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Thread: Thinking of creating a new Pokemon game.

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    Default Thinking of creating a new Pokemon game.

    Since i'm so into Pokemon games, I'm planning to become more well-known over the summer while I have some time off from school.
    by creating my own Pokemon game using the steps mentioned here:
    & then by uploading what I do as I go through the game onto Youtube, tumblr, Instagram etc.

    I want my game to be a lot like the other Pokemon games
    With like picking starter pokemon, getting badges, defeating the elite 4 and champion to it, etc.

    But I want to add in some twists to it too
    Like maybe more major cities
    and actual busses and subways that can take the player places
    To make it more like where I live, in NYC.

    Also, I wanna try to make things a bit romantic, unlike most Pokemon games.
    Maybe instead of having a rival, the main character would go to school or something and get a boyfriend/girlfriend he or she'd be traveling and catching and raising Pokemon with.
    Or maybe the main character could have crushes on people he or she meets throughout the game?
    Maybe even throw in an LGBT couple & an LGBT club or two.
    I'm trying to make it more teen-relateable.

    I also want to incorporate more of today's technology into the game.
    Like maybe players would have iPhones to call each other, to use as a Town Map, and to use as a Pokedex (map and Pokedex apps?)
    They could also use it for the uses we use it for today.
    Maybe I could actually incorporate Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr into this game somehow.
    Or maybe players can use iPhones to send their Pokemon out/make Pokemon return to their Pokeballs.

    As for the main character, I want the female to be Flannery's sprite, since she's pretty hot in my opinion.
    I don't want to make her a gym leader.
    I don't know about the male character yet.

    This is going to be a ROM for VisualBoy Advance.
    I'm also thinking of eliminating the move, Fly because there should be so much ground transportation.
    I don't like Fly in battle because it takes two turns.

    How does this sound, honestly?
    What should i add/delete?
    Sorry for the length.

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    We don't allow discussion of these types of things, sorry.

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