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Thread: Advice on LeafGreen Team!

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    Default Advice on LeafGreen Team!

    My roommates and I recently decided to get back in to pokemon so we picked up some GBAs and got FireRed and LeafGreen. We are going to have a tournament soon using Pokemon Coliseum. Please advise me on any changes that should be made. This is my current team:

    Starmie lvl 76
    -Water Gun

    Charizard lvl 72
    -Wing Attack
    -Blast Burn
    -Metal Claw

    Blissey lvl 60
    -Seismic Toss
    -Ice Beam

    Gengar lvl 57
    -Shadow Ball
    -Giga Drain

    Dragonite lvl 62
    -Dragon Rage

    Some of them have useless moves right now because I'm not sure what TMs to use on who. I also plan on adding Wobuffet to my lineup but I haven't caught him yet. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please help me destroy my roommates!

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    Oh God...where...where am I?


    Starmie is almost perfect, but Ice Beam > Water Gun
    For blissey, Toxic > Ice Beam
    Dragonite should run Dragon Dance, Waterfall, Outrage, Earthquake
    Dragon Dance basically just gives you a speed boost. You could also use Dragon Claw instead so you can have a dragon attack that doesn't lock you into it like outrage.
    For charizard Heat Wave > Blast Burn, Dragon Claw > Metal Claw, Aerial Ace > Wing Attack
    Hope this helped!
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    Ice Beam is better on Starmie than Water gun to kill grass types and dragons.

    Charizard can run a boosting move. It has the problem of having a physically oriented movepool while fire moves are special and a better Sp.Atk. It can go mixed something like:

    -Dragon Dance / Swords Dance
    -Aerial Ace

    evil Tyranitar, you don't want Heat wave if you already have flamethrower. And Waterfall < Surf, it simply has less base power and makes physical contact, which is detrimental against pokémon with static and poison point etc.

    Blissey looks good. Minimize is considered cheap competitively but you can use it if you want. Otherwise, replace it with Heal Bell or Aromatherapy.

    Gengar has the problem of being a Ghost type with no good atk stat. It doesn't have the Atk stat to really use Shadow Ball well. It is also too fragile to risk a hypnosis miss. Go with something like:

    Giga Drain / Substitute
    Ice Punch

    Dragonite is a great special attacker, a great physical attacker, and it can do mixed. It has many options, and Dragon Rage just sucks. 40HP damage is just very little. Outrage is only mildly more powerful than Dragon Claw but locks you in for a few turns. It's not worth the power boost from base 80 to base 90. As a special set, you can go with:

    -Dragon Claw

    or a physical set

    -Dragon Dance
    -Aerial Ace
    -Rock Slide

    Salamence generally runs the second set better though, due to better Speed. Dragonite is better in the first set because it gets Thunderbolt to get better type coverage.
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