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Thread: A Different Kind of PMD Story (A Vulpix Tail)

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    Default A Different Kind of PMD Story (A Vulpix Tail)

    To say that this is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Fan Fiction would be like saying that liquids are solid, or that fire is water. Unfortunately, I can't describe it any other way. Maybe, HMD? Human Mystery Dungeon? That sounds dumb. Anyways...

    This story takes place in the universe of my other Fan Fiction, Through the Thunder and the Lightning. I will be referencing that Fic many times, so I recommend you read it.

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    Azurus ; Klizcool ; Trickster Zorua ; Knightfall ; cooloolcool ;
    Rotomknight ; Meeker ; Shadow_Zorua ; JFought ; Blaziken10285 ;

    The rating will probably be G, but I'll rest it at a nice PG. Mostly because im over-cautious.

    With that stuff out of the way, let's get to this extremely short Prologue.

    The Red-Head

    "...There is still no word on the young man, Shane Carter, who disappeared two weeks ago one night in Lacunosa Town. Residents have no information on his current whereabouts. Kidnapping is assumed, but details are scarce--"

    Luke flipped the television off. Shane Carter was all that had been in the news lately. It was Shane Carter this, Shane Carter that. Everyone is famous in a small town. And Luke didn't even live in Lacunosa, far from it actually. He lived in a quaint house on the southern edge of Accumula Town with his parents.

    "Mom, can you believe this kid? He goes missing and all of Unova goes crazy," Luke commented. Luke didn't like people getting a lot of attention. He didn't like receiving it either, but it's just a lot of hype to him.

    "What I can't believe is that you just sit on the couch and watch TV all day. I mean, I didn't let you drop out of school for nothing!" Luke's mom was opening that can of worms again. She'd even turned away from the dishes she was washing so that she could berate him fully.

    "I'm working on it! I'll be leaving for my journey the day after tomorrow, okay? I just have to get my starter Pokemon from Professor Juniper tomorrow. She'll be waiting for me at the Pokemon Center. So just chill, okay? I got it under control."

    "Chill? Do you even have any clothes packed?"

    "Well, I will, I just--"

    "Supplies? Food?"

    "I was gonna get that--"

    "Really, I don't see how you're ready for a journey anyways. You can't keep procrastinating!"

    "Relax, Mom. Dad's out getting supplies right now. And I pack quickly. Besides, what Trainer carries a Bag full to the brim with stuff right off the bat?"

    "I know that, I just...I just worry about you is all...I mean, you're all alone out there...Speaking of which--"

    "Oh no, I know where this is going." Luke swallowed and prepared for his usual lecture.

    "Don't interrupt me! Anyways, when are you going to get yourself a girlfriend?"

    Luke was flush red. "Look, I'm sorry, it's just that none of the girls in town like me, I dunno."

    "You can't wait for them to ask you! Go! Ask them first. You're a handsome young man, you'd be surprised the kind of answers you'd get." Luke's Mom stared at him disapprovingly. She went back to washing.

    "I-I'm working on it. It's different nowadays..."

    "Well, you can't except a cute girl to just come to our house and ask you out, can you?"

    And then there was a knock, or even a thump, against the door.

    "And get the door. Maybe you'll be lucky and it's a girl for you."

    Luke rolled his eyes and went to door. It was strange though. He wasn't expecting anyone, his dad wasn't going to be home until much later. Plus, it was pouring rain outside. Luke fumbled with the knobs and tentatively pulled the door open.

    "Uh, hello? Woah-" Luke went to catch the red-haired girl that was now falling onto his 'Welcome' mat, but he utterly failed. The red-head hit the floor but soon sat up. She was soaked and she looked very confused.

    "Ow. I can't walk like this. And it's wet. I don't like wet." The girl shivered.

    "Um, I'm sorry?" Luke helped the girl up and lead her to the couch. "Er, who are you? I haven't seen you around town."

    "I'm Vulpix! At least...I was." She stared her hands as she flexed them.

    "Uh..." And then Luke was very, very confused.
    Apologies for such a short prologue. Rest assured, Chapter 1 will be out soonish, and it will be at least 7x times longer. Thanks again for taking interest. I am looking forward to your responses. After all, I'm planning on doing things that aren't often, if ever, done with a story like this.

    Also, as for TTL, I'll be writing the chapters for that fic and this fic in cycles, with the exception of Chapter 1 of this fic, which I'm writing next.
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