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    Chapter 22: Tender Times
    It took nearly for Pope Mickey to finally grant King Gary of Kanto permission to declare war on Unova and Johto, and by the time the three regions were at war, Iris had given birth to her long awaited daughter, Lilia. Lilia was born on the 26th June 1596 at Virbank temple, unlike her sons that were born in Blackthorn castle. King Kamon, Pagan and Salem never left Her Majesty's side. Deep down in Iris' heart, she knew that Cilan was lurking in the shadows. By holding Lilia in her arms, she felt like a champion. For being a mother was far more rewarding than being a Queen. Iris could abdicate like many of her predecessors and die peacefully in retirement, but Iris believed that she should keep the title until death.

    King Kamon also shared her opinion which helped some people believe that Kamon and Iris were a much better match than the last king's before him. She was overwhelmed with joy when Lilia was born. She felt that she was at peace with her children again, including the two-year-old prince, Elijah.

    All of Unova rejoiced in triumph, except for one person - the vengeful maid, Gerogia Langley. She was very close with the late Lady Larxene. With her death, Georgia had lost a sister and a friend. Although Georgia lost contact with Larxene completely when she pregnant, she had a gut instinct that Larxene was remarkable woman right through to the end. Georgia had heard so many things about her friend, some of it she found very hard to believe. She was a modern girl living in a society based ancient traditions – exactly how Georgia felt.

    Georgia hid behind a pillar as King Kamon and Giovanni stood face to face outside Her Majesty's chamber. King Kamon was holding Princess Lilia in his arms as Giovanni admired her rosy cheeks.

    "Our heiress," Giovanni murmured. "She is destined for great things."

    "She's wonderful," Kamon admitted as he kissed Lilia's little nose.

    "She will bring much joy to our family," Giovanni assured his son. "Anything you desire you shall receive it. Now your dream will become true once again. With this war you could rule the world!"

    "Rule?" Kamon asked. He raised his eyebrow and wrinkled his nose in confusion.

    "We can destroy King Gary and King Lance, then you shall have ultimate power in Asia." Giovanni tapped his son's shoulder again and grinned.

    "But father," Kamon said talking over Lilia's cries. "Lance is my friend, and Gary is my cousin. I cannot bring myself to kill them. There's been enough death by war as it is. I cannot betray them. They are part of my family, and yours too."

    "Sometimes boy," Giovanni said in a calm manner, yet clenching his fists. "Sacrifices must be made."

    "You really think I should be king of Johto instead of Lance?" Kamon asked.

    "If I had it my way our family would rule the universe," Giovanni announced. Georgia, who had heard every word had a battle with herself not to make a noise. She was fortunate that her slender body was concealed to Giovanni and Kamon by the marble pillars. Giovanni cackled as he walked out of the room.

    "My poor mother," Kamon said out of the blue.

    Startled, Giovanni turned his face towards his son. "I beg your pardon?"

    "Poor lady!"

    "No!" Giovanni hissed. "Your mother is the most cherished princess of the land. This time next year, she will be a beloved queen."

    "She will die unhappy," Kamon whispered.

    Giovanni shook his head.

    "You expect far too much from her," Kamon reminded his father. Kamon finally had the courage to say what he really wanted to say to his father. "For years I've defended your honour, but I cannot defend the way you treat her. The world might be blind to it, but I will always be scared. She is a human being just like we are, and Arceus forbid you threw her into the deep end like grandmother did to you. The bruises have faded, but her pain will remain the same."

    "Stop this foolish talk right now," Giovanni demanded.

    "Don't you understand?" Kamon implored as his father refused to look at him. "You are killing her."

    Giovanni and Kamon said no more, and went their seperate ways. Safe to proceed, Georgia ran into Her Majesty's chamber. Georgia held one lady responsible for her friend's downfall. Queen Iris Ketchum, The Queen of Unova, Johto and a mother of four. Georgia had hoped that she would die of puerperal fever, but Lilia was three months old, so it was certain that Iris never contracted the child bed fever. Cilan spirit may have forgiven Queen Iris, but Georgia hated her.

    Her family pressurized her into becoming Iris's lady-in-waiting just as they forced her to marry Axel. Georgia had served Iris since her coronation, so she knew Her Majesty's weaknesses like the back of her hand.

    "Lady Langley," Iris whispered to Georgia. "I feel as if I have done something wrong to you. But I do not know what I've done."

    Georgia lifted her eyes off the floor and rolled them to Queen Iris. "You know what you've done."

    "You have to tell me," Iris implored. She had her hand on her heart as she said, "And then we can make it right."

    "Why do always have to pretend to be innocent?" Georgia shrieked with her eyes red with tears. "The last two kings had their heart smashed over you, and you flash Kamon around like a trophy husband. He is Giovanni's son. You have given Giovanni the power to destroy all of us. You can never make it right. Nobody will save you, not even Arceus or any of your dragons."

    "Lady Langley," Iris gasped holding back the tears. "What is the matter?"

    "YOU KILLED MY BEST FRIEND!" Georgia screamed.

    Lady Bianca was sitting in the corner, reading from the entire time they were there. Disturbed by Georgia's outburst, Bianca slammed her book shut and stood in front of her Queen. "That is no way to talk to the Queen Of Unova," said Bianca firmly.

    "It's got nothing to do with you," Georgia snapped at Bianca. "My friend, Lady Larxene was a great woman and if it hadn't have been for you lot, she would still be alive." Nobody said a word, but the maids peeped into the room curious to what was going on. At that point, Georgia was so mad, her eyes were steaming. Iris said nothing, which frustrated Georgia even more. "Why don't you say something?"

    Georgia had her left hand out ready to slap her, but Lady Bianca intervened just in time and Georgia's legs slammed against the dry floor. Iris looked disappointed, but she didn't look away from Georgia.

    "I hate to admit it, but Lady Larxene was not a good person," Bianca declared. "Her death was tragic. No mother should have to go through that, but if you're looking for someone to blame, then you should be blaming your husband for her death. He was the one that neglected her."

    By looking at the sheer shock in Bianca's stern face, Georgia knew that Bianca had a lot more to say to her, but her sweet nature stopped her from saying it. Georgia knew that Axel hated Larxene, but as far as Georgia was concerned it was only a rivalry for her attention. Larxene used to joke about going into her bed and having carnal knowledge of each other. Larxene's jokes were one way to enrage him.

    "You should take some rest Lady Langley," Queen Iris said to Georgia. "Give you some time to reflect on what you've said. This isn't worth losing your head over, and I don't want to execute you."

    Georgia jumped out and ran out of Iris' rooms. She continued to run around the house until her eyes met her husband, Axel. "Arceus may not know who I am," Georgia screamed at the top of her voice. She marched in front of Axel and clenched her fists together as her arms were spread out. Axel stroked her elbows as he watched her rant with a grin on his face. "But I swear that I will teach Her Majesty never to mess with the ones I love."

    "You want to know something?" Axel whispered into Georgia's ear. His voice was so soft it melted Georgia's anger away.

    "What is that?" Her lips curled into a calm smile. By looking at his evergreen eyes, Georgia saw the eyes of a good man who wanted to serve his country and wife in every single way.

    He smirked as he tapped Georgia's back and lead her away to a private place. Georgia found herself in a fit of giggles as her lover said, "I do love a good cat fight."

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    Nuvema Temple was littered with candles that night. Behind Iris' throne was a marble statue of Arceus, with Zekrom, Reshiram and Kyurem on it's left, and Landorus, Thundrus and Tornadus on it's right. The temple was truly a tribrute to The Holy Trios with each window stain glassed in rainbow colours featuring the rainbow colours.

    The Queen had brought her family and direct in-laws over to celebrate her army led by Lord Xigbar crushing King Gary's army. His army of thousands was shrivelled down to only ten. As far as they were concerned, Unova had won. The war was over for the time being, but Xigbar warned that Gary would make a desperate attempt to cause havoc in Unova. It was rare for King Gary to be gracious in defeat.

    But no one thought of King Gary. There was only a couple of things that they all wanted to do: eat and be merry. Lady Bianca and Lady Langley were responsible for taking care of Lilia. The latter had recently apologized for an earlier outburst and the party was a chance to redeem herself. They watched Queen May skip towards them with the intention of having a closer look at her niece. Everyone knew that Queen May was not enthusiastic over her brother-in-law's marriage to Queen Iris because of the way they both treated Ash. But Iris' pregnancy made her excited to be an aunt because it reminded her of how much she had grown up. She was proud to be an auntie to a beautiful little princess.

    Lilia had made May less resentful towards Iris and her in-laws. May never had a rpblem with Delia, but Kamon and Giovanni drove her up the wall. May hoped that Lilia would consider her to tbe the coolest aunt in the land once she grew up.

    "Ash!" May called her husband with cheeks fattened with noodles. "Come and see Lilia."

    With a big bowl of food, Ash dragged himself next to his wife. Ash said, "This is Delicious!" He emptied his bowl as if he was a homeless boy starved of food for a week. He didn't behave in a way that was expected for a king, but everyone knew of Ash's passion for food. "These noodles are better than the food at home."

    "Take a look at Lilia. She's our niece. Isn't she beautiful?" May requested with a big smile on her face. Queen May looked up to Bianca and Georgia who smiled at the couple. May held onto Lilia's tiny fingers as Bianca held the little princess securely. May went on to proclaim, "I think Lilia will grow up to be a beauty queen."

    "Yes she is beautiful," Ash responded as he licked his bowl clean. "A beautiful bastard!"

    Although she was startled, May ignored Ash and asked the maids if she could hold her niece. They allowed The Queen Of Hoenn to hold her niece as she went in front of Ash and tried to show him Lilia again. "Look at Lilia," May said. "She looks a lot like your grandmother."

    Ash tossed his bowl on the table and wiped his mouth clean with his sleeve. "That's a weird compliment," Ash told his wife as he raised his eye.

    "I don't know why you're angry," May admitted. "But I know you can't blame Lilia for it. It's because Gary won't let you talk to Misty anymore isn't it."

    Ash sighed. He turned his head away from Lilia. "Lilia is not a Ketchum and Iris' marriage to my brother is invalid."

    "But Kamon and Iris have been married for over a year now," May reminded Ash. "The Pope says the marriage is valid."

    "His Holiness can mind his own buisness," Ash snapped. "Cilan was my friend. My father and brother are profiting from his downfall. It's a disgusting thing to do to Cilan's honour. Not to mention that they're both a disgrace to the Ketchums. And the worst thing is that Gary blames me for all of this."

    "Well Gary is being stupid," May announced without shame. She went over and kissed Ash on the cheek. "He can't blame you for everything. He needs to take responsibility for his own actions."

    "...Lilia's cute," Ash whispered.

    "That's better."

    Meanwhile, Salem and his older brother were playing tag with their great grandfather, The Elder Prince Drayden. From what everyone could see, it seemed as it Drayden was the one who was meant to chose which one of the brothers who was it. Kamon laughed at his stepsons as he marched over to his brother with a smile on his face.

    "I trust you two are well," Kamon assumed. "I'm so happy to see everyone together again."

    "We are very happy," May responded as she passed Lilia over to Kamon.

    "I hope you are not angry with me anymore," Kamon said to Ash as he shook his hand with his free hand.

    Ash shook his head. He made it no secret that he viewed Iris' marriage to his brother illegitimate because he believed that they were responsible for Cilan's fall from grace. His poor friend was wrongly pulled away from the world. Ash would always believe that Cilan was the true love of Iris. She didn't love Kamon at all in Ash's eye, she only succumbed to the pressure of everyone else. Besides she was probably under a spell or even cursed. Trouble was his father's best friend, and it followed Giovanni wherever it went.

    Giovanni was announcing Kamon's special surprise for Salem and Pagan: a surprise visit from King Lance and Lady Clair. Behind Giovanni was Lord Xigbar and Lord Saďx who entered the temple earlier in a victorious spirit. Lance and Clair were greeted with a round of applause. Salem and Pagen dashed up to their father and hugged him either side. They were a lot taller than the last time Lance had seen them - Pagan was almost as tall as Clair.

    Giovanni bowed, then turned to face Lord Saďx. "May I have a word with you?" he asked so humbly.

    "Of course," Saďx replied. The two men left the main hall of the temple and stayed behind the door in silence. The Archduke of Viridian had to be careful of what he said and had to choose wisely who to confide in. He could trust Saďx: he could be a valuable partner. Lord Xemnas took the man for granted and underestimated his potential.

    Now that Giovanni had the man to himself, he could set him the ultimate task for the throne of Johto. With his offspring, Giovanni wanted to have absolute power by controlling his two little kings.

    "What is it that you wanted to speak to me about?" Lord Saďx asked.

    "Xemnas greatly underestimated you," Giovanni announced, raising his voice. "I see that you could be the key to changing this world forever."

    Saďx was expressionless as Giovanni's curved lips revealed a mechanical grin. "What do you want?"

    "I want King Lance and Lady Clair dead," Giovanni whispered. "They are a great threat to my family. You shall help me."

    "Why would I want them dead? What's in it for me?"

    "Plenty of reasons," Giovanni replied. "They took your heart away." Saďx remained silent. "Now listen up! There are two axes floating above the cieling. One of the pillars will activate the axes and they will kill. One kill will Lance and the other shall kill Clair."

    "Sounds like you have it all planned," Saďx declared. "What if they find out it's you?"

    "That will never happen," Giovanni awnsered. "I will simply frame my nephew. My good friend Manfred von Karma can arrange the evidence on my behalf."

    "So you're killing two birds with one stone?" Saďx asked.

    "Indeed." Giovanni opened the door and they both returned to the room. They saw Drayden gasp out of breath as he knocked his head and fell asleep against the pillar. Giovanni bounced towards the other side of the hall as Saďx turned around only to be greeted with an axe slicing his nose in half. The other axe glided in-between his skull.

