Hey guys.

Ive just been taking a trip down memory lane playing my old stadium 2 cartridge thinking how fun it would be if nintendo would revise the game for the current gen. (akin to stadium not PBR-which was quite dissapointing).

If this actually happened one day would you like to see in the game, double battles, challenge cup return, gym leader castle for 5th gen etc.

I would like to see the following.

-Gym leader castle revamped completely. There are now four gym castles. One for Kanto/Johto, Hoenn, Shinnoh and Unova each with their own E4. Each castle can only use poke from the regions highest gen. I.e Kanto/Johto only first and second gen can be used.
-Little cup, Pokecup, Prime cup and Challenge Cup return with the addition of being able to choose to do single, double, triple or rotation battles.
-New type cup where you must pick a type and can only use pokemon that have that type.
-When all is complete a new challenge appears with N (akin to the rival battle in stadium 2). His team consists of Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem.

-When all is said and done round 2 is available akin to the stadiums (I.e better trained pokemon, better movesets, better teams, better AI)

What about you guys?