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Personally, I found the English dub just as frightening; "Silly boy~!"
Well, Mion and Shion's voice actress is Megan Hollingshead. Her performance wasn't too bad, though I do wish she screamed out "LIAR" better with Shion.

I honestly didn't even notice she had a broken neck until you told me. I was too bust staring at her eyes...now I can't look my bedside at night without getting scared. Damnit KP! D:
*cackles evilly*

I looked up the story in the link on TV Tropes, which doesn't have a lot of tropes to it. Still don't think I'll look at it... I hate jump scares. Disturbing drawn images I'll become immune to eventually, but not as jump scares. Nope-nope-nope-nope.