    Giovanni's plan to kill Lance and Clair had failed on an epic scale. The cousins were nowhere near the axes when they fell. Now Drayden was on Giovanni's hit-list and at the rate it was going, there would be more names that will fire hatred in Giovanni's spine.

    Naminé helped herself into the hall with a smile on her face. Giovanni didn't understand why she was wearing a white wedding dress, but she shouldn't be there. He went to approach her as if he didn't know her. "You girl," he said at the snap of his fingers. "What are you doing here?"

    Naminé smiled. "I'm here to collect my payment."

    "Ash is over there," Giovanni told her, pointing over to his eldest son.

    "What made you think I'm taking Ash?"

    "It's usually the first-born," Giovanni replied.

    "Well you could say that I'm not normal," Naminé admitted.

    While everyone was in shock over the death of Lord Saďx, King Kamon and his daughter vanished into thin air. Then all eyes fell on Naminé who kept her eyes on The Queen. With her arms and back up straight, she lifted her skirt and curtsied. "You need to make a choice," Naminé told Iris. "You must choose between the life of the father or the child. Only one can live."

    Naminé turned to dust before anybody could ask for an explanation. In a state of panic, Iris scurried to the window to see what some of the maids were looking at. She could see King Gary with his ten men.

    "They're here!" Xigbar roared. "EVERYBODY OUT AT ONCE!"

    Everyone followed Xigbar's orders and left Iris on her own to pray. Iris thought of nothing but prayers. Despite being Queen Of Unova and The Dragon Empress, Naminé made her feel powerless. Naminé was a witch and Iris didn't think she could stand a chance against her. She looked so innocent, so she hoped that Kamon and Lilia would be unharmed.

    She had already made her mind up. As cruel as it was, Iris had chosen the life of the child. She was not looking forward to the time where she had to say goodbye to Kamon, but she made herself a promise to put her children first above anything else.

    Even at the expense of her husband.

    "Arceus," Iris cried out. She sniffed up her tears as her hands were firmly together. With her eyes closed, she faced her thone and imagined Kamon cradling Lilia in his arms. "Please take good care of Kamon when it is time for him to come back to you. I hope in your mercy that you let him stay for a little longer. My daughter needs his father and we all need our king."

    "You've made the right choice."

    "Cilan!" She could recognize that voice at any time of the day.

    "Bless you," Cilan whispered. "So sullen-eyed and broken-hearted."

    "You already know that my children come first before anything."

    "You're so brave to make a decision like that so quickly."

    "Or perhaps foolish," Iris sighed as she walked into Cilan's chest. "Hopefully they'll be back soon."

    "I've missed you." Cilan pinched on Iris' cheek and made her sit on her throne.

    "But you see me nearly every day."

    Cilan rose above her and his soft hands slipped behand the pink ribbon on her dress. He pulled the ribbon and untied it in a sweet manner. "What I meant was that I miss sharing my life with you," Cilan explained as he undressed Iris.

    Everyone took extra measure to ensure that Unova had won the battle between Kanto. King Ash revealed all of King Gary's weaknesses to Lord Xigbar. Once the weaknesses were exploited, it only took a thunderbolt from Pikachu to win the battle for good. They all split up to find King Kamon and Princess Lilia. It was The King & Queen of Hoenn who found Kamon and Lilia safe and well. The kidnapper, Naminé was nowhere to be found. Once everyone was reunited, Gary placed all his rage on his cousins. He called Ash and Kamon traitors and puppets to his evil uncle. According to King Gary, Misty was dead.

    May suggested that they all returned to court, but disaster struck. Kamon pushed Lance to the ground, and passed Lilia over to Queen May. Kamon was struck by an arrow to his chest. Kamon yelled slouched onto the floor.

    "KAMON!" Ash roared.

    "Sometimes sacrifices must be made," Kamon whispered. "Tell my father that!" When Queen Iris ran out of the doors of Nuvema Temple, she couldn't believe her eyes when she saw her husband lying in a red pool. She rushed to Kamon and held onto his torso. Kamon raised his head and said, "I'm glad I got to see you one last time."

    Kamon closed his eyes for the last time. Five days after his death his body was returned to Kanto and was buried in a temple in Pallet Town.

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    Chapter 24: The Rise & Fall Of Gary Oak

    I used to think that I was a good king. A brave man and a devoted husband, but as I watch all the people who have come to watch me die, I understand that I was nothing more than a common sinner. My grandfather said that I was a disgrace to the family and unworthy of Kanto's throne. My parents had passed away before they could even give me the chance to train as a king. I was told to be a great king that I had to honour the traditions, win wars and produce heirs to continue the dynasty.

    I have failed on all accounts, but there was something more important then the rules of being king. Even so, I was still a failure as a king. But as a man, I was one of the best in the world. My reign will always be remembered because of my death. It was my time to die and I am only thirty-one. I had made a deal with Darkrai, and he came back to bite me. My Grandma Agatha made me marry my cousin's childhood sweetheart, Misty Waterflower.

    Grandma Agatha said if I married Misty, then I would become king. My mother, the Queen Catherine decided to abdicate and retire peacefully in a small temple in Korea. I married Misty the day before my coronation. I would say that it was a happy marriage. We both grew to love each other. But we were both under a lot of pressure.

    Ash was my best friend and it was no secret that he and Misty were very fond of each other. There were rumours that the two of them were having an affair and I believed in them. Misty and I even had a son, but I sent little John and Misty away. I pretended they were both dead and that the marriage had come to an end.

    But everyone found out that Misty and John were alive. Poor John was declared a bastard and If I hadn't believed in all of those rumours and stayed with Misty, then I would have been allowed to keep my head. Catherine's marriage to my father, Archie of Aqua started form a political alliance with Hoenn. Kanto needed this alliance to prevent complete invasion from Johto. I asked Uncle Giovanni for help, but he had his own plans. Uncle Giovanni was searching for a suitable bride for Ash. He was hoping to find a princess who was next in line to the throne.

    Then along came King Norman from Hoenn. He and Uncle Giovanni coincidently crossed paths. Norman wanted to find a pure and brave prince for his daughter and Giovanni wanted a strong-willed princess, full of beauty to become Ash's queen. King Norman arranged Giovanni and Ash to come over to Petalburg Castle and Ash and Norman's daughter, May were in instant hit.

    Ash and May had a happy marriage and one full of bliss. I envy them. I never liked Kamon very much, he was quiet and depressing. Ash and Kamon had always wanted to be king, but Kanto's crown was my birth right. Kamon had this delusion that he was going to be the greatest king that ever lived. I thought that my cousins were both being silly, but it wasn't until I Giovanni's true colours when his organization were slaughtering innocent creatures, was when I realized that my poor cousins and aunt were pawns for his lust for power.

    Giovanni had always hated me since the moment I was born. He accused me of snatching the crown. As I grew up, his hatred worsened. It came to the point where I couldn't have anything to do with Ash because he reminded me of Giovanni and the damage he had done to our family. Lady Rocket, Giovanni's mother was a horrible lady. Giovanni's sister, Ariana was just as deranged as the rest of them. The Ketchums were a ruthless family and Aunt Delia deserved a much better husband than Giovanni.

    Ash was the only good thing to come out of Delia's union with Giovanni. Kamon was a little puppet trying to earn the love from his father. Giovanni didn't treat his sons very well, and it sickens me to imagine what he does to poor Aunt Delia. When I heard that Kamon was betrothed to Iris, I wanted to puke. Giovanni was winning and now my cousins were kings, I didn't want to know them.

    The traitorous backstabbing Kamon even went as far as having a child with Iris. I met Iris' previous husband in the Pope's party in Rome and I thought Cilan was one of the most interesting and intellectual kings that I had ever met. Iris and Cilan were really in love with each other, and then Kamon the home-wrecker had to make it worse for them. I knew that he a had a creepy thing for Iris, but he really should have gotten over her when she married Lance.

    I played Misty like a violin. She was my first queen and as I reflected on my life on the scaffold, I wished that she was my only queen. What if I was faithful to her? What if I didn't declare John a bastard? I guess I'll never know, but I'm sure that Ash will give her a comfortable place for her and my son to live in at Hoenn. I hope she finds someone that will give her happiness. From the distance I could see Kari Kamiya. She was an ambassador for The Digital Islands where her brother ruled. She was the bridesmaid for our wedding.

    Lady Georgia Langley was one of the ladies that were executed. I first met her two days after my marriage to Iris. She told me what she knew about Giovanni and his plans for world domination. I had already known of Giovanni's intentions, but for it to come from a humble maid I was shocked. Lady Langley also confirmed my suspicions that Delia was being abused by him and that Kamon gave him a good telling off.

    When Lady Langley gave me all the juicy information, I knew I had to reward her in some way. I knew she was still bitter over what happened to her friend, Larxene who gave birth to Iris' adoptive son, so I found a chance to redeem myself. Lady Langley threw herself at me as I came up with a plan to make Elijah the heir to Kanto's throne. By making Elijah next in line to the throne, it meant that Giovanni could never take the crown. Little John was too young to be a king, whilst Elijah was already maturing into a five year old. Elijah could have Iris rule on his behalf until he comes of age.

    I wanted to make sure that Lady Langley was happy. When Iris left home, I let Lady Langley sleep on my bed. There were times when I often felt alone and regreted the way I locked Misty away from the world, but at the same time I think I did her a favour. In my head I said to myself I did it all for Misty's protection. Giovanni would never touch them. I wondered how Misty and John were doing? I had holes in my heart that I had to fill. And nothing filled them better than nights of passion. Lady Langley would make love for me in return for diamonds.

    Dawn Berlitz the pale enchantress was the one that I wanted to spend my life with. She was my first love and if I ever had to choose, I would chose Dawn. I can't believe that she is the queen consort of Sinnoh. She was so beautiful that Queen Cynthia had to have her all to herself. Dawn didn't let something like marriage get in the way of our love affair. She sent me pearls and I sent her flowers and pearls.

    I always looked forward to seeing Dawn's Togekiss fly over Unova's skies to send me Dawn's love letters. I loved the the lavender smell on Dawn's letters and her beautiful curved writing with little hearts between every paragraph. It could have been our little secret forever, until Dawn was with child. We tried to keep the pregnancy as much of a secret as possible, but then Lady Langley found out and she was heart broken. I never saw Lady Langley again until today where I watched her die.

    Iris was my last wife, and the one that sent me here to to deathbed. When Pope Mickey ordered that we were to be married, I thought that Iris was playing hard to get. But once I let my arrogance calm down, I realized that she was still in grieving. She wore the wedding rings of her previous husbands, but it was the one with triple gems that was on her wedding finger. She could not bring herself to consummate the marriage, she loved Cilan too much. Iris' refusal to submit herself to me only made me feel even more lonely. She always had time for her children, but never for me.

    It made me so jealous of King Lance. I tried to stop him from seeing Salem and Pagan, but it didn't work. King Lance should have given me more respect, but he pitied me. He was a complete pushover when it came to Iris: that was my opinion of him. My Uncle Giovanni said I should try and get rid of him, but I could never find the right moment. I was waiting for the time when Lance fell out of Iris' favour. Then he had to be invited to every family party.

    "Must King Lance come?" I asked.

    "Yes," Iris replied. "He is my business parter, the father of my eldest sons and a good friend."

    "But what if he's plotting against you?"

    "If Lance was plotting against me I would not be here," Iris responded. "Cilan and Kamon never complained about Lance coming. You should stop being jealous and stop plotting against Lance."

    "I'm sorry I'm not Cilan," I cried out to The Queen. She looked at me and ran away.

    A few days after I said that, Iris and I got to know each other. I tried to flirt with Iris, but she laughed it off. "Come to bed My Lady," I requested. "You work too hard, you deserve a rest." I tried with all my power to get Iris to consummate the marriage, but she would not do it. She only saw me as a friend. So I hugged her and kissed her lips. She would go no further.

    Then Dawn sneaked into Unova to have these secret meetings with me. Even though she was pregnant, she still didn't want to let go of me. She hugged me and gave me the confidence to be a good king. That night when Dawn left to return to her mother's house in Twinleaf, I filled my belly with beer and sake. Then I went to my room and had a wild party with all my mistresses, including my sister. Some of these mistresses I've had since I was ten years old and I lost my virginity at that age too. I once thought it was cool, but now I see it is nothing to brag about.

    It was a great big orgy fest, but it was one I hardly remember. I was so drunk that night I screamed when I found myself in a small cell. It wasn't until Lady Bianca came into the room was when I realized that I was in Nimbassa Dungeons.

    "Gary Oak," Lady Bianca said in a stern voice. "You have been charged with numerous accounts of adultery, treason and attempted murder." I gasped and then laughed. I thought that this was all a dream or maybe a massive prank. I've never seen Lady Bianca so angry. Her face got redder and I could even see her eyes filling up. That was when I realized that this was no prank. I wondered what they knew and wondered what would happen. "Misty and John have been found," Lady Bianca announced. "Alive and well."

    "Where is The Queen?" I asked. "I must speak to her."

    "She is in Nuvema Temple," Lady Bianca answered. "But she will not speak to you, nor will you be staying here for very long." I watched Lady Bianca with the eye of a hoot-hoot. "Your trial will take place in Dragon's Den in Johto and Her Majesty is attending."

    "NO!" I screamed. "Lance will surely have me dead. You don't understand Lady Bianca... I need to speak to her now!"

    "You must stay here until you are called," Lady Bianca demanded. I ignored her and pounced my way through the door. Bianca tried to hold onto me and I shook her off against the wall. As she screamed I ran out the door. "Your Majesty!" Lady Bianca roared, "You must not leave this dungeon, you'll make things worse for yourself."

