Diego Vendrix The Ditto
Ruins of Narcene City

Diego had decided to go and follow his friend turned Emolga. He was still trying to absorb everything that was going on. However, because of the tragedy that occured, it was difficult. All he heard was that they needed to get out because Virizion was coming.

Diego knew he would survive. He would get vengence. He would bring back his partners. Even if he had to kill every legendary to do so.

Not that he wanted to. He might be completely crazy by now, but he was not evil...

We would be headed to the Lostlorn Forest. My mind was currently too unstable to think clearly right now. I just knew I hoped all of my friends were safe. I couldn't lose any of them.

The boat that Adam and Joseph made took off. I just sunk into the water and transformed to the closest water pokemon, a Basculin. I still had my human eyes and I began going after the boat.

"What do we do now, guys?" Diego asked Adam and Joseph and any of the others that were with them.