In light of the fact I am continuing work on my fic to be published here, I would like to extend a challenge to all fan-fic authors here. I have read many of your works and I must say I am more than impressed with some, and the other I wasn't overly impressed with I saw promise. I invite you all to look back towards the past, when you didn't have you writing skills refined to the point they are today. Post some of your fiction that you wrote when you were just beginning to put pen down on paper. Don't worry about how terrible they are, the object is to gauge and reminisce about how far we have come as authors, artists, and individuals.

I'll start, this is an excerpt from my a-hem "wildly popular" Pokemon Platinum EX series wrote back in '02-'04.
Here goes:

“This will be two rounds,” Lance told the assembled trainers after they’d gathered out back of the League building. Chris now saw why it was called the Shining Mesa—the view was impressive.

“It was going to be,” Lance said tersely, licking his lips. The tournament will be run according to modified Prime Cup rules. The first through semi-final rounds only 3 pokemon are allowed, but the final round is no holds barred”

Chris took a moment to remember what each set of rules were. Prime was where each competitor used their own Pokémon with no restrictions at all.

“Each competitor will step up to the main platform and choose three pokéballs of his choice,” Lance finished. “Pairings will be up shortly.”

Everyone proceeded inside to the teleporter machines to choose their pokemon from the various locations.
Chris got in line, and noticed Vega, James,Travis,Kessie, and the rest of the group in another line. When it was his turn he chose Raichu,Salamence, and his newly acquired Sceptile."The 1st round shouldnt be to hard." he thought to himself.

The pairings were posted on long sheets of paper to the outside of the building. Worming his way through the crowd,he got to the list and saw his first pairing, A guy named Jared, but he would'nt battle til the 4 people before him went, so he decided to just chill for a while. Vega was the first to battle, he found his name, Lorelei. One of the Elite trainers from Indigo Plateau. Crap. This isnt gona be easy Chris thought, Vega on the other hand was perfecly calm.

Chris, who was watching by the sidelines with Sparky at his side watched Vega’s battle intently, hoping he'd find some sort of weakness in his game. Chris also noticed Kessie had the 2nd round, he knew she was a(n) ok trainer, but he wasnt sure she would win. Still, Kessie’s battling style was quite interesting.

Vega led with a Blaziken to Lorelei's Glalie. That battle was hilariously one-sided, which caused Christo actually laugh out loud. Blaziken beat the sinister Ice type with a single Blaze Kick that almost immediatly leveled it. Lorelei followed with a Dragonair, a very unusual Pokemon for an Ice type trainer Chris thought. Of course, Dragons can learn Ice moves and are typically hard to beat, so it was a reasonable choice. "Dragonair start with a Bubblebeam!" The Dragon started shooting a jet stream of bubbles at Blaziken, which responded by using Sunny Day rendering the attack virtually useless. Blaziken immediatly fired a Dynamicpunch that connected to Dragonairs jaw, and sent it reeling, and disoriented it a bit allowing for Vega to launch a final Blaze Kick. Dragonair was finished. Lorelei started to panic a bit more seeing as how she only had 1 pokemon left. Lorelei sent out her final pokemon Jynx, but a speedy Blaze Kick finished the siren off in a hurry. it was a 3-0 battle Chris was amazed at how calm Vega had remained, it was as if he knew his opponent wouldnt stand a chance, it was like he had undergone some radical new transformation. But the thing that got him most was that it was a certified Master Trainer at the reins of that one, too. Hot damn, Chris thought, the his fight was bound to be impressive.

The next match was between Kessie, and a guy named Sean, it would take place after a 15 minute break.

“Come on, Kessie, you can do this,” she said to herself as she cracked her neck back and forth as she read her next pairing. Her next opponent was some guy named Sean, who turned out to be rather imposing. A short man of roughly twenty, with tanned skin, short, brush-cut blonde hair, thick lips, and a prominent nose, he creeped Kessie out just by standing there.

“Go, Sceptile!” Sean opened. Kessie didn’t say a word as she opened with Flareon.

“Sceptile, Leaf Blade!” Sean ordered. Sceptile whipped its hand out and a long vine, bladed with leaves, struck Flareon across the face.

”Sceptiles are quick but don’t stand up to fire well,” Kessie reminded herself under her breath as Flareon recovered.

“Flareon, respond with a Heat Wave!”

Flareon ducked under another Leaf Blade and blasted Sceptile in the gut. It faltered and fell to the ground. Sean recalled it and followed with a Lickitung.

Kessie looked at the pink Pokémon cautiously, having never sen one. She wasn’t sure how it would fare against Flareon.

“Flareon, Smokescreen!”

“Lickitung,” Sean ordered, “Wrap attack!”

Lickitung’s long tongue whipped out and stretched around Flareon before the fire Pokémon could begin to emit smoke. Without orders, Lickitung hefted the thing up into the air and threw it out of the arena.

“Oh shoot,” Kessie groaned. “I do not like Lickitungs. Go, Noctowl!”

Sean shook his head, smiling creepily, and leering the entire time.