    Luckily for me, the dungeons were not very well guarded and that my pigeot was waiting right outside for me. "TO NUVEMA TEMPLE," I gasped to the bid. Pigeot spread his wings and soared across the sky. Pigeot dropped me off outside the temple and I ran into the main hall. I don't think I ever ran so fast in my life, but soon I would run out of stamina.

    I fell to my knees. Just as I was crying for Iris' help I found her courting with the late Cilan. Had I have had the stamina, I would have held onto Iris with all my might. "IRIS!" I yelled. "It's me, King Gary!"

    "Don't make me laugh," Cilan said. "You did everything that I was accused off."

    "Go away," I ordered hysterically. I had completely lost my mind and all I wanted was to speak to Iris. "As King of Kanto and Unova, I order you to disappear... you ****ed your own brothers."

    "I was innocent," Cilan reminded Gary. "And my brothers nobly sacrificed their lives for me. While you abuse The Queen's trust and slept with anyone you get your hands on. Even your own sister who was a nun. You did everything I was accused off."

    "I must speak to The Queen," I whimpered.

    "She has nothing to say to you," Cilan responded as he held onto Iris and cradled her face. "Dawn miscarried her child. What on earth were you thinking?"

    "I can't let Giovanni become king," Gary said. "I needed an heir to stop Giovanni becoming king."

    "There were better ways," Cilan reminded me. "You could have restored John's title of prince. You could have gone back to Misty. You could have said no to his Holiness' orders. You could have done something about Giovanni if you didn't want him to take the crown from you. Your orgies get you nowhere but the scarlet scaffold."

    The trail in Johto would be pointless. The verdict has already been fixed. Iris said nothing to me and she never even looked at me anymore. I was led away by Lord Xigbar who roared into my ears that I was under arrest. I was taken straigh to Johto and just like Lady Bianca said, Queen Iris was there sitting next to Lance. Franziska von Karma, the daughter of Manfred was the prosecutor. I had no chance: they all had perfect records and I was just another tick on their box. I was guilty as charged and I had no one to defend me.

    They accused me of plotting for world domination. They thought that I was the one that tried to assassinate King Lady and Lady Clair. They held me responsible for Kamon's death and that I was trying to frame Ash for murder. The court saw me as a murderer, a traitor and they saw in me, Giovanni's true colours. Nearly all the testimonies were against me.

    All the lovely pleasures: so short-lived with deadly consequences.

    An apple thrown across my face brought me back to reality. The crowds acknowledged me as a traitor and my aunt's name was on everybody's lips. I stood there as Gary Oak, The King of Kanto and a love rat.

    The whole block was red. Nearly of the lovers and mistresses in my life were brought to the scaffold. They made me watch every single decapitation. Misty and Dawn were sparred of course. Ash gave Iris a handsome sum of money and his gible for Misty's freedom and Queen Cynthia simply gave Dawn a pat on the back and said not to do it again.

    "I have come here to die," I announced in the bravest voice I could find. I know why I had been brought here: it is because of my sins against Iris. As I stand behind the block, my uncle watched over me. "I die a king," I announced clenching my fists. I hated Uncle Giovanni and I was unkind to my cousins because of him. But he has not won. With any hope, Giovanni would never become King Of Kanto, or king of anything. I knelt behind the block and roared at the top of my voice, "But I would rather die the husband of Dawn Berlitz."

    My eyes fell upon the block as the crowds gasped. I laughed and thought of Dawn. "She made my tired heart sing." I gave one last smile to Giovanni and wiped my eyes clean. The executioner was so impatient with me. He wanted the job over and done with. He kicked me in the back as Cardinal Snape murmured prayers to Arceus.

    I rolled my head over so I would put myself in the perfect position for my send off. I was crying and as much as I didn't want to die, I could feel spirits colder than winter holding my hand. In my time of dying I could think of nothing but rest. I had not slept since I was brought to Nimbassa Dungeons, my trial was in Dragon's Den in Johto, and then I was taken to Lavender Tower in Kanto. That's at least three sleepless nights.

    The dead spirits were welcoming me to my new home. I took one last breath before the executioner sloshed his axe against my neck. I hope Aunt Delia doesn't succeed me because that will mean that Giovanni will become king. Arcues forbid that Giovanni should ever be king. Kanto would live in darkness from his power. My aunt Delia was a sweet and kind lady, but Giovanni would walk all over her. Hopefully Arceus will give him what he deserves.

    Aunt Delia was always interested in Spencer Hale. Spencer was one of my grandfather's greatest students and a widow for two years. I hope the interest develops into an infatuation or even love. I would have loved to have seen the reaction on my Giovanni's face if that ever happened.

    "Get on with it Pyro!" Giovanni snapped at the executioner. "It's getting cold and I would like to go home."

    "SAVE KANTO!" I yelled. "SAVE ME!"

    A single stroke and blood poured.


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    I must say, I am enjoying this fic! I stumbled upon it a week ago, but only got a chance to read a paragraph. But after seeing in 'the review game' that you wanted someone to review this (and after you recently reviewed on my story) I felt like it was a big coincidence! (I have only read the first chapter, but I'll get around to reading the others ASAP)

    Okay, first off, I really like the dialouge. It clear and concise, and so far it matches the character's personality, especially Delia's. I'm a little shocked Delia is married to Giovanni (what about the Professor?!), but I'm intrigued, does Team Rocket exist in this fic? You have a good writing style too, just a bit more descriptions of the surrondings would be better. I noticed a few capitalisations that weren't necessary, but otherwise grammar is fine

    I like this fic because you've done something totally different. You've turned the Pokemon genre into some medieval/kingly drama, and I like that sort of stuff. It's unique, but has an awesome spin on it! This is the first ship I've read that isn't poke/ego or orange, so characters like Iris and Cilan are new to me, so I'm interested to see how you portray them. Misty's mention in chapter 1 got me excited (I'm a pokeshipper hehe), and I'd love to see more of her, maybe as some sort of water queen . I'm also a big fan of Lance and I think you got his character down pat, especially the way you described him as strong and cunning. I also liked how he handled the divorce calmy and cooly, I could totally imagine Lance being that way. I like how you've incorporated Gary and Tracey into the story too, they're in my top favourite characters list.

    Just a few other little notes, didn't know there was a jump from the conversation between Clair and Lance to Giovanni's and Delia's, so perhaps '***' in between could make it easier for the readers. Otherwise well done, I'm enjoying it, and hope to read more ASAP.

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    Cardinal Drew waited patiently for the moment that King Ash and Queen May came to visit Pope Mickey. He had never been so delighted to see the beautiful queen walk down that shiny floor to the palace. He showered May with exquisite gifts ever since he knew her. If it wasn't for his holy commitments, then Drew would have been more than delighted to marry her.

    Unlike the other cardinals that were well past their forties, Cardinal Drew was in his early thirties. He was one of the youngest cardinals that worked for The Pope. The only time he was close to the cardinals was when he was in prayer. His pokemon were in Hoenn's court in the care of Sir Harley. He often thought about them and prayed for their safety. He also kept a miniature portrait of his beloved Roserade around his neck.

    He admired Ash and May for their bravery. Even though such horrific things had happened to them through personal bereavements they stuck together like lumps of clay in cruel heat. Their fathers believed that it would be the perfect marriage, and they were both right. Ash and May gained new territories for Hoenn and eliminated poverty in the lands they ruled.

    It was true love. Just watching the pair of them together made Cardinal Drew feel a cozy feeling in his stomach.

    "It brings me great joy to be in your presence," Cardinal Drew whispered, his eyes facing May's feet. He sprang from his feet and asked, "What brings you two here?" His green hair was crawling out of his red hat but his blue eyes stood out from his white and red robes. As Ash and May walked past Drew, the humble cardinal bowed. He felt honoured to be even in the same room as a beautiful lady, especially if it was The Queen Of Hoenn.

    Ash held onto May's hand in a grip tight enough to hurt his wife. Ash responded in the most bitter voice known to man. At first Cardinal Drew thought the anger was directed at him.

    "To destroy that dictator: The King Lance!"

    Drew gasped and winked at The Queen. "And by Arceus' grace you shall succeed." He gulped as he tried to conceal his shivering hands by pressing his back against the wall. "I shall take you to His Holiness at once!"

    "Thank you," May said.

    The King and Queen followed Cardinal Drew into Pope Mickey. He welcomed Ash and May with open arms as if they were his own children. He was happy for their pure love and the goodness they've given to the world.

    "What can I do for you?" Pope Mickey asked.

    "You don't like King Lance very much do you?" Queen May asked Pope Mickey. His Holiness opened his mouth. No words came out. May turned to her husband and grinned. "I take that as yes."

    "I respect King Lance as if he was my own brother," Pope Mickey responded, deciding it was the right time to speak. "But I do not like his unholy actions. He's been going to war without my permission and brings darkness to this world."

    "Before you were crowned we lived in a world of darkness," Drew told May. He bowed before The Queen of Hoenn and tilted his neck. "King Lance and his family were responsible for most of it, but you have shown us the light of Arceus."

    "Arceus' light was always there," Pope Mickey. "But it's people like you who bring hope to the world where the light will shine the brightest. I took a trip to Sky Pillar, what a beautiful place."

    "I think we need to find a way to get rid of Lance," King Ash suggested. "His bloody reign must end. Ever since Gary was executed, I've been so worried about my mother."

    "Max and my father died last night," May added, trying to add substance to Ash' s proposal. "They were found in the Slowpoke Well."

    "Someone's been trying to kill my parents," Ash concluded. "And my little brother gave up his life for us. They once thought that the arrow was for Lance, but I think the arrow was for either me or poor Lilia. And those axes Lance planted in the temple nearly killed killed Father. I'm such a horrible person for letting King Lance get this far. He betrayed my little brother."

    "Of course you're not." May patted his back and kissed his cheek. "None of this is your fault."

    "Do you remember what his last words were?" Ash asked May. "He said to tell Father that sacrifices must be made. And to think that I even called my niece a bastard because I was so angry with what they did to Cilan. Lance wants Iris back! He's been the mastermind behind all these horrible plots. First Cilan, then Kamon and now Gary. I know it's my parents that are next."

    "It seems as if King Lance is trying to stop you from becoming King of Kanto," Drew told Ash. "A sinner like him is unworthy of being King Of Johto."

    "Are you alright Drew?" May asked the poor shivering and stuttering Cardinal. "Just the mention of Lance brings you pain."

    "In the name of the ancestor, and of the the creator and of the holy trios, you are rule to Kanto after your mother." Pope Mickey announced to Ash.

    "I shall investigate this matter very carefully," Cardinal Drew promised them. "I will not rest until I believe what I find shall please all three of you. And before I leave, I ask that Her Majesty accepts this gift."

    "A gift?" May asked. Her heart was pounding in excitement. Her bouncy heart and rosy face couldn't alone describe how much she loved gifts and presents.

    "I ask that you take this blessed rose," Drew requested. He handed May a red rose in full bloom. The rose glistened as the leaves changed colours. "This rose shall protect you from a world of sin. King Lance can never harm Hoenn."

    Cardinal Drew left the room with clear intentions in his mind. He had a colourful theory about King Lance that would be the key to his downfall. There were fourteen traitors around when Lance and Iris were still married to each other. Only four of them were alive. Two of them were ladies-in-waiting, whilst the others were a part of Iris' army.

    There were so many vicious plots made to ensure the downfall of Cilan and Iris ever since her divorce from Lance. Had Lance and Iris had still been married, the plans would never have seen the light of day. It was true that Giovanni did terrible things, but he promised the world that he would atone for his sins. Giovanni must have thought that making his wife queen was a part of his redemption. Giovanni did change since Delia was crowned, he was a lot more relaxed and less violent than he used to be.

    Lance was one of the few that didn't believe that Giovanni had a change of heart. Lance could have faked his respect for Kamon, Cilan and Gary whilst plotting their downfalls. Lady Clair often protested against Iris' marriage with Cilan. Lady Clair and the fourteen traitors all had one thing in common: they were huge supporters of Lance.

    Drew had come to the conclusion that Lance was the mastermind behind all of this chaos He believed he wanted Iris to himself and would stop at nothing to get her back whilst everyone else did the dirty work for him. Cardinal Drew loved his own theory, he found it rich in imagination and detail. He vowed to himself that he could keep his promises.

    In his mind, he already had a list of people he wanted to interview. Axel already knew a lot about Lord Xemnas' true intentions, and he also seemed to be an interesting person to talk to, so Cardinal Drew believed the feisty man could bring some good evidence against Lance. And then there was Lady Xion, the biological mother of Princess Pearl of Sinnoh. Princess Pearl was born through a plot by the late Lady Larxene to make everyone think that their child was the bastard children of Cilan. Roxas was the biological father to both Pearl and Elijah, and both parents were great friends of Axel. The three of them would have given them an interesting testimony.

    And what about Queen Delia? Cardinal Drew could imagine that Queen Delia would be happy to send Lance down had she have known that Lance was responsible for her youngest son's death. Queen Delia wasn't afraid to give people a piece of her mind, but she was mostly kind and sincere to all she met. But Cardinal Drew believed that deep inside the sweet lady was a firm and strict ruler with a hidden temper. It would dangerous if that temper was revealed.

    He found it obvious that Giovanni would be more than obliged to help his son bring Lance to the scaffold. Cardinal Drew and Giovanni had a discussion the other day about the legitimacy of Salem and Pagan. Iris and Lance's marriage was declared null and void despite divorcing two years ago. For a short period of time, Salem and Pagan were declared bastards until Iris remarried. Giovanni argued that his grandchild was Iris' only legitimate heir. In wet eyes he claimed that his son was Iris' true and loving husband and that Lance was a dangerous man. Perhaps Giovanni assumed that Lance and Iris would be back together after Gary's execution. He didn't even know that Cilan was still list Drew had in mind was small because a lot of people he wanted to interview, and could help fabricate incriminating evidence against Lance were dead.

