portia became a wanderer, moving from place to place during the night and ambushing in order to earn money and survive. It was on one night when she was eighteen that she found herself hunting in Marduk Woods and stumbling upon a clearing, where a guy and a woman happened to be practicing. Hiding in the shadows, she noticed that he seemed to look wealthy. The perfect ambush, in her mind. As she watched him and tried to think of ways to pull it off, the guy noticed her eyes on him and immediately called her over. He then introduced himself as Prince Noctus and then hired her as his personal guard, despite her reservations. She finally agreed to do so in exchange for learning how to read, as she was barely literate. So began her job as Noctus' protector. As she watched over him and kept him away from trouble, Noctus taught her how to read and allowed her access to his books provided he spoke to and revealed to no-one about her reading. After a few months, shortly after Noctus received a scythe for a weapon as well as a deck of cards, Portia was approached by a strange man while out hunting in the woods during the night. He gave her a very different weapon from the claw she was used to - a crossbow and a quiver of arrows, as well as a deck of cards similar to the one Noctus received. Though she was at first used to fighting with claws and did not know how to use the ranged weapon, she learned to use her crossbow well, becoming a dead shot with it after a year and a half of constant practicing.

    This is a pretty good approximation of Portia on Gaia. Her hair is supposed to be more beige than this, closer to the hair color of Russia from Hetalia. XD Silvery-beige or silvery-light brown, whatever you call it. XD The hairdo is pretty accurate though, aside from the fact that Portia has no blunt-cut bangs. Her bangs are supposed to sweep to the left and be quite long.

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