Although I'm not highly active I would like to join this dragon club

Name: Silver
Who is your favourite Dragon-type Pokemon: Hydreigon! It's so cool looking,powerful...I have one on EVERY team I use.
Why you like Dragon-type Pokemon: Always have since I was seven...about a couple year's ago I started competitive battling and now use all dragon type team's. So far so good I mean me and my dragon's are pretty strong. But seriously I love dragon's because they're not only cool and powerful but because their noble and magnificent!
What's made you interested in Dragon-types: They are fantastic battler's,look awesome and for some reason I feel more comfortable battling with dragon's than ANY other type.

TEST - I am a Dragon-type Pokemon who has blue scaly skin and a small white horn on my head. I also have 2 bead-like orbs on the end of my tail. Who am I?: Dragonair I do believe.