Chapter 22: Tender Times
It took nearly for Pope Mickey to finally grant King Gary of Kanto permission to declare war on Unova and Johto, and by the time the three regions were at war, Iris had given birth to her long awaited daughter, Lilia. Lilia was born on the 26th June 1596 at Virbank temple, unlike her sons that were born in Blackthorn castle. King Kamon, Pagan and Salem never left Her Majesty's side. Deep down in Iris' heart, she knew that Cilan was lurking in the shadows. By holding Lilia in her arms, she felt like a champion. For being a mother was far more rewarding than being a Queen. Iris could abdicate like many of her predecessors and die peacefully in retirement, but Iris believed that she should keep the title until death.

King Kamon also shared her opinion which helped some people believe that Kamon and Iris were a much better match than the last king's before him. She was overwhelmed with joy when Lilia was born. She felt that she was at peace with her children again, including the two-year-old prince, Elijah.

All of Unova rejoiced in triumph, except for one person - the vengeful maid, Gerogia Langley. She was very close with the late Lady Larxene. With her death, Georgia had lost a sister and a friend. Although Georgia lost contact with Larxene completely when she pregnant, she had a gut instinct that Larxene was remarkable woman right through to the end. Georgia had heard so many things about her friend, some of it she found very hard to believe. She was a modern girl living in a society based ancient traditions – exactly how Georgia felt.

Georgia hid behind a pillar as King Kamon and Giovanni stood face to face outside Her Majesty's chamber. King Kamon was holding Princess Lilia in his arms as Giovanni admired her rosy cheeks.

"Our heiress," Giovanni murmured. "She is destined for great things."

"She's wonderful," Kamon admitted as he kissed Lilia's little nose.

"She will bring much joy to our family," Giovanni assured his son. "Anything you desire you shall receive it. Now your dream will become true once again. With this war you could rule the world!"

"Rule?" Kamon asked. He raised his eyebrow and wrinkled his nose in confusion.

"We can destroy King Gary and King Lance, then you shall have ultimate power in Asia." Giovanni tapped his son's shoulder again and grinned.

"But father," Kamon said talking over Lilia's cries. "Lance is my friend, and Gary is my cousin. I cannot bring myself to kill them. There's been enough death by war as it is. I cannot betray them. They are part of my family, and yours too."

"Sometimes boy," Giovanni said in a calm manner, yet clenching his fists. "Sacrifices must be made."

"You really think I should be king of Johto instead of Lance?" Kamon asked.

"If I had it my way our family would rule the universe," Giovanni announced. Georgia, who had heard every word had a battle with herself not to make a noise. She was fortunate that her slender body was concealed to Giovanni and Kamon by the marble pillars. Giovanni cackled as he walked out of the room.

"My poor mother," Kamon said out of the blue.

Startled, Giovanni turned his face towards his son. "I beg your pardon?"

"Poor lady!"

"No!" Giovanni hissed. "Your mother is the most cherished princess of the land. This time next year, she will be a beloved queen."

"She will die unhappy," Kamon whispered.

Giovanni shook his head.

"You expect far too much from her," Kamon reminded his father. Kamon finally had the courage to say what he really wanted to say to his father. "For years I've defended your honour, but I cannot defend the way you treat her. The world might be blind to it, but I will always be scared. She is a human being just like we are, and Arceus forbid you threw her into the deep end like grandmother did to you. The bruises have faded, but her pain will remain the same."

"Stop this foolish talk right now," Giovanni demanded.

"Don't you understand?" Kamon implored as his father refused to look at him. "You are killing her."

Giovanni and Kamon said no more, and went their seperate ways. Safe to proceed, Georgia ran into Her Majesty's chamber. Georgia held one lady responsible for her friend's downfall. Queen Iris Ketchum, The Queen of Unova, Johto and a mother of four. Georgia had hoped that she would die of puerperal fever, but Lilia was three months old, so it was certain that Iris never contracted the child bed fever. Cilan spirit may have forgiven Queen Iris, but Georgia hated her.

Her family pressurized her into becoming Iris's lady-in-waiting just as they forced her to marry Axel. Georgia had served Iris since her coronation, so she knew Her Majesty's weaknesses like the back of her hand.

"Lady Langley," Iris whispered to Georgia. "I feel as if I have done something wrong to you. But I do not know what I've done."

Georgia lifted her eyes off the floor and rolled them to Queen Iris. "You know what you've done."

"You have to tell me," Iris implored. She had her hand on her heart as she said, "And then we can make it right."

"Why do always have to pretend to be innocent?" Georgia shrieked with her eyes red with tears. "The last two kings had their heart smashed over you, and you flash Kamon around like a trophy husband. He is Giovanni's son. You have given Giovanni the power to destroy all of us. You can never make it right. Nobody will save you, not even Arceus or any of your dragons."

"Lady Langley," Iris gasped holding back the tears. "What is the matter?"

"YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!" Georgia screamed.

Lady Bianca was sitting in the corner, reading from the entire time they were there. Disturbed by Georgia's outburst, Bianca slammed her book shut and stood in front of her Queen. "That is no way to talk to the Queen Of Unova," said Bianca firmly.

"It's got nothing to do with you," Georgia snapped at Bianca. "My friend, Lady Larxene was a great woman and if it hadn't have been for you lot, she would still be alive." Nobody said a word, but the maids peeped into the room curious to what was going on. At that point, Georgia was so mad, her eyes were steaming. Iris said nothing, which frustrated Georgia even more. "Why don't you say something?"

Georgia had her left hand out ready to slap her, but Lady Bianca intervened just in time and Georgia's legs slammed against the dry floor. Iris looked disappointed, but she didn't look away from Georgia.

"I hate to admit it, but Lady Larxene was not a good person," Bianca declared. "Her death was tragic. No mother should have to go through that, but if you're looking for someone to blame, then you should be blaming your husband for her death. He was the one that neglected her."

By looking at the sheer shock in Bianca's stern face, Georgia knew that Bianca had a lot more to say to her, but her sweet nature stopped her from saying it. Georgia knew that Axel hated Larxene, but as far as Georgia was concerned it was only a rivalry for her attention. Larxene used to joke about going into her bed and having carnal knowledge of each other. Larxene's jokes were one way to enrage him.

"You should take some rest Lady Langley," Queen Iris said to Georgia. "Give you some time to reflect on what you've said. This isn't worth losing your head over, and I don't want to execute you."

Georgia jumped out and ran out of Iris' rooms. She continued to run around the house until her eyes met her husband, Axel. "Arceus may not know who I am," Georgia screamed at the top of her voice. She marched in front of Axel and clenched her fists together as her arms were spread out. Axel stroked her elbows as he watched her rant with a grin on his face. "But I swear that I will teach Her Majesty never to mess with the ones I love."

"You want to know something?" Axel whispered into Georgia's ear. His voice was so soft it melted Georgia's anger away.

"What is that?" Her lips curled into a calm smile. By looking at his evergreen eyes, Georgia saw the eyes of a good man who wanted to serve his country and wife in every single way.

He smirked as he tapped Georgia's back and lead her away to a private place. Georgia found herself in a fit of giggles as her lover said, "I do love a good cat fight."