Just gonna join~

Hii Affection, I'd like to join !

Name: OceanicLanturn
Who is your favourite Dragon-type Pokemon: Latios, Dialga AND *epic drumrolls* Chompster. Of course I like others, but those three stand out the most. + Hydreigon as well, and Flygon... okay I'll stop
Why you like Dragon-type Pokemon: Well firstly, they're the first type i can OHKO with ice beam... NAH jk xD I love Dragon types because they're so nice and cool, with a huge load of firepower. I also love some of its design. In BW2, Latios HEALS you after he brings you down to 6HP with Heal Pulse, that's a typical awesome dragon there~ And some are just overkill design, a hydra that has three heads and bites everything? A powerful, rock smashing dragon that got kicked out of OU, a dragon that can stop and restart time?

What's made you interested in Dragon-types: Dialga solely. I wasn't fond of Dragon types before the 4th gen. I use to think them as a 'cheap way to get past the game'. Dialga's design made me fall in love, and I started appreciating older gen's design like Flygon and Dragonite. However, I like the designs of 4th gen more. Like I said, Dialga is epic while Giratina-O just looks boss, but not exactly le favorite. I started to fall in love with Chomp when I caught my first in Wayward Cave Platinum. Although I only really appreciate Hydreigon from 5th gen, I still enjoy the Axew line and the single evo dragon type that i forgot the name for.

EDIT: The answer is Dragonair

Yoroshiku ne~