    "I will manage," Drew said to himself. "Lance's reign shall end."


    The Royal Council Of Unova gathered round a large table. Both Iris and Cilan walked into the room together, holding hands and wearing smiles. It was confirmed that the two of them were back together and were looking for ways to get remarried as soon as possible. It seemed to the happily-ever-after to a suspenseful fairy-tale.

    "We should share the good news," Iris suggested to Cilan as she tilted her head towards his shoulder.

    "What if His Holiness doesn't allow us to remarry?" Cilan asked.

    "I will turn Unova upside down until I can," Iris said. "No one can tell me who I can and cannot marry. We can marry in secret."

    "But they can overthrow you," Alder said. "His Holiness has grown fond of The King Of Hoenn. They might want to invade Unova."

    "That should be the least of our worries," Lord Gropius announced. "For as long as Giovanni Ketchum lives, we will always be in danger. Iris' marriage to Kamon kept him tame, but no doubt that his death has left him even colder than he was before."

    "Giovanni is The King Of Kanto now," Hilda stated. "Wouldn't that make him a lot happier and content."

    "I know the man," Iris said. "He was once my father-in-law. He was always very bossy, but I can't help but think he was hiding his true intentions."

    "Your Majesty," Riku said as he bowed and entered the room. "I have some news for you." Iris was not looking forward to hearing what he was about to say. The last time Riku spoke to Iris was to declare her marriage null and void. "His Holiness wishes to apologize for the pain he's put you through these past two years and asks for your forgiveness. Because of this, His Holiness states that you and Cilan are free to remarry whenever you wish."

    "You can tell him that I forgive him blindly," Iris said as she nodded.

    "And there's something else you might want to know," Riku said. "His Holiness is creating a warrant for the arrest of King Lance."


    "I don't know why," Riku admitted. "But I believe that The King and Queen of Hoenn have something to do with it. They've slept in The Vatican for five days. If Lance does get convicted, then you would be the sole monarch of Johto."

    "Hold on," Cilan called as he shot up from his seat. His jaw was shaking and his eyes appeared widened. "If that happened to Lance, then that would... make me King again?"

    "Should it be The Queen's pleasure then yes," Riku replied. "You could be allowed to call yourself King Of Unova and soon, The King Of Johto. But I think there's a catch to it."

    "A catch?"

    "I don't like the sound of this," Alder confessed.

    "The legitimacy of Pagan and Salem has been questioned once again by The Vatican," Riku announced. "They do not deny Lilia as a princess but as she is currently next in line to the throne in Hoenn, there have been certain plots unmasked to make her first in line to the throne."

    "But His Holiness promised that they were no longer bastards after I married Kamon," Iris said.

    "Since Kamon is dead the contract doesn't matter anymore."

    "I bet Giovanni is related to them," Cilan roared.

    "All that were accused and beheaded were employed under Giovanni's estates," Riku confirmed. "But we need solid evidence that Giovanni himself was involved. His Holiness is smitten with the Ketchum family, an it seems that despite Lady Clair's efforts, that King Lance has found himself in Pope Mickey's bad books."

    "They will blame me for this," Cilan barked as he held onto his baggy sleeves. "Lady Clair and Prince Pagan hate me and no doubt of Johto hate me too." Cilan could imagine that people will think that this was everything he wanted. He hoped that they didn't get him wrong, he was happy to be with Iris again, but he didn't believe that anyone should suffer because of it. "Once again I believe that my life is in danger."

    "I will protect you," Iris promised Cilan. She held onto Cilan's pale hands and kissed every finger. "No one will hurt you or my family." Her smooth lips touching the tips of his fingers reminded him of the letter from his brothers. He remembered that his brothers gave up their lives so he could share this moment with his beloved Iris.

    The last words that Chili and Cress wrote to him two years ago echoed in his mind. He was so near, yet he felt so far away. Chili and Cress did not die in vain, and because of that, Cilan was grateful for everything he had.

    You and Iris shall be reunited as King & Queen, and our blood will be well spent.



    You've gotta be careful out there. Johto's king is trying to kill us. Arceus forbid that he has betrayed us! My brother was nothing but a pawn to his plot with Darkrai to take Iris back and destroy our world. I will not let everything I've worked so hard for be taken away by this cruel prince. I once looked up to him, I dreamed that one day that I could become a powerful king just like he is, but now that I've grown up I can see that is possessed. My poor in-laws were tossed away because they got in the way.

    Iris and Cilan back together thank Arceus. Our creator is good. May Mew protect them both too. But I fear that Lance will try and destroy their love. He had Lady Clair go to The Vatican to declare the marriage null and void. He got Lord Xemnas and his gang to plot against Cilan. And nearly all of them died because they thought they were doing it in The King's honour. Axel, Xion and Roxas should not be condemned, but I fear they will be. They were only serving their masters. Oh I wish I could free them.

    I'm scared for you. Just as I am scared or my father who is being framed. My poor niece and Iris is in the middle of all of this. I thought that Father was plotting us, but know I see the redemption. He was trying to bring Lance down to protect our family and our friends. I hope he forgives me, for I did not respect him as well I should have done.

    As I am writing, I am in The Vatican. We have spoken to His Holiness and Cardinal Drew. They confirmed that I am next in line to the succession and Cardinal Drew shall help the warrant for Lance's arrest become reality. I need all the help I can get to bring this murderer down. Cilan has been through so much to be with Iris, he can't lose now. I'm going to help Cilan become king again. This time he will rule Unova, Johto and The Dragon Empire.

    Please Mother, I need all the help I can get. Brock should do something, he's great at things like these. He's so clever.

    Ash The King And Red Master

    "Good evening sweetheart," Giovanni said to his wife as he marched over green carpets with golden lining. "How does it feel to be Queen Regent of Kanto?"

    "It feels okay," Delia admitted as she laid back on a plushy maroon chair with her legs crossed.

    "You look down," Giovanni said softly as he hands massaged The Queen Of Kanto's shoulders. "You should be pleased. Your crowning was in Arceus' will."

    "It's not that."

    "Not heard from Ash then?" Giovanni assumed. He felt as if he was playing a guessing game.

    "I've heard from him," Delia responded in a cold voice. At this point, Giovanni could tell that The Queen was angry and worlds away from the cheerful and quiet woman that everyone knew her as. "I had a letter from him. Poor boy."

    Giovanni knelt down besides his wife and held onto her hands in a tight grip. "What did Ash say?"

    "He says he worried about us," Delia yelled as she clenched Giovanni's hand to her heart. "Ash mentioned that great bastard Lance. He betrayed Kamon!"

    "The King of Johto?" Giovanni roared. "That blasphemous traitor! He tried to turn Kamon against me. He wants The Queen of Unova back and he doesn't care who gets hurt."

    "Ash asked me to get the Duke of Pewter City to help Cardinal Drew with his investigation," Delia said. "And I'll do it. Nobody upsets my baby and gets away with it."

    "Fine words Delia!" Giovanni said as he raised his fists. "Lance has caused the death of many of my innocent employees. Even my sister, I confess she had a sharp tongue but that doesn't justify Lance's bloody actions. Lance's blood shall be well spent."

    "I'll make him pay for he did to my boy," Delia vowed in a vicious voice. "If he gets arrested, we should put him on trial here. There would be no court in Johto that would dare try their king, but now plenty of courts that would try him for crimes against humanity in my palace."

    Giovanni cradled his wife. As he did, his lips curled into a dashing white smile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pokesimmo View Post
    I must say, I am enjoying this fic! I stumbled upon it a week ago, but only got a chance to read a paragraph. But after seeing in 'the review game' that you wanted someone to review this (and after you recently reviewed on my story) I felt like it was a big coincidence! (I have only read the first chapter, but I'll get around to reading the others ASAP)

    Okay, first off, I really like the dialouge. It clear and concise, and so far it matches the character's personality, especially Delia's. I'm a little shocked Delia is married to Giovanni (what about the Professor?!), but I'm intrigued, does Team Rocket exist in this fic? You have a good writing style too, just a bit more descriptions of the surrondings would be better. I noticed a few capitalisations that weren't necessary, but otherwise grammar is fine

    I like this fic because you've done something totally different. You've turned the Pokemon genre into some medieval/kingly drama, and I like that sort of stuff. It's unique, but has an awesome spin on it! This is the first ship I've read that isn't poke/ego or orange, so characters like Iris and Cilan are new to me, so I'm interested to see how you portray them. Misty's mention in chapter 1 got me excited (I'm a pokeshipper hehe), and I'd love to see more of her, maybe as some sort of water queen . I'm also a big fan of Lance and I think you got his character down pat, especially the way you described him as strong and cunning. I also liked how he handled the divorce calmy and cooly, I could totally imagine Lance being that way. I like how you've incorporated Gary and Tracey into the story too, they're in my top favourite characters list.

    Just a few other little notes, didn't know there was a jump from the conversation between Clair and Lance to Giovanni's and Delia's, so perhaps '***' in between could make it easier for the readers. Otherwise well done, I'm enjoying it, and hope to read more ASAP.
    Thank you for your review. I based the way I characterized Lance on his dialogue in the games, so I'm glad I did a good job on his character. The story is already complete, but I'm in the progress of posting all of the chapters on here now, so hopefully soon I'll have all the chapters on here. But I'm glad you've enjoyed the first chapter.

    Here is Chapter 26!

    The world was changing all the time, but Mt. Silver and the Silver Cave would always remain the chilly atmospheric stadium for the bloodiest of fights. The King of Hoenn received shivers with every step that he was closer to the top. King Ash wanted it to be his final resting place, next to his beloved Queen May. He knew that King Lance would soon show up.

    He just had to be patient.

    He didn't care how long he had to wait on the summit. The mountain kept Kanto and Johto together and he heard that this was King Lance's favourite place to train. King Ash laughed as he picked up Pikachu and placed him on his shoulder.

    "What kind of brother am I?" Ask asked Pikachu. "I'm the older one. I was suppose to protect him." He threw his fist and made a hole in the thick snow. He bounced to his feet and clenched onto the handle of his sword. "WHY DON'T YOU SHOW YOURSELF YOU STUPID TRAITOR?" Ash had his sword above his head whilst Pikachu's cheeks sparked electric currents furious enough to cause an avalanche. It was past the point of no return, if Lance wasn't beheaded by law, then he would do it himself. "YOU'LL NEVER GET AWAY WITH THIS AND I KNOW YOU CAN HEAR ME!"


    "Your Majesty?"

    Ash twirled his sword towards the the direction of where he heard the voice. He turned behind him and as soon as he saw the shape of the man who looked very similar to him, he withdrew his sword. "Master Ritchie?" He forced a smile upon his swollen face. "I'm sorry I thought you were someone else."

    Master Ritchie was Ash's half-brother and the bastard son of Queen Delia and Spencer Hale. Master Ritchie was The Royal Family Of Kanto's worst kept secret. And even though Master Ritchie and King Ash often wrote to each other, they had only met each other four times in their lifetime. Master Ritchie and King Ash were born a mere nine months apart. Giovanni was left furious and wanted nothing to do with the child. Scared of the child's welfare, Delia sent Ritchie Hale to Greenfield where he lived with Spencer Hale and his wife. Spencer and his wife would go on to have a daughter named Molly.

    "Who did you think it was? Master Ritchie asked.

    The King scratched his head and looked away from his half-brother as he held onto his sleeves for warmth. "King Lance," Ash responded. "He's been trying to kill my family."

    Master Ritchie opened his mouth wide as he spoke. He marched closer to Ash as his tripped on his green cape. "The King of Johto?" Master Ritchie stumbled as he shook his half-brother's iceberg hands. "That can't be? Why would he something like that?"

    "For Iris," Ash replied. "He would do anything to get her back." Pikachu and Ritchie's Sparky hugged Ash in unison as he continued to spoke. "He plotted to kill Cilan, he got Gary and Kamon killed and tried to get Misty executed. He even tried to stop my mother becoming Queen. My father was trying to save us. He was trying to make sure we all got what was rightfully ours. And I turned him away. He was only trying to stop Lance from succeeding."

    "Poor Kamon didn't know about me did he?" Ritchie asked as he patted Ash's back.

    Ash shook his head. "They were going to tell him on his thirtieth birthday."

    "I heard he died trying to save Lance," Ritchie said. "He was only 27 when he died. He was so close to it. And he had a daughter as well. Poor child."

    "Lance will corrupt my niece," Ash vowed. "Just as he betrayed Kamon. Lance and Iris should never get back together. I don't care how many of his dragons I have to electrocute. I'll make a world war to stop him from winning."

    "I don't think will ever happen," Ritchie admitted, thinking that Ash was going too far. "Cilan Dento is still alive isn't he? Queen Iris will go straight to him."

    "Do you how how many husbands Iris has had?" Ash asked. "She's married my brother and my cousin. And she might still be bewitched."

    "Four," Ritchie replied to Ash's question. "My father told me all about it. I think your mother and my father are waiting for the chance to eventually marry."

    "I know my father has done a lot of bad things," said Ash as gazed into the sky."But I still must honour him. Now that my mother is Queen she can do whatever she wants. Which will be good. I get to see you more."

    "But you'll be out in Hoenn."

    "You should come to Hoenn at some point," Ash announced in pride with his hands by his side. "I have the most awesome wife!"

    "Lucky you! Oh, and while I'm here, Cardinal Drew has a message for you: the warranty for King Lance's arrest has been finished and he has given me a copy it to give to you."

    Ash accepted the scroll Ritchie gave him. "Thanks," he said with a massive smirk. The two brothers and their pikachus withdrew to the cave and read the scroll together. "I believe that Cardinal Drew will have King Lance arrested by the time I come back."


