Hi everyone,

i had this crazy idea to try playing pokémon Black 2 on hard mode, with only fire pokémon. I have the six pokémon i want to use in my signature, but i'd like to see what you guys think. I am not a competitive player, i'll stick to in-game battling.

ability: blaze
nature: modest
- flamethrower
- dragon pulse
- air slash
- fly*

* I always have a pokémon with fly and sure on my team. But of course in this case, having a pokémon with surf will become a little difficult lol.

ability: blaze
nature: adamant
- heat crash
- stone edge
- hammer arm
- earthquake

** Because i always like to use my starter.

ability: intimidate
nature: adamant
- flare blitz
- wild charge
- outrage
- extremespeed

ability: flame body
nature: modest
- bug buzz
- quiver dance
- flamethrower/fiery dance
- hurricane

ability: flash fire
nature: modest
- will o wisp
- flamethrower
- shadow ball
- energy ball

ability: flash fire
nature: modest
- magma storm
- dark pulse
- dragon pulse
- earth power

So yeah, feel free to give me any tips on how to improve this team. I'd like to see what you guys come up with.