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You mention Bronzong, but Ryperior cant do anythign to bronzong in general. Even if you hti it with a Focus Punch, it still doesnt that much.

Block is way too situational to use. Rhyperior is too slow to make use of it, and well any pokemon that uses Block or other moves like it has a gimmick to them (aka Prankster Murkrow w/ Mean Look and Perish Song)
It still beats Bronzong, though it does almost nothing to Rhyperior's other counters (except Flygon, it ****s up Flygon). Honestly its probably better to just run Fire Punch to get around Bronzong or Swords Danced Megahorn. Fire Punch 3HKOs 99.15% of the time even with Leftovers, No Stealth Rocks, and a 252/252 Relaxed Bronzong spread. Block could be fun for removing it permanently, however Sub + Focus Punch doesn't really do it any favors.