    Titles: King Of Johto, Head Of Kanto's Elite Four, Price Of Unova, Defender Of The Dragon Empire

    Previous Titles: Crown Prince Of Johto and King Of Unova

    Charge: High Treason

    Warrant Issued: 10th February 1600

    Details Of Crime: King Lance Den has been charged with high treason for abusing his power as king. He is charged with numerous accounts of attempted murder and being also being a mastermind to several murders. His crimes include; adultery, incest, blackmail, heresy, rape, framing Caroline for theft which led to her untimely execution, arranging the murders of Kamon Ketchum, Norman Maple and his son Max Maple and the attempted murder of Giovanni Ketchum.

    Nearly five years ago, King Lance signed both a death and an arrest warrant for his once trusted servant, Lord Xemnas. To whom we now believe was one of King Lance's accomplices. Xemnas was charged for the attempted murder of Cilan Dento; sexual assault against the Duchess Of Blackthorn; blasphemy against Pope Mickey; and plotting to overthrow Her Majesty. Xemnas was stripped of his titles, found guilty and was beheaded.

    On top of the following charges, King Lance is also to be charged with Xenmas' offences.

    Monarch's Signature: May, Hoenn's Queen

    Approved by: His Holiness, Pope Mickey

    This warrant is to be presented to The King Of Johto by Cardinal Drew, who shall also arrange the trail.

    "Come on Lord Koga," Cardinal Drew snapped. He tried to remain as elegant and talk as smoothly as he did in prayer, but he was losing his patience with Lord Koga, a member of Johto's Elite Four. Koga's face was cold, but firm. His anger was carefully contained within the lines of his cheek and the clenching of hands. He shook his head and refused to give Cardinal Drew the words that he wanted to hear. "I'm a very busy man and I need to pray tonight."

    "I have nothing more to say to you," Lord Koga announced with his shoulders more raised. "The King only spoke to my daughter."

    "Speaking leads to many things my good lord," Cardinal Drew roared as he slammed his palms firmly on his desk. "What were they speaking about?"

    "How should I know?" Koga asked cooley. "They said it was private matter, I wasn't listening into it at all."

    "Then how would you know that they were only talking?"

    Koga bit his lip. He lowered his head as if he was in defeat.

    "We've been here for hours," Drew pleaded to Koga. "I know that Lance and Janine were up to something. And I promise that your family honour will not be stained for as long as testify against The King?"

    "So if I told you everything," Koga asked as he lifted his head at the enraged cardinal, "Will you let my daughter go unharmed and free?"

    Cardinal Drew slowly nodded.

    "The King visits my household once a month," Koga whispered. "He comes to see my daughter. They've had carnal knowledge of each other for many years against her will."

    Cardinal Drew opened his eyes and held his hand to his heart. "Are you trying to say that The King raped your daughter?"

    "Indeed," Koga said with a grin. "He gave my family a generous estate for our silence. He promised that he would marry my daughter once the Queen had died."

    Cardinal Drew turned to the window and opened it fully. He allowed the wind to blow leaves into the office as they blew out all the candles. The only light in the room was the starry sky and the crescent moon. "Tell me did The King mention this promise after The Queen divorced him?"

    "No," Koga shook his head. "He never saw us again." He sighed. "Is my daughter free now?"

    "Yes," Cardinal Drew confessed. "I knew I could shake the truth out of you somehow."

    Koga glared at the cardinal as he shook his cape and stomped out of the room. Cardinal Drew's roserade passed him a quill for him to dip the ink in and write down the notes of his interview with Koga. It was a struggle, but Lord Koga finally told me that The King would visit his household once a month to rape his daughter and paid him generously for his silence."

    The last person to be interviewed was Lord Xigbar, commander of Her Majesty's Army in Unova. Cardinal Drew was looking forward to this interview. He was hoping that Lord Xigbar would give him the most juiciest gossip out of all of the people he interviewed. He was one of the fourteen traitors, but Cardinal Drew promised Xigbar, Axel, Roxas and Xion freedom if one of them could think of a conviction against King Lance. Only Lord Xigbar was willing to do it, so they were all let off lightly again.

    Lord Xigbar came into the room with a bottle of wine. "Good evening Cardinal Drew," he said. "I thought I'd give you something to cool yourself down."

    "Thank you," Cardinal Drew said as he took the bottle and placed it on the table. "Please have a seat." Lord Xigbar sat down as Cardinal Drew opened a draw behind him and took out two goblets.

    "It seems you have a solid conviction against The King," Lord Xigbar said as he looked at the notes that Cardinal Drew wrote.

    "Yes," Cardinal Drew said as he poured wine into both goblets. Holding onto one, he passed one to Roserade and told him to send it to Lord Xigbar. The lord accepted the drink and made no hesitation to take the first sip. "Koga's says Lance raped his daughter once a month. Will Itsuki proclaimed his everlasting love for him and says that he is the guilty one. Lord Bruno said he saw Lance drag Norman and Max Maple in a well."

    "How sneaky," Lord Xigbar remarked. "I also hear that King Lance is trying to kill The Royal House Of Ketchum."

    "It is true," Cardinal Drew said. "Ash Ketchum is furious and I fear that if I fail to bring Lance to his death, then Asia would break out into a civil war."

    "Doesn't surprise me," Lord Xigbar admitted. "King Lance has been plotting for Giovanni's downfall for years."

    "And the Xemnas' plots," Cardinal Drew mentioned as he poured more wine into Lord Xigbar's goblet. "Was The King involved in them?"

    "Not directly," Lord Xigbar confessed. "But Xemnas wouldn't have gone as far as he did had it have been for Lance's help. And I believe that if Lance hadn't have signed the warrants for Xemnas' fall, then Cilan would not have been here."

    "I see."

    The door burst open and Lord Xigbar and Cardinal Drew bowed as King Ash entered the room with Master Ritchie, his half-brother.

    "My lords," Ash Ketchum shouted. "Has King Lance been arrested yet?"

    "Not yet," Cardinal Drew replied. "I'm afraid that some of the witnesses have been stubborn, thus delaying the arrest." Cardinal Drew felt his heart leap as King Ash lowered his head and sighed. "However, we have very strong testimonies Your Majesty."

    "Spit it all out," Ash demanded. "Oh and my lords, this is my half-brother: Master Ritchie Hale."

    "Lords," Master Ritchie said as he bowed his head.

    "Master Ritchie," Lord Xigbar and Cardinal Drew said as they bowed in unison.

    "We have enough evidence to suggest the following," Cardinal Drew began as he told The King Of Hoenn what they were about to charge The King Of Johto. "Adultery with various men and women. We're also going to charge him for the murders of Kamon Ketchum, Lord Saďx, Lady Caroline Maple, Max Maple, Norman Maple and of course the attempted murder of your parents, The Queen of Unova and Cilan Dento. And also..."

    "Please no more," King Ash requested as he slouched his back against the wall. "We'll be forever. He rubbed his stomach. "How about he all go and dine in the main hall?"

    "Great idea," Lord Xigbar thought. "This wine surely gives you an appetite."

    "I think you've got enough evidence to arrest King Lance with Treason," said The King of Hoenn.

    "I do," Drew grinned as he spoke slyly. "I shall make my way down there tonight, the arrest should be carried out by morning."

    "Take Charizard," Ash demanded with a higher pitch of voice. "Then you can have a sleep-in for the morning."

    "Yes Your Majesty," Drew shouted. Drew gathered all his paperwork and placed it in a green chest. He carried the chest with him, and it fit nicely in between his arm and side. While he rode to Johto to carry out the arrest he thought of Queen May and how she was looking after the enchanted rose he gave her. It was a long, cold and windy night, but Cardinal Drew finally managed to reach Blackthorn by sunrise.
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    Chapter Twenty-Seven: King Lance Is Arrested

    Cardinal Drew was followed by Hoenn's Elite Four; Lord Sidney, Lady Phoebe, Lady Glacia and Lord Wallace with their pokemon. Lance's dragons went out to attack the five of them, but Lady Glacia pushed them away with her Froslass' blizzard. Their pokemon worked together to help Cardinal Drew's journey become a lot more smoother.

    Charizard, lent kindly by King Ash flapped his wings and prepared to lower into the cold ground of Blackthorn. The first person that Cardinal Drew saw was Jasmine Denzi, the duchess of Sunnyshore and Olivine. With her long light hair and white gown she hugged herself as she fought against the bitter cold.

    Her husband, Volker Denzi quickly marched over and gave Jasmine a floral kimono for her to wear. Grateful, she quickly mashed it over her body at once. Volker looked over at Cardinal Drew and then tapped his wife's shoulder as they marched over to the small boat, fit for two with magnetzones floating the boat, keeping it from the sea.

    "Excuse me," Cardinal Drew said to the couple just as they were about to step onto the boat. "Have you seen The King?"

    "He's in Dragon's Den," Volker replied as he lifted Jasmine into the boat before leaping into the boat himself. "It's straight ahead."

    "Thank you," Cardinal Drew said as he raised his hand. "Arceus bless you!"

    "Charge!" Volker roared and Magnezone took off.

    "Head for the cave," Cardinal Drew ordered as he marched in front of Hoenn's Elite Four. As soon as reached the cave, an old man stopped them.

    "Only people authorized by His Majesty may enter here," the old sage croaked. "It has been the law for many decades."

    "Forgive me, but I am above the law," Cardinal Drew hissed back as Charizard tossed the old man into the lake with a tail whip. The cardinal flickered his head towards the orange dragon and patted him lightly. "Now there was no need for that." He tutted as he watched the man fighting with the water's surface. "Bless your soul in the name of the creator, the ancestor and the holy trios."

    After Charizard calmed down, they all retreated into Dragon's Den. They were so close to The King. They could feel their hard work coming to the conclusion. They all jumped on the narrow and spare, left floating around in the secluded waters. The pokemon that didn't fit on the boat, all swam or floated across the water until they reached the temple.

    Cardinal Drew was the first person to leave the boat. He rubbed off dripping water from his red cloak and proceeded into the door. Cardinal Drew was stunned at what he saw. King Lance was kneeling behind the altar. But the statue above was not of Arceus, the holy creator, nor of Mew the ancestor. It wasn't any of the holy trios either. It was none other than a platinum statue of Giratina.

    "Should we disturb him?" Lord Sidney asked.

    "No," Cardinal Drew whispered. "We should let him finish praying." Once King Lance had finished his prayers, Cardinal Drew stepped closer towards the man and appeared to be cold and fearless. "Praying to Giratina are we?"

    "There was a guard," King Lance said.

    "He has met his maker." Cardinal Drew took one close to to The King and told him, "Lance Den you are under arrest for high treason. You are charged with adultery, incest, blackmail, heresy, rape, murder, attempted murder."

    The king laughed. "I claim sanctuary!"

    "You are to come with us," Cardinal Drew growled as he held onto Lance's cape. "Lorelei and Janine have already confessed to having carnal knowledge with you. Lord Koga even said you blackmailed him and rewarded him for his silence. You've been trying to destroy the royal family of Kanto and Hoenn for years and Giovanni has always warned us about you. But that wasn't enough for you was it. You even plotted to kill Queen Iris and try and bring the innocent Cilan Dento to his death."

    Lance twirled away from Cardinal Drew's grip. "You have no business here."

    "I think you'll find that I do." Cardinal Drew opened his chest and unraveled the scroll. King Lance remained silent as he read the warrant. "The warrant has been signed and approved by Queen May of Hoenn and His Holiness Pope Mickey." Cardinal Drew returned the scroll back into his chest and he locked it and kept it under his armpit. "Now will you come with us?"

    "No," Lance replied coldly. "I recognize no queen but my wife."

    "Now is not the time for silly comments," Cardinal Drew hissed. "Your marriage with Iris was invalid and she divorced you."

    "That's what you think," Lance said. "But Iris will always be my wife in Arceus' eye. It doesn't matter about how many husbands Iris chooses to have, or how corrupt The Vatican is. And even when you kill me, she'll still be my queen."

    "Maybe if you cooperated a bit more then your life can be sparred," Cardinal Drew suggested. He was running out of ideas that would have been deemed morally acceptable in the name of The Pope.

    "You've already written the script," King Lance responded, "And you're just waiting for me to play my part."

    "Please don't me make me get anybody else," Cardinal Drew pleaded. "I would hate to ruin your lovely haven."

    "Get out," cried a group of old men. They were the elder members of Lance's clan that performed their worship in Dragon's Den. "You are not worthy of being here."

    "I am above the law and I am here to arrest King Lance."

    "If you knew what was good for you, you would listen to your elders," said Lance as he stood in front of the elders.

    "If you don't come with us we will freeze Blackthorn to death," Lady Glacia threatened as she raised her voice. As she screamed, Lord Wallace gracefully let out his sword, held one of the elders by the throat and gently prodded his stomach with the sword. He smirked at King Lance waiting for the time for him to submit.

    "Leave my father alone," Lance roared, but it was too late. Lord Wallace slipped and the sword sliced the elder in half.

    "Your dragons cannot save you," Lady Phoebe said. "They're all frozen."

    The King lunged towards the sliced corpse of his father as Lord Sidney beheaded a couple more of them. "I've got an idea," Lord Sidney proposed. He looked at his black wolf, his mightyena as he growled in delight. "Let's kill all the sages and let The King watch Mightyena have his breakfast. He's bound to surrender then. If not let's HAVE A DRAGON FEAST!" Lord Sidney raised his sword as he spoke. Mightyena licked his lips.

    "THAT'S ENOUGH LORD SIDNEY!" Cardinal Drew roared. All he wanted was King Lance to submit to his arrest and detain him at Lavender Tower. He didn't want innocent elders being slaughtered to death and he was a vegetarian and wouldn't dare eat flesh. Lord Sidney's proposals was against the treaties made by His Holiness. As cardinal, Drew felt it was his duty to honour the rules of his holy house, and the most sacred rules of the pokemon religion was to honour all creatures.