“Lickitung, knock it out with a Lick attack!”

The unreasonably long tongue lashed into the sky, knocking Noctowl to the ground, paralysing it.

“Noctowl, try to get up!” Sam called.

“Stomp!” Sean ordered. Lickitung walked clumsily to Noctowl and with a strangely pitched “tung” stomped on the owl, rendering it unable to battle. Noctowl’s breathing was ragged but steady. Sam recalled it to its ball and again without announcement threw the ball for her final Pokémon—Azumarril. She doubted it would be of much use.

“Wrap!” Ordered Sean. Lickitung wrapped its tongue around Azumarril.

“Strength!” Kessie called frantically. She was losing her calm and didn’t like it. Trying to calm down, though, would take away from the battle, which would cause her to lose. Either way, it wasn’t looking good.
Azumarril thrashed itself about, wrapped in the enormous tongue. It was'nt able to break loose.

“Lickitung, finish it with a ring out!” Sean shouted.

“Hold on to the tongue!” Kessie was desperate. She knew she’d lost; it was just a matter of time.

“Hit it on the ground!” Sean smirked.

Kessie held her breath, as Azumarril was knocked to the ground hard. There it was, the loss she knew was coming.

Chris watched as some guy named Derick got trounced by a(n) old friend of his named Alana. It was no contest, her Aerodactyl single-handedly swept his whole team w/o taking so much as a scratch. His match was next, in 20 minutes he would see just how good these guys were.
He had 19 minutes until his 1st match, but could'nt decide whether to teach Sceptile Substitute, or not.

" 2x weakness to Ice, hmm 2 Ice, 1 Ground, 1 Bug, 1 Electric..that should do." While he was still concentrating on his team Travis snuck up behind him.


"Gosh Dang! don't be sneaking up on me like that."

"My bad dude."

"Man, I just finished my team, well it'll be this way until I see what I'm up against."

Chris returned to his work, moving on to looking through his VS seeker for messages, he reached for his Chicken Salad sandwhich, and took a large bite.

"Sit down already, order something, at least."

Travis complied, and proceeded to order a Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki Sub, wit a 20oz Pepsi with some Hot Cheetos.

"Thats a big sandwhich, you sure you can eat it?" Travis asked, while unwrapping his sub.

"Heck yea, I'm hungry I havent eaten all day, and I have butterflies in my stomach. Oh and I just heard my Arcanine "Scrappy" just learned Howl, now It can use stronger Iron Tails." Chris replied.

"Thats good news i guess, but hey you seem a bit happy considering Kessie's goin wit some other dude, and not to mention she lost. Whats up?"
Chris looked up from eating his Clam CHowder, and looked at him for a few seconds befrore continuing to eat his meal.

"Come on man, don't be like dat,answer me I won't say anything-seriously do you know how much she likes you? When you got jumped out in the forest she stayed by your bedside the whole time you were sleep, she said not to tell you but I think I have to."
Travis looked at him for a little. Chris looked up for a few minutes before answering.

"I know."

"Huh?, Know what?"

"I know she was there, I woke up, and saw her before drifting off."

"Then you know how much she likes you! Go tell her now how much you like her!"

Chris looked over at Kessie and went over to her. She looked up at him for a minute.

"What do you want?" She bluntly asked.
Chris swallowed a little while trying to get the right words out.

"There's something I've been meaning too tell you."
His palms started to get sweaty, and he saw her eyes brighten up a lttle.


Chris looked at Kessie for a minute before going to the field. He approached the field calmly even though all the while having hundreds of fluttering buteerflies in his stomach. "Since the field was grass there would'nt be any over significant field advantages." He thought. As he was stepping up the podium he noticed Vega watching intently which in turn made him nervous remembering the incredible show of strength he had displayed before. "Focus. focus. focus." He said to himself.
"Hm, well if it isnt the kid who we trounced before."

Chris looked up, and saw one of the assassins who had tried to take him out befoe! Upon remembering what happened that night his muscles started to bulge without his flexing, he could feel his ki rising up, and struggled to keep it under control.

"Ready to get trounced again?" Jared asked. Chris did not reply, and stuggled desperately to keep his power level down. He noticed Vega perk up a little at sensing his ki.

Begin! the referee called out.

"Well kid here's your second beating!" Jared called out as he led with Armaldo. It extended it's claws as it was stretching out to get it's blood running. Chris simply replied "We'll see." as you sent out Scrappy. The pokeball flew through the air, and in a flash of white light Arcanine appeared licked it's paws and let out a mighty "AAWRRROOO!"

"Heh, an Arcanine huh? well won't help you hah! Rock Blast!" Armaldo extended it's claws to attack, and tossed numerous jagged rocks at the Legendary dog.

"Scrappy,counter with Iron Tail!" Arcanine ducked under the flying rocks, and used an incredible burs of speed, and nailed Armaldo across the chest, and sent it reeling backwards.

"Finish it with a Fire Blast!" Arcanine let out a howl then launched an incedibly large ball of fire that dissipated into a huge flaming star that struck Armaldo full-on causing a miniature explosion. After the embers, and sparks settled Armaldo was laying flat on the ground-obviously KO'ed.

