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Thread: Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (RPG Thread)

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    Default Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone (RPG Thread)

    Credit to Bleu

        Spoiler:- Sign-Up Refereshers. SIGN-UPS ARE STILL OPEN YOU KNOW PEOPLE. Link in the Character Links:

    Noctus Artwaltz
    Fanastinian Prince
    03.12.1540 Marduk Woods-Resistance Camp

    Noctus hazily walked away from the attention all of his subordinates was giving him. Just because of he was the prince of the country doesn't mean he deserved the attention like that. He looked around at the encampent hidden in the trees, it has giving them hope, sheltering them from 367 more than once.

    He moved on like he didn't have a care in the world, well he didn't. Even though he was a prince, he wasn't very sociable. He was normally dark and cold to others, well, to everyone besides his Aunt and Portia. People think he's that way because of his uprising, other's think it was his mothers death. It was a mixture of both that made him cold.

    Moving into the planning tent, he sat down on a tree stump. He didn't want anything fancy, and prefered to get his shoes dirty that to sit around board all day. He started to polish his scythe, the scythe he recieved a while ago. Suddenly, he felt something plop on his head, and when he turned around, he saw his Aunt gazing at him. He looked what fallen off, and it was his doll.

    "Aunt Aegina! Thank you very much finding him, I missed him so dearly, I almost cried thinking I lost him." Noctus told her in a childish, but thankful voice. It was higer than usual, but considering his age, his voice was high.

    He the ngazed at his Aunt, shr still looked Nineteen, and was stuck like it too. Even though she was techincally in her fifties, whatever speel was placed on her gave her age immortality, meaning she coukd only die from the blade. Her long, light coper hair trailled town her back while she wore a light burgandy dress, with crosses of ribbon and lace in it. At her side, she carried a rapier that was starting to look blood stained, he could tell that it was her weapon since she first learned to weild. Her left eye was covered in bandages, as it was the place were she was sinped fifty years ago. She looked at him with her regular blue eye, and giggled.

    "No problem my nephew. Now, I've fetched Portia, I think we should start by trying to recruit some people... I want you two to travel to Veraline Hills and Embellia, yo might be able to have the nobles therejoin your ranks. Also, don't forget, those Tactics cards you recieved from that man, use them wisely. Also use the Centurio Arc wisely, as it might be more holy than it's precessor. The 'Holy' Sword; The Gran Centurio. I wish you luck, and now I have to whip those new recruits butts in gear." Aegina started off with a sweat tone, than channged to a mroe serious tone, and ended with a ticked of tone and look. She walked out of the tent, leaving a card behind. As Noctus picked it up, he realized it was the Banish Card.

    This might be useful... No where is Portia? it shouldn't be hard to find her. Now, I wonder who we can get t ojoin us, but they're most likely useless anyways. I only need my doll, Aunty Aegina and Portia... And maybe a cute slave or two, but besides that... I only need them. I'm only doing this because my mom would have wished this, and who was that man? Noctus wondered as he got up, and attached his doll to his Scythe, looking for Portia.

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    Harry Branthese
    Necromancer, Heir to the Black Rose
    03.12.1540 Black Rose Manor

    "!" growled a tall boy as he wrestled with a large pair of bone cutters. Similar to hedge clippers in shape and method of clipping, the steel used is much tougher in order to snap through bones. The boy, Harry Branthese, is in my own little lab in the Black Rose Manor, hidden behind a special bookcase from his old room. His mother's research lined those walls, and Harry loved every second of reading it. At the moment, he's struggling, trying to cut the taill off of an Undine corpse he found near the beach towards the Undine capital. It looked young, but because of the nature of Undines, he had no idea how old it was. He did know that it had been dead for at least a week, and had decayed a little. He black trench coat hung near the entrence, as Harry tried to keep it clean. Dissecting and playing with corpses is messy, and he prfered to dirty his lab coat.