    The dragons didn't deserve to die for Lance's sins.

    "Where are you taking me?" Lance asked as he was covered in his father's blood.

    "Lavender Tower for the time being," Cardinal Drew said. "You will be under house arrest."

    Queen Delia wondered how much time her husband had left. He been having episodes, the physicians diagnosed them as heart attacks. He even heard that her father, Professor Oak had been asking Cilan Dento for advice on how to break up a marriage. As she watched her husband's health deteriorate she wondered how much time she had left as well. She was fifty when she was crowned Queen Of Kanto and her husband was ten years older than her.

    When Giovanni died, she promised herself to Spencer Hale. He was Professor Samuel Oak's first choice of a husband for Delia and also one of his favourite students. Professor Oak ensured that all his family were well educated. Professor Oak had always had a preference to Delia whilst Agatha preferred Catherine. Judging by the way their grandchildren turned out, Professor Oak felt that he won his old debate between him and his wife. He made it very clear that Delia was his favourite daughter and that Ash was his favourite grandchild.

    They might not have liked Delia's marriage to Giovanni, and even though she had many affairs with Spencer, she still considered Giovanni her true and loving husband. But Delia had to suffer immensely for love and now she just wanted to make the most of her reign. All of Giovanni's hard work had become reality with her coronation. There were two things that traumatized her the most: having to baptize her second son as an orphan and the death of her youngest son, Kamon.

    Ever since Kamon's death Delia had been interested in legitimizing Ritchie. But Giovanni flipped whenever he heard of The Hale Family. Mimey, Delia's Mr. Mime had brought Spencer Hale over to her room. She wanted to show Spencer a family portrait; their family portrait. Tracey Sketchit had completed the portrait a few days ago and believed that The Queen would be pleased with it.

    She was more than pleased, she was delighted. It had all of the important people in her life. On her right was her sons with Giovanni and on the left was Spencer's two children. Both of her sons with Giovanni were with their wives. Ash was holding a sword above his mother's head whilst holding onto May's hand. Pikachu was resting on his shoulder.

    A few footsteps apart Kamon was standing fiercely next to his wife Iris and she held onto the young Lilia. Spencer's children, Ritchie and Mollie were adjacent to each other. Sparky was hanging onto Ritchie's green cape whilst Molly was on her knees with her pokemon. A teddiursa and a flaafy were rolling about on the red carpet. Behind Delia and her crown was Spencer Hale, and above them were her parents: Agatha and Professor Samuel Oak dressed as angels. In the corner of the room behind Molly, Mimey was sweeping the floor.

    Giovanni was nowhere to be seen in the portrait.

    "Your Majesty," Spencer said. "It's magnificent, but where is The King."

    "Which king are you referring to?" Delia asked in an innocent voice. "There's my sons on my right and then there's you behind me."

    Spencer was speechless. "Are you trying to make me king?"

    "Of course I am," Delia said. "Giovanni doesn't have much time left. This portrait will be hung in Indigo Plateau for everyone to see."

    "You still cared about me," Spencer asked. "After all this time."

    "I won't be allowed to legitimize Ritchie and Molly until Giovanni is dead." Delia nodded and the two of them fell into a kiss. They were unaware that Giovanni had tiptoed into the room until they heard armour on display smashing into the corner of the room.

    Delia pulled away from Spencer and she had never seen Giovanni so mad. "Just when my heart is weakening, I find you courting with Viscount Hale!"

    "Honey!" Delia called out. She looked over to Spencer and said, "Spencer you should leave." Spencer legged it as he dodged Giovanni's attempts to smash vases and plates at him. Meanwhile Delia held onto Giovanni's shoulders and he threw himself on the floor as he found himself in a pool of blood. He opened his mouth and rolled over to his side to see Mimey with his eyes open with a spear through his heart.

    "MIMEY!" Giovanni screamed out his tears as he held onto his heart.

    "Mimey," Delia gasped as she had only noticed that Mimey had died. In rage she kicked Giovanni's grion and screamed, "You killed Mimey!"

    "I didn't kill Mimey!" Giovanni screeched as he dragged himself on a chair. With his free hand he pulled himself upon the pink hair. "That was your own fault, if you hadn't had been playing Viscount Hale."

    "If you hadn't of hit me," Delia muttered. "I wouldn't have ran to him."

    "Delia we've come so far," Giovanni croaked as his head turned from left to right. As he grasped for live he begged to his wife. "Don't ruin it all for that damned man and his little brats. As soon as his eyes turned towards the portrait he slammed his face against the table. "He is not the love of your life, I am. You only love him because you had a child with him."

    Delia left without another word.

    "Has Lance been arrested yet?" King Ash asked Lady Sabrina, the Duchess Of Saffron and also a prodigy in science.

    "He is resisting arrest, Your Majesty," Sabrina responded as she kept her eyes closed.

    "I don't care what they do as long they bring him to Lavender Town."

    "They have beheaded several of the elders," Sabrina called as she envisioned the events of Lance's arrest. "Lord Sidney is engulfed by his anger and Cardinal Drew is stopping him from killing any more of the elders."

    "Let me know when The King surrenders."

    "He has surrendered with a confession," Sabrina confirmed.

    Ash signed in relief. "What is the confession?"

    "He says Iris is still his wife in Arceus' eye and that nothing will change that. He says that they can try and declare his sons bastards but it is Lilia who is the true bastard."

    "There are no bastards in my family," Ash yelled. "I hope he loses his head."

    Brock, The Duke Of Pewter came into Saffron Temple and tapped Ash by the shoulder. King Ash turned around and smiled at his dearly beloved friend.

    "I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news," Brock whispered.

    "Is it about King Lance?" Ash asked. "Sabrina has told me he's just been arrested."

    "No it's about your father," Brock replied. "After finding The Queen with Viscount Hale, he later died of a heart attack. Delia and Vicount Hale have announced their engagement."

    Ash shook his head as he said, "Mew works in mysterious ways."

    "You know what this means right?" Brock asked. "Master Ritchie and Lady Molly will be placed in line to the succession of the throne."

    "And my half-brother will become a prince?"

    "Yes," Sabrina said. "Master Ritchie will officially a prince."

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    You have an interesting idea here. I like the idea of taking something familiar and the putting it in a completely new environment that hasn't been done before. The beginning is a little clunky in my opinion. You have some sentences that seem like they're just quick fire descriptions of events, when maybe you should slightly more dramatic prose to hook in an audience right at the beginning. "The year 1593 in the time of Queen Iris' reign; the once strong Dragon Empire faces a time of crisis." Something along those lines, probably not those words exactly though.. "In 1593, The Dragon Empire was in jeopardy." just seems a little flat to me. I am interested in the premise though. A complicated world of politacal marriages and connections is something Pokemon is not known for.

    As far as dialogue goes, it seems pretty decent to me. I'm not really feeling anything for these characters, though. Maybe it's just that there's so much name dropping going on that it feels like I should already know who these people are better than I do right at the start. Still not bad though.

    "Lance had many women swoon over him, but he would never date any of them."
    I don't like this sentence. It's too modern sounding. Royalty and nobility do not date. They court.

    This isn't really part of the review, but is Giovanni actually Ash's dad? Not in this story but in the main canon. I haven't watched the anime since I was a kid, but I've heard conflicting evidence on that matter.

    Maybe as a second chapter this would work better for me. I would like to actually see some of these people being talked about before having to follow the intricacies of their personal connections with each other.
    That said, I do like it. It's written almost like an actual professional work, and with just a little bit of work, you could have something really good here. Have you ever considered trying to write for real, and not just fanfiction? Sorry if this review seems kind of lacking. I'm not very good at this sort of thing.
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    Great review thanks a lot. Define what you mean by writing for real? As in a professional career? I guess that would be nice, but I'm happy with the career I've got. But Ash's father has never really been confirmed or hasn't got a name yet but from a flashback, they've made it unlikely that Giovanni is Ash's dad.

    Chapter 28

    Kamon, Gary, Chili, Cress and Larxene were five guests that Cilan didn't expect to see when he woke up in the morning. As all four of them stared at Cilan as they all gathered around the small round white table in the corner, Cilan looked down and found himself alone and naked. He reached out and slipped on the closest clothes nearest to him, which ended up being one of Iris' pink night gowns made of silk. But all five of them contributed to Cilan's rise and fall.

    Kamon was the first to speak. "How is my daughter?"

    "She is well," Cilan replied. His tone was blanker than usual. He didn't know what kind of tone to use when he was talking to Kamon Ketchum. All five of them ghosts, but Cilan knew from the mauve fog that it was all a dream. Cilan knew that the only ghosts that existed were pokemon, and he didn't even consider himself a religious person. He was a man of love and he believed that love was all that mattered in the world. Whilst Giovanni's plans were a technical success, he lost his youngest son, Kamon in the process. "We've all been looking after her."

    "Poor girl never got know her grandparents," Kamon muttered. "She will only know what they became."

    "Cheer up you miserable sod," Chili requested as he patted Kamon's shoulder and poured more wine into his glass. "My brother is a good man. Don't forget you're one of the reasons why we're all sitting together like this."

    Cress chuckled. "Very well said."

    "My parents killed each other," Kamon replied. "My father died unhappy, as will my mother."

    "Maybe the other king wants to have a drink with us?" Gary asked as his eyes glistened at Cilan.

    "No thank you," Cilan responded. Cilan found himself in hysterics. The five of them were gathered around the table but they were transparent like ghosts. "This is only a dream," Cilan whispered to himself. "There's no such thing as ghosts."

    "I must say that you pulled a great act in pretending to be a ghost," Gary told Cilan as he chuckled. "You play a great pretender."

    "Thanks for looking after my son," Larxene responded happily. "I'm so glad everything turned out the way it did."

    "And you tried to get me killed," Cilan reminded Larxene. "And failed pretty spectacularly didn't you?"

    Larxene nodded. "Aren't we all failures?" She giggled before slurping another bottle of wine. "But he's getting too fat; he should cut down on them ramen dishes."

    "I always Elijah was quite healthy," Kamon spoke. All of the spirits seemed to be wearing black kimonos and white obis around their waists. Kamon seemed to be the only ghost not to drink.

    "How many bottles can you lot go through?" Cilan asked. "You're all going to get drunk before I even wake up."

    But out of all of the five ghosts, it was Cilan's brothers that seemed to be the most happiest. Chili and Cress were the ones that succeeded and Cilan remembered when he woke up to the letter, he was devastated and couldn't even find a reason to live. All those promises that he and Iris made to each other all went down the drain when she was finally pushed into marrying Kamon.

    But his brothers were right; karma was a big *****. Giovanni had died from a heart attack after seeing Delia with another man. Kamon was killed before his daughter's first birthday. Larxene had died from a a postpartum hemorrhage. Gary was beheaded for his excessive adultery. And Lance, Cilan's original rival for Iris' affection was to be tried as a traitor.

    After Gary was executed, Lady Clair tried to persuade Iris to take Lance back. Lady Clair didn't know that Cilan was still alive and that his death was faked by his brothers. As far Iris was concerned, the marriage to Lance was over. But Lance's attitude seemed to have changed, he had heard that The King had to take medication for his depression and Lord Will even said that he tried to commit suicide.

    "Do you think that Lance is guilty of his crimes?" Cress asked Cilan.

    Cilan gasped. He held onto the banister of the bed and replied with, "The tables are turning. What did he do while I was in a coma?"

    "He was horrible to us," Chili replied.

    "Why did nobody tell me this?" Cilan bellowed.

    "Nobody knew," Chili responded. "I think he was angry that Iris didn't want him back and since you were dead he started taking his anger out on us."

    "He was simply doing his job," Kamon responded. "Lance was worried about Iris and his sons. All he wanted was for them to be happy."

    "And pushing her to killing my brothers would have made her happy?" Cilan responded.

    The five of them had disappeared, but Cilan found himself wide awake. He decided to get dressed into something more respectable He marched into the cupboard and found an exquisite emerald cloak. He picked up a white vest from the bottom of the wardrobe and black pants. Before taking Iris' gown off, he picked up a golden obi with green leaves circulating around the centre of the sash. He tried to dress himself as quickly as he could and left the room.

    Everyone who Cilan walked past bowed as he made his way through the royal gardens. He saw the golden axew running around the flowers as Cilan's step children entered the temple for meditation. Cilan had noticed that there were more dragons about than usual. A flock of jagged druddigons exposed thier wings to the sun whilst an altaria flew over Cilan.

    Cilan turned his head and saw Lance Den, Johto's king standing still with a smirk on his face. At first, Cilan was reluctant to step forward, but he did. "What are you doing here?" Cilan asked.

    "I have come to see my family," Lance responded with a smile. "Why should that surprise you Cilan? You've not been very good to them. There shouldn't have been a need for Iris to marry Kamon or Gary. You both should have been a long time married, you should both have your own children." Lance shook his head.

    "I was framed and then they told me I was infertile," Cilan replied. "I thought you would have known. But I guess your gods move in mysterious ways. If I hadn't have been framed, Lilia and Elijah wouldn't have existed. I love them dearly."

    "I don't think you do," Lance responded coldly. "You're just saying it, they remind you too much of your enemies and what they did to you."

    It was true that Lilia reminded Cilan of Kamon for her scarlet hair and rough eyes and Elijah reminded him of Larxene because of his bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Cilan shook his head and smiled. "You're wrong, I care about them. And I am their father, just not by blood."

    "How did you get away with everything for so long?" Lance asked curiously.

    "Go away..." Cilan hissed. "Murderer!"

