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Thread: [HELP] RNGing in Emerald and Shiny Frames

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    Default [HELP] RNGing in Emerald and Shiny Frames

    Hey guys, I have been trying to RNG in emerald for awhile now and I am having trouble. I have found out my SID on emerald and my shiny frame occurs about 4 minutes into the game, it is a mild nature.

    I am using oddish for sweet scent. I have a Kadabra with synchronize (also with mild nature) and I am trying to get a shiny taillow. However, every time I hit the shiny frame 8/10 times I get a shiny wingull. Now I was thrilled when after 3 to 4 days of RNGing I finally hit my shiny frame successfully and got the first shiny wingull, but now I have 8 of them and two shiny swablu's. One or two shiny wingull's is cool, but I don't want eight of them, you know wat I mean?

    So if there's an expert on RNGing out there, I just wanted to ask if I am doing everything right and that it is just my luck which is stopping me from encountering a shiny taillow/swellow.

    Note: Hitting 10-20 frames later than my shiny frame ensures I always encounter a normal taillow. So does the RNG method in emerald also take into consideration the cry of the pokemon to calculate which pokemon appears when? I am confused....

    EDIT: Not thankful to the ever helpless community of serebii forums, I got it in the end. After 10 shiny wingulls, 5 shiny swablus and 3 shiny jigglypuffs.
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