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    Default [SU] Dreamcrafters - Bonds of Broken Destiny

    Slipomatic is my Co-GM for this RP, so he's got as much power over this as I do.


    In the beginning, you couldn't remember too many details about what happened to you. But something strange happened...

    You found yourself as a Pokémon, though you knew you're supposed to be human and this was not how things were meant to be. For a moment, your memories seemed shattered, unorganized, and out of place. However, with a little patience and concentration, you were able to piece just a bit of it together. The path lead you back to Nacrene City, Unova, where it all began, only now the town is in ruins and was fully destroyed by some powerful, wrathful entity. You were able find your once human friends, now as Pokémon. Working together, you collectively pieced your shattered memories.

    In time, after many hours of discussion and note-taking, you have the completed puzzle. Everything suddenly comes back to you.

    You and your friends were part of a small eco-conscious volunteer group called "Dream Green" that offered to clean up the ruins of an abandoned church in Nacrene City, Unova. In cleaning up the ruins of the long-forgotten cathedral, you found something strange and forgotten that interested you. Wiping off the dust and debris, you realized that within a shattered, ornate stone container was the skeleton of a Pokémon, one that you had never seen before.

    As the memories came back, you realized that you and your group had taken the skeletal remains to the Nacrene City museum to revive the Pokémon they belonged to. What came back, however, is something that changed everything.

    The revived Pokémon was in fact Nakita, and Nakita was not just any ordinary Pokémon. She was in fact the legendary Pokémon of imagination and the seer of creativity. She appeared to be a large and gleaming silver phoenix with majestic and prismatic feathers, accompanied by a long and colorful crest and tail feathers. Meanwhile, a glowing ten-pointed star gleamed upon her chest. She appeared to be warm, friendly, compassionate, and loving, thankful to the trainers that had revived her.

    She then bestowed a power upon you unlike any other as thanks for her revival. It was the power to make your imagination and dreams possible. At first, it sounded profound and unreal to you, but as she told you imagination and dreams were the breath of the soul and as she began to demonstrate the power before you, suddenly your mindset changed. She pushed you to drive away your skepticism and disbelief, and really believe that just about anything was possible.

    Another memory came back to you, and you remembered Jeremy Wilson, who was the leading member of your Dream Green group, now nowhere to be found. You remembered Jeremy was the first of you to experiment using the power that Nakita gave you. He took a baseball and threw it up into the air, which then flew through the air on its own like a fireball of rainbow colors before coming back down into his hands. But he took things one major step further...

    Flying above Nacrene City, he created a massive flying airship in less than a minute's time. He called it Extol, and it was the most incredible sight you had ever seen. It was to be an amusement park and entertainment center, focusing on film, art, and music, all of Jeremy's most favorite things. Meanwhile, you saw things there that should have only been possible in dreams. Incredible light shows, magic that broke the bonds of reality, and sights and sounds that far surpassed anything you had ever seen in the ordinary world. In truth, for a moment, it seemed fantasy and magic was a real possibility. From then on in, what was once called "Dream Green" had decided to call itself the Dreamcrafters.

    But that came to a crashing end...


    As you remembered further, you and the rest of the Dreamcrafters bore witness to the full brunt of Arceus's jealous, putrid, and disgusting cruelty. As you soon realized, Arceus and Nakita have a long and deep vendetta against each other, and last time Arceus won. Nakita believed humans and Pokémon should have the freedom to be able to tap into the full power of their immortal souls and let loose their creativity and imagination into reality. Arceus, however, felt only he should have the privilege and the power over creation.

    To exercise his authority, Arceus targeted the Extol airship by focusing on Jeremy Wilson's soul. Painfully, Jeremy's spirit was corrupted, and as a result, Extol began to wither and crumble apart, quickly being smothered in wicked black as Jeremy's soul was twisted and defiled at the same time. The awe-inspiring and majestic creations Jeremy crafted into reality were sadly and woefully corrupted in the process and soon turned to evil. Jeremy was reduced to nothing more than a zombie after the macabre ordeal, using him to show what would happen to you for siding with Nakita.

    To protect you, Nakita used her power to slash apart the chains of fate, turning you into the Pokémon you would have been if destiny had decided you should have been born as one instead of a human. As a result, it wasn't so easy for Arceus to corrupt your now protected soul that violated the dictation of fate that Arceus had designed. Instead, Arceus would have to destroy you entirely by direct force in order to release your soul from its mortal shell. But, with your new powers and much to Arceus's aggravation, that wouldn't be so easy for him either. You now had free reign to create whatever you wanted, but Arceus could corrupt it and make it betray you. All he had to do was imagine it to be darker and wicked, corrupting its wonder, creativity, and innocence and instead make it a vile abomination.

