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Mii~ enjoy, my pretties!

LOL Slenderman. It ain't scary.
After a while, yeah, he's not scary. SCP Containment Breach still is.

It's okay, KP, I mute the volume when someone starts sticking a finger in a wound with sound effect noises or similar. But I'm trying to keep the volume up so I can quit squirming every single time. Dear Arceus, it's really annoying.
Then you're going to be squirming a lot with Corpse Party. When really gory moments happen to you in the first game, it cuts to black, and you just get sound-effects and the voice-acting while you're reading the descriptions of an eyeball being stabbed out, of tongues getting cut out, and much, much more.

Just be prepared for jumps scares.

Well, that'd explain the cannibalism scene for sure. *shivers*
Eh... I'm pretty sure that was taken from actual Japanese legends or something, just twisted around to fit the story.

Has anyone seen the live action movies of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? If so, what was your thought on it?

I still have of yet to watch them. I've avoided them because people say the effects are pretty bad, and the nightmare factor is dulled down because of it. I've also heard things about the actors themselves, but otherwise, I've heard people say it's okay. But I shouldn't listen to them, I should come to my own conclusions. Eventually.