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Name: Brooke, but I'm known as PAW5 or t0pcAt on other forums. :3
Who is your favourite Dragon-type Pokemon: Salamence. Dragonite in a close second.
Why you like Dragon-type Pokemon: Because, they are truly epic & beautiful creatures of the Pokemon world. And, fantasy of course. But this is Pokemon.. I mean who wouldn't want one in real life and they are a good addition to your team.
What's made you interested in Dragon-types: In general, one of my favourite creatures.
If you could please go back and answer the test question and edit this post with the answer I can accept you ^^ Thank you

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Yeah it's so much fun

I have a book on drawing dragons that I got last year and that has been an endless well of knowledge, it brought life to my drawings.
That would be really nice to have ^^


Topics Available:
~ Do any of you draw Dragon Pokemon or try and design your own? And if so, which is your favorite Dragon Pokemon to draw?
~ Favourite shiny Dragon-Type?

New Topic:
~If you could redesign a Dragon-type Pokemon using the parts of any other Pokemon, what parts would you use and what would you name it?