    In the end, Arceus's legendaries were deceived and were lead to believe Nakita and the Dreamcrafters (who they call "Darkcrafters") were evil and sought to corrupt the world with dark imagination when really it was Arceus's dark, hidden power that was making your creations evil. All legendaries followed him except for one, the one legendary that Arceus had bitterly afflicted with a curse because she held potential that even Arceus didn't have.

    That legendary was Jirachi. And as you learned from Nakita, Jirachi was Nakita's disciple, NOT Arceus's. Jirachi was too powerful for Arceus to kill outright and it would have made too much of a scene, so instead he decided to have the legendary wish Pokémon be stricken with a 1,000 year curse that would fade for only a week to allow Jirachi to gaze upon the world that Arceus had won over, only to slip back into hibernation before Jirachi could ever figure out the truth and remember what happened to her master Nakita. It was a sick sort of punishment and cruelty Arceus found amusement in.


    Like Jirachi, Arceus now has difficulty trying to kill you outright, but that did not stop him from cursing you like he did with Jirachi. Upon your back, the "Brand of Ill Omen" has been drawn by Arceus's own hand. This Brand is a strange, arcane glowing symbol that Arceus's legendaries and other followers have been using to identify you as high priority targets that Arceus wants destroyed. Meanwhile, it's just a slight taste of the kind of corruption Arceus is capable of inflicting, but at the moment, it's the most that Arceus can do to you. Nakita's fate-breaking protection managed to save most of your being from harm, but the surrounding aura around you was something she could not protect.

    Now, badly cursed and hexed, terrible things seem to happen around you while you remain untouched. Plants wither, the air seems to grow cold, and misfortune seems to follow in your wake. The ground blights wherever you step, and despair and decay follow you as if you're an angel of death. Pokémon and humans have called you "The Despised Darkcrafters," and have been making significant effort to capture you and destroy you. Arceus's wicked lies and deception still lead them astray, and Arceus welcomes any opportunity to further distort the truth and the evidence to make you and the Dreamcrafters appear even more vile.

    At the moment, you know the truth and you have the power to prove it... if only Arceus wouldn't interfere. You must use your power of imagination and creation to stop Arceus and overthrow his dominion, even if it means seeing those same creations fall to Arceus's dark intentions in the war against the wicked deity that far too many humans and Pokémon still respect from Arceus's deception.


    You now stand in the ruins of Nacrene City, deceptively destroyed by Arceus's dark puppeteering to cover up the truth and mislead all witnesses, as well as destroy the technology that revived Nakita. In the process, Arceus framed Jeremy and Nakita for the savage destruction and used the devastation as a catalyst to strengthen support for his campaign, fooling the others into believing you and the remaining "Darkcrafters" are out to do even more damage to the world. Meanwhile, Nakita has gone missing as well, likely because of the wickedness that Arceus has done. Somehow, you must find her and save her, along with finding a way to destroy the Brand of Ill Omen curse that has befallen you, the other Dreamcrafters, and Jirachi. Then, you have to take the fight to Arceus and prove yourselves.

    Your memories are finally back together, but you find you need to realize your powers once again. However, time is running out, and there is no telling what could be happening to Nakita at the present moment or what hideous plan Arceus and his follower legendaries have in mind to deal with you.

    Everyone must know the truth and should be able to use the power they were meant to have...


    • The RP will also start on October 1st, but sign ups are always open, so you can join even after the RP has started.
    • Slipomatic is my co-GM and he has the ability to accept or reject sign ups.
    • Follow all standard Serebii Forum rules and RPG rules.
    • RP posts should be at least a paragraph long because seeing anything less just looks rushed and careless. Also, try to use proper spelling and grammar.
    • Try to post at least once a week. Also, small posts are better than not posting at all. Also, if it looks like people are waiting on you to take action, please, don't keep them waiting because that's never fun and it causes a chain reaction of people waiting on each other. Better to do something small and brief that keeps things moving along smoothly than to linger on a long-winded post.
    • Stick with one character sign up only. I know from experience that having more than one character is exhausting and can be overwhelming, so stick with one and really give them all of your time and focus.

