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Thread: Do you think Gen 2 would've been better if they included more access in Kanto?

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    Most definitely.

    The half-baked Kanto region was one of my biggest quarrels in G/S/C. Sure, we have R/B/Y, but way too much was taken out of Kanto:

    Viridian Forest (in G/S/C)
    Mt. Moon was greatly downsized.
    Pokemon Tower
    Safari Zone
    No Legendary Birds
    No Mewtwo
    Cinnabar Island (probably the most famous omission)

    The Gym Leaders were also ridiculously easy to beat, all the trainers were underleveled, and Kanto just felt, well, empty.

    A great thing that they could've done was expand Kanto a bit, keep the original things in it, and add some "anime-exclusive" locations into it. I actually wish they would've done that with Kanto in general. Nonetheless, it's still my all-time favorite Pokemon region.
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    I actually think that gen2 would have been better if it didn't include Kanto at all. This is because I feel that because they included Kanto it really kept them from making Johto as awesome as it should have been and made both regions half of what they should have been.

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    Yes, though G/S/C was awesome to begin with.

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    Yes, I think it also would have been better if they limited the amount of Kanto Pokemon in the Johto region (a ghost gym and NO ONE has Misdreavus? Come on...)
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    I wished Kanto was the same in GSC as it was in RBY. The whole reason I went into Kanto at all was to be able to catch Mewtwo and trade it, but it wasn't there

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    Not really, no, it's fine the way it is and adding more would make it too tedious to the story.
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