    "You sent me away before," Lance reminded Cilan. Although Cilan couldn't remember a time when Cilan had ever sent him away other than now. He wondered if he meant that Iris stopped him from seeing Salem and Pagan and blamed Cilan for it. "And you know I love Iris, and I am still her husband in Arceus' eyes and Mew's too."

    When Cilan blinked his eyes, Lance was gone. He opened his eyes and found himself back into his room. Cilan found himself correct, it was all a dream the whole time, but he found that there was a special symbol to that dream. Then he remembered the letter that his brothers wrote to him, all three of them had seem it coming. Cilan was to become the great king that Iris was wanting.

    Iris had chosen Cilan out of all the mighty kings and princes she could have chosen to spend the rest of her life with, she chose Cilan who worked up the ladder to her heart. His fortune was like a yo-yo, but he knew the he was the winner; the king who survived where others had died. He wanted the wedding to be as perfect as possible, but this time he had a feeling that all who were good were there to see the wedding.

    "King Lance has been found guilty of treason," Lord Gropius announced to Queen Iris. Hilda held onto her husband's arm as he spoke. Lord Gropius lowered his head as if he was mourning. "They found that he has had He is to be executed by Rukia Kuchiki."

    Iris was not bothered about the adultery charges, as The Pope viewed their marriage unlawful, but they had decided that Pagan and Salem were to keep their titles as princes. It was what Iris wanted for her eldest sons. Pagan was the rightful heir to her throne, but she thought that any of her children could be brilliant monarchs. It was not Iris who was suffering: it was her sons.

    Lance had loved her and would continue to do so until he died.

    "The name sounds familiar," said Iris as she flickered her eye lids. She straightened her back as she sat on her metallic throne. Lance's execution would create a lot of attention, not because it would be the death of a king, but also because the executioner was a woman. It was madness, and it would be up to Iris to clean up the chaos that his ex-husband left behind.

    "Rukia Kuchiki is the lieutenant of the 13th Division under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake in The Soul Society," Hilda explained. "And also a friend to the legendary Ichigo Kurosaki. She comes from a very noble background Your Majesty. She will make sure that Lance will not suffer."

    "Will he be on his own?" Queen Iris asked.

    "No," Lord Gropius replied. "Lord Xigbar and Lord Will follow him to the scaffold."

    "When is execution?" Queen Iris asked. She gulped as she held onto her coronation ring.


    Iris stood and headed straight for the door. "I must see him!"

    "But what about the wedding?" Hilda asked. "That's tomorrow, if you go you will be late for your wedding." It would take five hours for

    "We'll have to postpone it for the time being," Iris explained. "Cilan can wait a little longer and I need to let my sons see my father for the last time."

    "Think about it," Hilda pledged to The Queen. She held onto Iris' sleeve and tapped her back. Hilda and Iris went back a long way, and Hilda believed that Iris made her the happiest woman alive when she blessed her marriage to Lord Gropius. Hilda waited until Iris turned to face her, it was now her turn to make her happy. "Don't you think Cilan has been through enough already? He might take it completely the wrong way. And do you really want to see Lance? If the accusations against him are true, then I don't think he's worth it."

    "I don't really need to see him," Iris replied. "... But my sons do."

    "You think he's innocent don't you?" Lord Gropius asked. "It's okay if you do, we'll stand by you no matter what choice you make."

    "I don't know," Iris replied. "Lance has always been close with Will. He might be guilty, but I don't think he's guilty he's all the charges, especially incest."

    "Should I tell Lance that the wedding is to be postponed until further notice?"

    "If you can Lord Gropius, I would most appreciate it."

    In a dimly-lit town in Sinnoh, Axel had arrived at a cottage that belonged to his Uncle Flint. He had brought his new girlfriend, Lady Xion to whom he was due to be married in the summer. Axel's parents had died in Pretear War where he served for the late King Kei: Iris' father. At first he was startled by the noise coming out through his uncle's house, but as he knocked on the door, he gazed over to the window and saw that he and Xion were not the only guests. There were two men with their wives; Klavier and Ema; and Volkner and Jasmine. The door swung open as Axel was greeted by a dashing smile from his uncle.

    "Axel," Flint roared as he stretched his arms out. "I'm so happy to see you." He looked over his tall nephew's shoulder and saw Xion who smiled at him. "Have you got yourself a lady then?"

    "I have," Axel replied. "This is Lady Xion, she was one of Xemnas' ladies-in-waiting."

    "I've heard a lot about you," Flint said to Xion. "It's nice that I finally got to meet you. Come in guys, we're having a house party."

    "Sounds good," said Axel as he crouched his head over to fit under the door. Xion quickly followed him as Flint closed the door behind them. "I have some news for you."

    "And what would that be?"

    "I'm staying in Sinnoh," Axel announced. "Starting fresh. Be a little closer to my friends and family."

    "Roxas is now working under Queen Cynthia's household," Flint announced. "Sounds like you need it after Unova's been through. Anyway, it looks like we'll all be going to King Lance's execution if Ema gets her own way."

    "She gets excited over dead people?" Xion asked.

    "Ema always gets excited when she sees dead bodies," Flint explained. "She's a student at Her Majesty's University. She majors in general science and anatomy is one of her favourite subjects. Her husband, Klavier is a lawyer specialized in prosecution. The Gavins are a very ambitious family, I'm just glad they're not all like Kristoph."

    "Kristoph?" Xion asked.

    "You don't want to know," Axel replied. "He was a psychopath."

    "Where has Roxas gone?" Xion asked Axel.

    "He said he's gone to see Naminé," Axel replied. "He's not coming over tonight, but we'll be seeing him around. Do you want to go to the execution?"

    As Xion tried to make up her mind, she could hear Ema raving about King Lance's execution. Ema raised her glass as she said, "This is going to be an execution to remember! Not only will The King of Johto be beheaded, he will be killed by a woman. It will shape history and the way society views women forever." Xion's stomach churned. She didn't really fancy going all the way to Kanto just to watch somebody's head get cut off She didn't understand why Ema was so happy about a good king being brought to his untimely death. She just couldn't begin to fathom it.
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    Chapter Twenty Nine - The Death Of A King
    Lavender Town, Kanto, February 14th 1600

    Today was the day that Lance Den, The King Of Johto would be sentenced to death. His executioner, Rukia Kuchiki unleashed her curved sword as she practiced her role. The Queen of Kanto stated that she could kill King Lance however she desired. Her sword was a silver katana with a slim blade. Queen Delia ordered Fuji household to supply her with any luxuries she desired as well as access to servants. Queen Delia was also staying at Fuji house and she would often speak to Rukia about the most random topics.

    "I want an early night," Queen Delia told Rukia. "I'm getting married tomorrow and I just want to get all this over and done with." With each word Delia spoke, the tone of her voice became deeper and her accent became strained and weary. She shook her head and looked up onto the executioner. "Now my dear, is there anything we can do to make your stay more comfortable?"

    "I think it would be beneficial to have a talk to him," Rukia suggested. "Along with the other two I have to execute to make sure he knows his place. And I hear from The Duke of Pewter that over ten thousand have come to watch the execution."

    "More will come," Queen Delia confirmed. Rukia listened to The Queen well, and she couldn't help but feel that there was a tinge of sadness coming from her presence. She was told that Queen Delia radiated joy and happiness to all who knew her. "They've come to watch that scumbag die. People are always quick to point out that Ash and Gary were cousins. But Lance was my nephew too. I don't know why he had do that to little Kamon."

    "I understand it must be quite hard to lose a child at any age," Rukia announced. "And I apologize for your loss and I assure you that the execution will be done very quickly."

    "My lords," Queen Delia said to the monks as they swept up the rugs. "Take Rukia over to Lance."

    "Yes Your Majesty!"

    Delia inhaled her breath for a long time and as soon as the guards led Rukia out of the chamber, she exhaled with tears gushing from her eyes. Her knees silently dropped to the floor as her arms spread out above shoulders. As The Queen of Kanto cried harder, her arms tumbled in-between her cheeks. When she had become queen, she wouldn't have thought that she would have to order an execution, let alone help towards her nephew's murder.

    But if it was true that Lance had been trying to kill Giovanni and her sons, then Delia had to take some action. She had never seen Ash so angry or upset at anybody before, she didn't want to believe the rumours. She had actually hoped that Gary's death would have been the end to it all, but according to Ash, there was one more traitor in their midst.

    When she got her son's letter, it came to the point where she didn't care weather Lance was innocent or not. If Ash wanted Lance dead, then she would help him do it. At the same time, there was something deep inside her that was telling her that she was a fool. She just didn't want to live anymore, but she didn't want to die cowardly from a suicide.

    The Queen of Kanto was lost and losing the ones she loved. She doubted anybody could save her. Her wedding day was tomorrow, but she was still deep in morning over the loss of Giovanni, so she wondered if she was even in a fit state to remarry.

    "TODAY IS THE DAY!" Cilan screamed at the top of his voice. He lifted his heals and felt as light as a feather as he went through his extravagant wardrobe, Cilan struggled to decided what he should wear for his wedding. He was swept of his feet by the golden silk and the florescent kimonos before him. He wanted to look like a proper king. He wanted to represent the radiant persona that Iris had fell in love with.

    "While you're picking your wedding clothes, Lance is preparing for his execution," Drayden hissed at Cilan. He lectured him like a child who had committed a terrible mistake.

    "So?" Cilan didn't believe he was doing anything wrong.

    "You are disgraceful," Drayden roared with his hands in the air. "And I hope you burn in Hell!" Drayden stormed out without even taking a single glance and made a vow that he would never see Cilan's face again.

    "He really liked Lance didn't he?" Cilan frowned as he asked the question. He sat down and sighed. "When is he going to learn that Iris loves me?"

    Lord Cheren tried to cheer him up. "I'm sure if you give him time..."

    "He's had plenty of time," Cilan snapped.

    "Don't forget Sire, there was a lapse in your marriage."

    "The marriage is to be postponed until further notice," Bianca announced as she ran into the room. Cilan heard the words and felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

    "Where is The Queen?" Cilan asked as he opened his mouth.

    Bianca's lips tembled as she responded, but Cheren nodded as if it was a sign for her tell the truth. "She has gone to see King Lance's execution and she shall return once the affairs are settled."

    "That murderer is not worth her time," Cilan growled. "What if she decides to spare him? What if she chooses him at the last minute?"

    "I don't think that's possible," Hilda replied. "She says that you are the love of her life."

    "Lance's death means that I am a survivor and this is my freedom," Cilan announced, raising his voice. "Gallons of blood was split by Lance's orders. I cannot let him take Iris away from me after everything we've been through."

    "He can't," Cheren said. "He will die tonight. And as soon as Lance is out of the way, you two will be free to marry in no time."

    "Iris has been bewitched, what if the damage is permanent?"

    "We will find the culprit," Cheren promised his future-king. "As I said before, you need not worry."

    Cilan closed his eyes and his body floated on the floor as if he was going to bed. Cilan didn't consider himself to be a religious man, but he felt like praying for Iris' safety.

    "I like Daddy Lance," Lilia told her brothers. "I want him to stay in Unova forever and ever."

    "Lilia," Salem said as he held onto his sister's hand. "You'll be a fine queen one of these days."

    "But I thought Pagan was going to be king after mother."

    "Not like that," Salem responded. He tried his best to smile. "You'll have many magnificent kings fighting for your affection."

    "The Queen is here," one of the gaurds said as the men lead them to Lance.

    "I thought she would be asleep," they heard Lance say.

    "The Queen of Unova and Johto, Your Grace!"

    "Iris..."Lance was stunned. Iris made her way through the dull room as Lance hugged her as soon as she was a foot away from him.

    "I have other people to see you too," Iris said as she her two sons and daughter stepped forward as the two brothers held onto Lilia's hand.

    "I must say how much I will morn your loss," Salem said as he bowed before his father. "And bid you remember others before you who were executed in dignity."

    "You are so brave," Lance said, smiling at his son. Salem's bravery moved Pagan into tears.

    "Will you be coming to my tea ceremony?" Lilia asked Lance with a huge smile on her face with excitement in the tone of her voice. She was too young to understand the gruesome back-story of why they were in Kanto and innocent to the fact that it would be the last time Lilia would see him.

    "I'm afraid I won't be able to make it," Lance said as he bent over to Lilia's level. A sound coming from Pagan made him rise his head. "Why are you crying Pagan?"

    "I don't want you to die," Pagan sobbed.

    "Don't be sad for me," Lance requested. "You've come to that age when it's time for you to make your own family. Have you chosen your wife yet?"

    "I want to marry the Lady Clair," Pagan said. "She understands me more than anybody can."

    "Pagan should marry whoever he deems worthy," Iris declared as she looked at her eldest son. Lance nodded, even though he thought it would be strange for Pagan to marry his second cousin, as long as he was happy, Lance would make no comment about it.

    Iris thought that Lance had made his own death wish when he said he pretended he was still married. Even though he was pleased to see her, Iris could still tell that he was traumatized.

    Iris was reminded of the time where people begged her to stay by Lance's side, and now they were telling her declare the abuse she received from him. It sounded easy, and Cilan was already making plans for his coronation in Johto. It would all be written off in history as a happily ever after.

    The Queen of Unova found a major flaw to the logic: to her knowledge, Lance had never abused her. Iris wanted to find Lance guilty, but she couldn't help but feel he was innocent. Nobody came to her about Lance's accusations.

    Lance was once one of the most powerful kings in Asia; now he was about to be beheaded as his people were lost and helpless. She wanted to help Lance, but if she interfered too much, then Pope Mickey might turn around and say that she can't marry Cilan.

    Cilan was the love of her life, and she had learned many things during her reign, that had nearly lasted twenty years. After everything she had been through, she could only see a future with Cilan.

