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    Quote Originally Posted by matt0044 View Post
    Dunno about this question but...

    What's a humorous scene you'd like to see?
    I don't really know, because I'm terrible at making up humour scenes...but maybe a scene where Satoko is trying to set a trap up on Keiichi and he sees her set it up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Plus side down side View Post
    I've always wanted to see Rika become her creepy adult self at a really bad time.

    Like she's playing jump rope and gets tripped up and scrapes her knee and yells, "Goddammit. How could I have been disemboweled, and still have it hurt so goddamn bad?"

    And then all the other characters just stare at her.

    OH GOD THAT *applauds*

    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post

    So now we wait until June for the beginning of the final arc. I'm excited, I could never find complete scantrons online. So it's going to be glorious. I also hope they translate the Dice-Killing chapter, since it's just a single volume. If they translate more Higurashi stuff, I may go for them as well, but for sure once Festival Accompanying is complete, I'm going straight for Umineko.

    I highly suggest Umineko, as that series is amazing, and EMERGERD BEAUTIFUR COVER~

    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post
    What I'd like to see is Keiichi and Mion tumbling down a hill together. Yeah... it's like Princess Bride, but a few years before the actual movie is released in their time.
    LOL I remember dat from the movie. I miss that movie, too, it's one of my favourites.......

    Quote Originally Posted by Kutie Pie View Post

    Oh yeah, has the release date for Higurashi Outbreak been confirmed yet?
    Oh, tomorrow. Why do you ask?

    EDIT: I was a month off, I believe it's May 20th! Dang it!
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