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Thread: Favorite shipping involving Ash?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flame Mistress View Post
    Does it really matter which ship is "winning" or not? All the ships here have zero potential of becoming canon in the near future, anyway.
    Who says they have to become canon? This entire forum is here to discuss things that will never happen in the actual anime, at least not under the current owners of the franchise.

    As for the topic of this thread... Advanceshipping FTMFW.


    Quote Originally Posted by DarkTitan837 View Post
    Advanceshipping. Like Pearlshipping, this relationship was based off a great friendship.

    Pearlshipping is great, too, but I see their relationship more like a sibling relationship. The way Dawn supports Ash was like a little sister, and the fact that PeS'ers find high-fives to be shippy is simply outrageous.

    Although none of these shippings are mutual, it seems like Pokeshipping was the least mutual out of all of these. It was clear that Misty liked Ash, but her constant teasing and bickering with him, and Ash's immaturity at the time, blocked out any of Ash's feelings. Not to mention, I am tired of these love/hate relationships.
    The ironic thing is, I used to hear that Ash and May had a sibling-like relationship. I always lol'd at that. Dawn seems to be more like Ash's cheerleader though, I will admit that.

    Advanceshipping is my all-time fav, but Pearlshipping is a very close second. Also, if PeS'ers find high-fiving to be shippy, what about all of the high-fives Ash and May have shared? xD

    Because it was a love/hate relationship, Pokeshipping was always my least-favorite. She loved him, yet she kept acting like she didn't (though there were so many subtle hints that she did) and with Ash not even knowing what love is (come to think of it, he still doesn't. He thinks Cottonee falling in love are "best friends"...Good one Nintendo.) there was no way he could have ever had feelings for Misty.
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