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Thread: Most favorite ep of pokemon/anime ever?

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    Default Most favorite ep of pokemon/anime ever?

    I know it might be weird but the 1st ep of pokemon I think is min or the charmander ep

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    A tie between Dawn beating Ursula the second time and when Iris owned Ash and pikachu to win the first major tournament of Best Wishes.

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    Does Dawn own Misty? Yes she does!

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    Hm I got too many, but I'll try to give my favorites from each series.
    Kanto: The episode where Ash battles Blaine in a rematch.
    Orange Islands: The episode where Ash battles Drake in the Orange League.
    Johto: The episode where Ash's Charizard and Gary's Blastoise battle in the Johto League
    Hoenn: The episode where Ash brings back Bulbasaur.
    Battle Frontier: the episode where Charizard battles Articuno
    Sinnoh: A Grand Fight for Winning and Battling a Thaw in Relations
    BW: Expedition to Onix Island

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    Kanto: Bulbasaur's capture and Kingler ownage.
    Orange: Ash vs. Darke was damn near perfect for a first 6v6.
    Johto: Phanpy beating Slugma, and Heracross beating magmar.
    Hoenn: Glalie wrecking the league, and taillow evolving in a hurricane Thunder armor
    BF: Phanpy evolving, and Sceptile beating Claydol.
    Sinnoh: every Paul moment. Dawn vs. Ursula round 2.
    Unova: Every moment with.... Every moment aside from the league.

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    Kanto: Jigglypuff's introduction and Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon
    Orange: Hm...... Tracey leaving and Brock coming back
    Johto: Charizard returning to beat Clair
    Hoenn: Jigglypuff's ending and James getting his Chimecho
    BF: Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charizard together again
    Sinnoh: Ash getting Chimchar and beating Paul with it at the league. Barry's moments
    Unova: Dawn arc
    Kalos: Hawlucha's capture and Inkay vs Malamar
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    I can only say for XY but episode 5 where Serena and Ash meet up and that cliffhanger at the end. The first few episodes were all great but that one stood out for me. Oh and episode 60 for obvious reasons.

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