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Thread: Digimon counterparts in Tamers

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    Default Digimon counterparts in Tamers

    If you watch tamers there are people who appear to be significantly similar to characters from the first two series, for example Takato's teacher looks very similar to Kari as well as the fact Kari herself mentions she wants to be a teacher. Also this theory is helped because in the game Brave Tamer,
    "Brave Tamer follows the cliffhanger ending of D-1 Tamers where Ryo and Millenniumon take a trip through time to, supposedly, the future. However, something went wrong and Ryo was catapulted into the past, where he met Monodramon, his partner later on. It is revealed that all Digital Worlds were created by the computer Atanasoff, the world's first Digital Computer upon his activation in the 1940s through support with ENIAC, the second computer to be activated, and that the Digital Worlds diverged into alternate realities overtime."
    Credit for the quote goes to:

    So I wanted to see if anyone had any info that either proves my theory, or proves it otherwise.

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