    Special Rules

    • YOU ARE FREE TO CONTROL ARCEUS'S ACTIONS as an NPC, but they must be deceptively cunning and they must be things Arceus would logically do in this situation. Remember, Arceus is trying to find ways to frame and make Nakita and the Dreamcrafters look guilty and wicked when it's really Arceus pulling the strings behind the scenes. Arceus will do vile things but will make you and the other Dreamcrafters look like the source of the chaos and anarchy. He likes having full authority over the world and he's not about to let his long-hated nemesis and her followers change all that. Also, the other legendaries (not Jirachi), as well as other humans and Pokémon, will be carrying out Arceus's orders out of respect and honor for the one they regard as their god. You're free to control their actions as well, but again, they must be something they would logically do.
    • The key to power here is description. The more you detail and describe something and the more you go in depth into its creation in your RP post, the harder and the longer it takes for Arceus to corrupt it. Just note that a lot of the things that your character will create will be either corrupted and/or destroyed. Don't let that stop you.
    • You can create living things and they will reflect your character's personality, but these too can be corrupted and can turn against you. However, under your control, they will fight to the death for you and will do anything to protect you.
    • You cannot transform yourself or another living creature... at least not yet. You can, however, change and transform non-living objects.
    • Note that at its current level, your powers can only create something as large as a city. Don't go creating entire worlds. Your character doesn't have the power, energy, and experience to do that... yet. :P
    • Just be reasonable with your powers and don't do stuff that would ruin the RP with them. Also, don't make it too easy either. Arceus's legendaries are powerful and have more experience, and the fact they're all united against you should make things difficult. Also, hordes of Arceus's followers have been deceived to do anything to serve their master and the one they regard as their god. I trust you when it comes to making the RP fun but also challenging and intriguing.


    You have two options to choose from when signing up. The first is you can sign up as one of the Dreamcrafters, and the second is you can sign up as one of the legendaries assisting Arceus. You can choose any legendary, just not Jirachi.

    Dreamcrafter Sign Up

    NAME: Your character's name, first and last.
    GENDER: Male or female
    AGE: Age in years
    SPECIES: What Pokémon your character has become.
    DESCRIPTION: What your character looks like (as a human, and a bit about how they look as a Pokémon). Should be at least a paragraph, though I prefer more.
    PERSONALITY: Your character's emotional intelligence and attitude. Should be at least a paragraph, though I prefer more. This should also reflect the kinds of things they like to create with their powers.
    HISTORY: Your character's background and past. Should be at least two paragraphs, though I prefer more.
    POWERS: Besides their power to create from imagination, your character should have two otherworldly powers that no Pokémon of their kind actually have. This could include a Charizard being able to alter gravity, or an Umbreon being able to teleport and pass through walls like a ghost Pokémon can.
    CURSES: The Brand of Ill Omen negatively affects each of the Dreamcrafters in different ways. What does yours do to things around you, and what does it look like? Note that this should be something significant and dreadful, not something like "causes ice cream to instantly melt." Something along the lines of "causes water to become polluted and poisoned" or "causes the air to become toxic" are good. There should be 2-3 things like this. Also note that Dreamcrafters are not affected by their own curse and are not affected by the curses of other Dreamcrafter characters.

    NOTE: Whatever Pokémon your character had on them before are missing. Sadly, even they have been mislead by Arceus and have been turned against you, no longer recognizing you as their trainer or companion, and instead see you as a hated enemy.

    Legendary Sign Up

    NAME: Name of the legend, which also covers species.
    GENDER: Give the legendary a gender
    DESCRIPTION: Give a general description, as well as anything that the games or anime might have overlooked, such as a scar or a particular marking or something.
    PERSONALITY: Same as usual, emotional intelligence and attitude.
    HISTORY: Just cover their relation to Arceus and the recent events regarding the Dreamcrafters and how they've responded to it. You don't need to look up and rehash all the game/anime info on the legendary such as Groudon warring with Kyogre or all that other stuff.
    POWERS: Yep, legends have their powers too, so put them in there. They should be mostly related to what they can do in the games/anime, but you have the green light to put a little something extra in there as well.



    Yami Spark the Raichu - Played by CandleReaper
    Joseph Waters the Emolga - Played by Avenger Angel
    Laura Carter the Misdreavus - Played by synthetica
    Adam Eve the Eevee - Played by SeniorLaughsaLot
    Diego Vendrix the Ditto - Played by DVB
    Tiphane Riagol the Ninetales - Played by Slipomatic
    Jon Codatus the Haxorus - Played by PokeLegend


    Uxie - Played by gmoyes
    Deoxys - Played by Chthonic Flames


    ??? - Played by Billy Mays
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