    Suddenly, with a mighty *crack* the spine was severed, and the tail moved a small distence from the rest of the body. "Finally! Damn Undines. I love them, but they are ao hard to dissect!* Harry complained. He grabbed the tail, and pushed the rest of the corpse off the silver table. He would clean that later, though a small amount of blood dripped onto his shoe. The entire room smelled of decaying corpse, and Harry loved every second of it. "Okay, one of mom's theories is that an Undine's tail is mostly muscle, which means the orgens are in the main body. It that is true, then if i cut through the scales of this tail, i will find a thick pack of muscle. Let's see if she is right" Harry said to himself. He grabbed a scapel, and began to cut at the scales. They were tough, but Harry's mom's tools were desighned to cut through Undine flesh and scales, so it wasn't long before he cut through. He pulled the scales off, as well as the fins, and began to inspcet the tail. "Just as mom thought! The Undine tail IS all muscle, which explains how they can move on land, support their body weight on it, as well as be incredible fast swimmers" Harry chidded excitedly. He grabbed his staff, and opened the secret book case into his room. It was plan, with pictures of Undines, dissections of Undines, a few with Pamela and Nietzche, and the the bookcase had several books on them by Pamela as well. Harry squinted. It was already day. "Damn! I worked through the night again. Good going me." Harry muttered. He pulled the skull mask down over his face, allowing the alrge mess of brown hair to hand down. Harry through his black trench coat on, put the black rose hair piece in his hair, and walked out into the manor. He needed more materials. He needed fresh corpses.

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    Portia Belladonna
    Assassin, Noctus' Bodyguard
    03.12.1540, Library

    "Belladonna, His Majesty needs you immediately."

    Portia looked up from her book and eyed the person who was speaking. One of Aegina's messengers, which meant serious business. And, she was caught reading for the second time this week. Swiftly closing the book, she got up and nodded. The messenger then left, leaving Portia alone once again. She placed the book back on it shelf, wincing to herself at the thought of two more people aside from Noctus seeing her read in the past month.

    "Oh, joy." She muttered as she wrapped her crimson scarf around her neck, allowing its long ends to hang behind her as she shook back her long, light hair. Before Noctus had hired her, Portia had always worn her hair in a simple high ponytail. Being among royals forced her to change into a more formal hairstyle however. Picking up her crossbow, she made her way out of the library's door.

    Marduk Woods-Resistance Camp

    Portia ran as she saw the clearing, the same clearing she first met Noctus at. No surprise, he was there with his aunt, probably waiting for her to arrive. Once she managed to reach him, she squeezed his shoulder, smirking. Though she had started work as his bodyguard at first, she had grown close to the young prince, becoming more like his friend or his older sister over the past years.

    "Hey, I'm here now OK?" She said playfully as she gave him another squeeze.

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    Holly Summers
    Axe Battler, Fanastinian Farmer
    03.12.1540, Marduk Woods, Outside of Resistance Base

    Holly grunted as she hoisted her father's axe up on her shoulders. She was strong; it was fairly obvious for herself and anyone who met her, but even then it was fairly difficult carring her father's giant battle axe everywhere. She was thankful she was traveling light otherwise; just some apples from the farm and a canteen full of water in a small side bag. Holly adjusted her hat and looked ahead of her, and saw the encampment of the resistance fighters up ahead. She eagerly quickened her pace, as she was looking forward to being able to rest and put her axe down.

    Holly immediately tracked down the first person she spotted and asked, "Hey, do y'know where the recruitin' station is?" The man looked puzzled at her sudden advance, but then pointed towards a tent towards the center of the camp. Holly nodded and said, "Thanks partner!" before running towards the tent. When she went inside the tent, she saw a man sitting at a desk, writting something on a parchment. Holly walked right up to him, axe in tow, and asked, "Howdy! Is this where I can sign up for this here resistance?"

    The man looked up, and said, "It isn't as simple as just filling out a form. First off, we don't even know who you are, or whether or not you are turely loyal to our cause. Second, just because you have an axe doesn't mean you are a good fighter."

    Holly glared at the man, making him shift uncomfortablely in his seat. "But," the man said with a nervous tone, "if you truely wish to join, you should probably go see either Aegina Artwaltz or her nephew Noctus."

    Holly smiled and thanked the man, then immediately headed back out of the tent to go look for Aegina or Noctus. She knew for sure she hadn't gone all the way from the farm to the Marduk Woods just to be turned away. After wandering around the camp for a bit, she noticed a young regal looking boy who was about her age, that she could only assume was Noctus Artwaltz. Holly walked up to him and asked, "Hey, are you Noctus Artwaltz? I was thinkin' of joining this here resistance, and I was told I should look for you."

    (OoC: Sorry is you think the psot is a little short, I didn't know what to say. Also, since I don't think Holly has her tactics cards yet, I'm not going to post them yet.)

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