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If anyone is interested in playing our favorite spikey-haired, blue lawyer in UMvC3 then you should check out this amazing PW tutorial by Lythero, who might be the best PW player out there.

And KagatoTheFinalBoss has some good Phoenix Wright play with his Courtroom drama/Raging at Lawyers series.

And recently there was a Phoenix Wright Community Compilation Video that show off some cool combos. Although they're mainly for style and not practicality.

I play Phoenix Wright on point on my UMvC3 team, I'm not really that good at the game, but I have fun using PW.
If anyone gets the chance to play PW in UMvC3, just remember you need good teammates & assists that can help protect Nick, while he collects the 3 good pieces of evidence to get to turnabout mode.
The fighting community generally agrees PW is near the bottom of the tier list, but he becomes a real threat if he can reach turnabout mode, and especially if he has the cellphone evidence.
wait how the heck would that even work? phoenex VS ghost rider? come on as much as i love AA, GR would win that one.