    "What were you trying to do?" Iris asked. She slid around every corner of the room as her two sons, Salem and Pagan, followed her. She wanted to look away from Lance, but her instincts told her otherwise. From the moment she barged into the room, Lance and Iris' sight where in deadlock.

    "I was trying to be your true and loving husband," Lance responded. "As I always was and always shall be."

    "It was a good twelve years," Iris told him. "You made me very happy."

    "Nineteen," Lance said as if he was trying to correct him. Iris didn't understand why he was smiling. He was about to be condemned to death and the love of his life would be marrying someone else.

    She was so in love with Cilan that she never stopped to think about Lance.

    Rukia stood up as she walked in between them and faced Lance. "It is time," she said. Lance removed his wedding ring and passed it to Pagan. Pagan took the ring and wore it and then Iris did the same thing to Salem. Iris and her children hopped onto a carriage as they parted ways with Lance. He didnt want his children to watch him die, nor did he think that Kamon would want Lilia watching bloody executions from the age of four.

    Will, Xigbar and Lance had to share the same scaffold. Will and Xigbar's death was just a warm-up, all the people came to watch Lance die and probably didn't know nor care about the other two. Will was the first person to die, he begged everyone to pray for him and he sobbed through his death. Next was Xigbar who just took it as it was; no speech or anything. Two heads had been beheaded, but it didn't scare Lance: he had been long prepared.

    "As you all know I have come here to die," Lance announced to the crowd as he walked in front of Rukia and next to his coffin. "So I will not delay you for much long, but I want you all to listen and pass it on to your sovereigns. As Arceus and Mew are my witnesses, I forgive all those who brought me here and pray that you do not charge them for my death. As for my final wish, I pray for you all to pray for Queen Iris, for there was never a more sweeter princess and help her maintain the peace of our kingdom."

    Everyone was on their knees, including Rukia. "Your Majesty... forgive me."

    "Gladly," Lance said as he sat on his knees and removed his cape.

    "I promise you that it will be so subtle that you won't be able to feel anything," Rukia whispered into Lance's ear.

    "GET ON WITH IT!" It was a voice of a man who was close up front. He was tall with ginger hair and wore the same robes as Rukia. She stared at the man and then looked down at The King's neck who turned at the man's frustrated face. In the corner of Lance's eye, he could see

    A perfect angle: King Lance Den was beheaded by a single stroke from Rukia's sword.

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    Chapter 30: The Seductive Finale

    Ash and May had a choice weather to go to the wedding of Queen Delia or the wedding of Queen Iris. In the end, they went to both, but didn't stay very long as something urgent cropped up. The King and Queen of Hoenn didn't make much of scene, so many assumed that they attended neither of the weddings. All three regions were a considerable distance apart and they both only got to see the exchange of vows and the ceremony. Both weddings were almost identical in terms of glamour and decoration.

    "What a day," Queen May said as she held onto her king's hand. "Two weddings in one day."

    "And a long coming execution," Ash added. "Lance had been getting away with it for too long."

    "He should have been beheaded a long time ago," May agreed with Ash. "He burned thousands of duelists and beybladers in a tower. All because they didn't want to become pokemon trainers."

    "I'm so glad he's dead," Ash admitted. He lowered his head and frowned as if he wanted to sulk. "But at the same time, I feel guilty for feeling this way, he was one of my cousins. But he was a murderer. He killed people in cold blood."

    "Let's not think about him now," May advised Ash as she rubbed on her stomach. "Let's have some some of this pie before it goes cold."

    "Lord Gavin suggests we should take full custody of Lilia and kill Iris," Ash stated. "He believes that Iris is a terrible mother and a failure of a Queen. He wrote me a letter asking if he can stab Iris."

    May chuckled. "We have the best servants. But perhaps they're too good. I don't know, I want a new beginning. I've had enough of war and executing kings. Why don't we all just get along? Lance's death seals a new beginning for the world; a time for love and a time for peace."

    The Queen May had developed a craving for dragon meat, in particular she enjoyed chomping on dragon wings. King Ash had ordered a dragon pie to be prepared. It would be gigantic enough for their large appetite. Ash forced himself to smile as he stood on the dinner table and and stomped his feet. "Arceus bless the gorgeous pie." The servants and noblemen who had gathered around the dinner table all gave a round of applause. "The fried wings are for May, but the rest all for me." Ash chuckled and took a brief glance at all his hungry guests. "Of course you guys will have a piece too."

    "Where is this glorious pie we were promised?" Lord Sidney asked.

    "It's here," Ash roared as he saw the sight of a venusaur lifting a huge pie with it's vines. Ash jumped of the table and slipped onto the big chair next to his wife. The pie as Ash promised was huge and it was placed in the middle of the table where May grabbed onto the two wings. "Let's tuck in."

    "If I didn't know any better," Cardinal Drew said as he watched The Queen eat. "I would say that you are pregnant."

    "I am!"

    "Arceus bless my soul," Lord Wallace gasped in delight. "You've finally about to produce the grand heir we were promised?" As soon as Ash heard the news of May's pregnancy, he tucked into his food faster. Gravy oozed from the corners of his mouth, and so did a victorious smirk.

    The way that The Queen saw how the marriage went was different to the way that Cilan saw things. He was satisfied with how everything was coming along, and then he accused Lance messing everything up. Iris loved every minute of getting married to Cilan again. Unfortunately it left King Cilan with an overwhelming feeling of nerves and the thumping of his heart created an eerie base that made his head feel tense.

    He felt lost by the concept that he almost lost his wife. With Lance's death out of the way, Cilan began to find out more about the late king's hemic methods to secure his empire. The conflagration of duelists and beybladers and the beheading of any who stood in his way. The killing sprees were kept a secret from The Queen until now. It made Iris even more grateful that she was with Cilan.

    "I've never been so happy in my life," Iris proclaimed with her arms in the air. It was only the two of them in their old luxurious bedroom. She raised her heels in the air and smooched Cilan's cheeks. When she lowered her heels, she lifted Cilan's arms above her head and twirled him across the bed. The full weight of Cilan's body landed onto the mattress of the bed.

    "Why did Salem walk out of the wedding?" Cilan snarled as he clenched his fists against the pillows. He wanted to prove to Unova that he loved their beloved queen very much. He knew that as soon as Pagan was crowned that he would find himself on the scaffold. Salem storming out of the wedding didn't help much either. His trusted friend, King Ash from Hoenn didn't even show up to his wedding. Ash didn't come the last time due to an injury, but there was nothing from stopping him now. "Why didn't Ash come?"

    "I'm sure they have their reasons," Iris responded. She was drawn back and quite shocked from the unenthusiastic tone of his voice and showed little of the charm that The Queen of Unova and Johto had fallen in love with. "Salem's still morning over his father and I don't think he likes the idea of Pagan marrying Clair. Even though there's no law stopping it, I can still see why Salem wouldn't want Pagan to marry his godmother and first cousin removed."

    "Why did go run to Lance?" Cilan rolled over and his hands crept towards her wedding dress. His voice weakened. "I need to know."

    "To say goodbye to him," Iris responded. She made no hesitation or any stumbling in her voice. "My children wanted to see him, and I knew it would be the last time they would see him."

    "I was so worried about you," Cilan confessed as he moved his upper body against her chest. Before Cilan rested his head against Iris' shoulder, The Queen managed to see a glimpse of Cilan smile. "I thought you would actually leave me for him."

    "Lance and I were never truly married," Iris announced in a fit of giggles. She tapped Cilan's nose and said, "In Arceus's memiors it states that we must marry for love. You're silly, Cilan... That's all in the past now. Open your heart! This is our future. You are now my true and loving husband."

    "Promise me Iris," Cilan screamed as he held tightly onto Iris' elbows. He stumbled as he fought back a single tear. "There will be never be any other men. Your love is only for me."

    "Whatever you want is yours," Iris whispered. She crawled back against the end of the bed and slipped out of her wedding dress. She bounced on Cilan's legs and kissed his hand. She could see it in his emerald eyes that this act of passion was crucial for Cilan's physiological health.

    Cilan tossed his vivid clothing and wrapped himself around Iris as they both tucked into bed and circulated around the velvet and silk. "Then I want only you."

    "What do you want from me?" Iris asked as she cradled his chest.

    "I want your real love, your warm comfort, your sweet body, your wild heart, your feisty personality, your... I want all of you. I don't want to let you go this time. I want to be a part of the family we promised each other." With each word, Cilan held onto Iris to an even tighter grip. It even included the odd thrusting and moaning.

    "We are." Queen Iris was thinking of Pagan, Salem, Elijah and Lilia looking after each other. Cilan wasn't their biological father, but she had a feeling that if he had the chance, he would have been a great father.

    "But your sons hate me," Cilan responded. Although he couldn't help but rest his eyes on the pair of breasts before him. He clutched them like a batch of flowers.

    "They will grow to like you," Iris vowed, cupping Cilan's cheeks.

    "You said that the last time. Pagan will destroy me."

    "We're King and Queen of Johto and Unova. They will grow to love you as their king." Iris' voice was rich with determination.

    "As soon as you are gone it will be the death of me." On the other hand, Cilan wouldn't have minded at all. Pagan could dispose of Cilan any way he wants when he is king. By that time it wouldn't matter because if Iris did die before Cilan, he would view it as a way to get closer to her again.

    "Don't worry," Iris assured The King. "I have many years to go and much more things to do."

    "You mean it?" Cilan grinned as he felt all his problems sweep away.

    "My word is law," Iris declared before ramming her tongue down Cilan's throat with a mighty force. She pulled away in a breathless state, but Cilan was left impulsed The Queen was on top of him, but he felt like the dominate one.

    "Finish your law unto me." Cilan spoke in a deep voice that represented authority. Iris gasped as her face plunged closer onto Cilan's cheeks. In her head she wondered what she meant by that, but she felt as if her king could read her mind. Cilan answered her hidden question with no words. He licked Iris' lips before the gap between her lips widened and they performed their deepest and passionate kiss.

    Now I have found the start,
    I must fulfill my part
    In the warmth of the beckoning fire.

    I may have fallen apart,
    But my recoveries are smart!
    Hear the sweetness of the choir!

    These passionate nights heal my heart.
    My courage found the art
    Beneath the light desire.

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    I'm here for the inaugural review of the shipping review game, reviewing chapter 4 as requested. I haven't read the previous chapters in their entirety, so that might be reflected in what I have to say.

    Demyx seemed to be worried that he only have a couple of hours to think of a speech.
    This could be more concrete and immediate if we were seeing some sort of action that showed us Demyx's worry instead of just saying that he "seemed" worried—but it could well be that this was established that way in a previous chapter, so this might not be necessary.

    Also: "have" should be "had."

    Cilan had a gut feeling that speech would be great. Cilan and his brothers were big fans of his work, especially his masterpiece, Dance Water, Dance, which was about the doomed relationship between a mermaid and a witch.
    Completely minor nitpicking, but just for the sake of variety it might be better to start the second sentence with "He" instead of "Cilan" since the previous sentence starts that way. Also, I'd probably put the name of the speech in quotes.

    and those making last minute preparations in order to make this the most happiest day of Iris' life.
    I think it should be either "most happy" or just "happiest."

    I'm getting some kind of Lancelot-Guinevere-Arthur feelings from Cilan's courtship with Iris while she's married to Lance. Seems ripe for drama. I do enjoy Arthurian/royal-intrigue/knights and ladies kind of stuff.

    That's some very interesting introspection from Cilan about whether or not he'd be marrying Iris, and what kind of relationship they'd have had if they hadn't fallen in love. I sort of wish it was expanded on some more, but, then again, I don't know if that's already been done in previous chapters

    The bells roared and the organ yelled.
    These are evocative descriptions, but I can't help but feel like they're both rather aggressive for what seems like it should be a positive, celebratory occasion.

    All eyes were on attention of Cilan and Iris.
    This sounds a little awkward to me. I feel like it should either be "All eyes were on Cilan and Iris" or "Everyone gave their attention to Cilan and Iris."

    They did not speak, yet everyone knew what Cilan was thinking. How beautiful Queen Iris was and how he sees his whole life straight in front of him
    How did they know that? Something about his expression? The way he was looking at Iris? I'm not saying they wouldn't be able to sense this, but just that this seems like a good opportunity for some description.

    "Dearly beloved," Father Rowan began. His arms wide open as his sleeves tumbled down to his knees.
    The second part isn't really a complete sentence. I feel like there should either be a comma instead of a period after "began" and have it incorporated into the previous sentence or a "were" should be inserted after "arms."

    I like how the wedding vows are adapted for the Pokemon world.

    Father Rowan also gulped from the sounds of whispering echoing in the cathedral.
    Maybe a different show of nervousness would make this feel less repetitive with Demyx's reaction? Like, beads of sweat forming on his brow or something.

    Clare stood behind the pillar in silence.
    Just a little spelling inconsistency here with Clair's name.

    "And do Iris, Queen Of Unova, take this man to be your lawful wedded husband?
    As with the same question addressed to Cilan, there should probably be a "you" in there after "do."

    Demyx gulped again and handed Cilan a ruby encrusted box.
    Again, another nervous reaction might make it so you don't have to resort to using this one multiple times. Maybe, like, his hands shaking slightly as he hands the box over?

    All in all, I enjoyed this. Seeing the Pokemon characters in a royal setting was pretty neat and added a great atmosphere to Cilan and Iris's relationship. An undercurrent of tension brought about by the fact that some might've disapproved of the nature of their relationship really kept me interested in seeing what would happen next. The threat of Clair coming in to possibly object was a particularly nice touch in this regard.

    My main complaint is that I would've loved to see more concrete descriptions. I think that would've helped me visualize the scene more and be more invested.

    I think the emotional complications and the classically romantic setting really do a lot for this piece. I'm not usually that interested in AUs, but I found the AU elements pretty darn appealing here so good job!

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