>Armaldo is no longer able to battle, Arcanine wins the match!<>

Jared was a bit ****** off having lost his favorite pokemon. He recalled it, and sent out a fierce looking Electabuzz. "Buzz!" It said as it started charging itself with electricity.

"Hm, I dont think Scrappy is the best choice here, I know who to use!" Before Chris could act Electabuzz attacked with a powerful Zap Cannon.

"Damn! Hurry Scrappy return! Metagross!" Chris hurriedly recalled Arcanine just as the blast was about to hit it, and Metagross appeared from the pokeball. "Graww!" it let out.

"Metagross hover so you don't get hit by any shockwaves." Metagross responded by tucking in its legs, and levitating like some living UFO.

"That won't save you!" Jared called out angrily. Then commanded Electabuzz to use a Fire Punch, it charged at Metagross it's fist flaming wildly.

"Now Metagross use Agility!" Metagross vanished in a burst of speed just before the attack connected, making it a wasted effort. Jared started crackling with anger seeing as how this kid was giving him so much trouble.

"Now Metagross hit it with a Warp Shadow Ball!" It began charging for a full power Shadow Ball when Electabuzz lunched out with a super powered Thunderpunch that would've severly crippled Metagross had'nt it used Agility at the last second.

"Huh?" Jared said puzzled looking around for it. The crowd did the same, strangely Vega knew exactly what was about to happen...

Suddenly without warning, Metagross appeared in a blurry flash of blue behind Electabuzz, and delivered a devastating super-powered Shadow Ball that almost immediatly KO'd Electabuzz.

"You may thing you've won but you havent! you're dead! Machamp go!" The strange dark-colored pokeball he through released a Machamp that looked a little bit strange. Like he'd seen it somewhere...

"Machamp rip that punk apart!"Jared screamed out blaringly. Machamp responded by jumping higher than he'd ever seen one jump right over Metagross..but it was coming to attack him!

He got ready to defend himself by charging his fist with energy to deliver a(n) attack that would at the least disable his assiliant, but at the last second it was hit by a strange force..Sparky! his Raichu had fired an extremely high voltage blast of electricity just in the nick of time, sending Machamp reeling.


"WHAT! Grah!" Jared was almost overcome with insanity at his efforts being foiled by a mouse. The police came, and put Jared in handcuffs, and carted him off.

"Whew..I..I did it." Chris said a bit winded. He recalled Metagross, and stepped down from the podium, and walked over to Jessica, and Adam who wee jumping around joyfully.

"Chris that was amazing did you see yourself!"

"I don't think it's time to celebrate yet.."

"Why not?" Adam inquired.

"Hm I'll tell you later when there are'nt so many people around."

"Oh, ok."

As Jared was being carried he happened to look over , and noticed Kessie, that was when he realized that she was the girl that the other 2 had been assigned to catch before!

"Your mine!" Jared belted out. yanking the handcuffs out of the cops hand he sweep-kicked the one on the left, then proceeded to jump up, and axe kickk the other one. Taking the key he unlocked himself took out his Katana, and yelled.

"Now die Casandra!" using his amazing ninja skills double jumped over a few obstacles before reaching his target.
Kessie looked up from talking to Damien in time to see Jared, Katana in hand ready to slice her in two.

"Aaaaah!" All she could do was scream in horror which caused Chris to turn around just in time to see the events.

"Nooo! ooooohhhhh!" Chris could no longer contain his secret power, electricty crackled around him as his yellow aura grew larger with his anger. After the wind, and lightning settled down there stood Chris, blonde spiky hair, green eyes, blue electricity, Super Saiyan 2!


Jared look over for a split second at what had occured behind him, giving Vega enough time to jump in and rescue Kessie from certain death.

Chris' eyes blazed with the rage that burned up inside of him, consuming him. "Now you'll pay the price for making me transform. Graah!" Chris' body vanished into hundreds of blurred lines, and in a split second knee kicked Jared in the gut, delivered a devastating uppercut that sent Jared flying, Chris quickly Zanzokened in time to deliver another sharp knee kick to the gut elevating him a few inches allowing for a(n) elbow to the back of the neck.

'COOUHGH" was the only sound Jared could muster as he coughed up mouthfuls of blood.

Chris' onslaught continued with his sharp straight kick up to the abdominal region, levitating himself a little allowed him to deliver a perfect axe kick that sent Jared flying to the ground, a(n) elbow smash to the spine followed by a side corner kick finished off Jared by launching him into a nearby wall.

Chris landed softly. "Now lets finish this...10X Kamehameha." Chris formed 2 blue orbs in both hands and was prepared to blast Jared into oblivion when.....

"Chris that's enough!" Vega called out.

"There's no need to annihalate him utterly, save your energy.

Chris powered down, and looked on as the entire stadium just staired at him.......

"Hey at least I won!" Chris said triumphantly.

Travis was the 1st to start laughing which immediatly caught on. Jared was taken back into custody, and the matches continued...