Hello everyone,

I was wondering if I could get some opinions? I am a newbie to
Pokemon, and have started playing Soul Silver as my first venture into
Pokemon games. I am not sure how far into the game I am, I just got
the Storm badge and am about to go to the Olivine Gym. But I stopped
by the Safari Zone and caught a bunch of pokemon and I want to know
out of all of my pokemon, what would be a good all around team to have
for the rest of the game? I will list all of my pokemon and their
levels, and could you guys give me a good team of 6 that I will start
leveling up and whatnot?

Here is what I have so far:

Vulpix lvl 22
Flaafy lvl 27
Quilava lvl 31
Stantler lvl 30
Staryu lvl 23
Fearow (Kenya) lvl 26
Drowzee lvl 14
Koffing lvl 16
Seel lvl 18
Abra lvl 15
Geodude lvl 15
Graveler lvl 17
Smeargle lvl 17
Tauros lvl 20
Meowth lvl 18
Ditto lvl 10
Pidgey lvl 3
Tentacool lvl 25
Gloom lvl 22
Girafarig lvl 17
Kangaskhan lvl 18
Ekans lvl 16
Tentacruel lvl 19
Kakuna lvl 4
Farfetch'd lvl 16
EEVEE lvl 12
Furrett lvl 22
Poliwag lvl 15
Grimer lvl 17
Rhyhorn lvl 17
Shuckle lvl 26
Onix lvl 19

Thanks so much for your help!!