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Thread: [RP] Dreamcrafters - Bonds of Broken Destiny

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    Izlude Hecarim the Zorua
    Pinwheel Forest

    I sighed a great breath of relief, as I quickly learned that they were Dreamcrafters, along with the Raichu that just entered the fray. I began to carefully tread toward the group, yet my heart was still pounding. Even though I was on their side, they more than likely will not recognize me at first. I had to be wary, too, as not to be ambushed by other Pokémon that may be around. On top of all that, I was still bogged by the multitude of thoughts and emotions surging through my mind, particularly the curse that Arceus plagued me with. I simply had difficulty dealing with the fact that, to the average person or Pokémon, I essentially became a horrendous demon from the depths of hell. I still vividly remember the fearful expression of the young girl, and despised the thought that she could possibly become a lunatic as she grows up because of it. The worst part was, that it was caused because of the selfishness of a deity. Ugh, damn it all!

    As I finally caught up to the group, I tried to converse, but my words were quiet and vague. "Are you guys Dreamcrafters, too?" I softly asked, my voice shaky. I found myself unable to audibly speak any further without jumbling my sentences beyond recognization, so I decided it was best to stay silent for now, and try to regain my cool. I deeply inhaled and exhaled, in an attempt to calm myself down, as staying in a flustered state would certainly be problematic. Besides, I had faith that the curse could be broken! It would be a long, difficult, plight, but it would be well worth it in the end!

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    OOC: I was waiting on gmoyes to type a response since he was controlling two other legendary pokemon that I was referring to, but I will go ahead and post mine as gmoyes hasn't posted at all.

    Tiphane Riagol the Ninetales
    North of Ruined Nacrene City, South of White Forest

    I couldn’t run anymore. My sides were starting to hurt, forcing me to limp slowly. I was gasping for air, feeling a bit sick. From what, I don’t know, but I felt terrible and being exhausted didn’t help me. Hopefully, the forest I was in would keep them from finding me as fast. I kind of wished I had a few of those citrus berries to eat as it would restore some energy, but it was a shame I wasn’t a human anymore nor did I have my bag as that was lost in the explosion. I couldn’t really hear anything except my own gasping and my still pounding heart. Other than that, it was dead silent in the forest. I limped for another few feet before collapsing under a tree and lied there, unable to muster any strength to stand back up. My legs were throbbing painfully and I couldn’t get them to respond.

    If any pokemon were to find me, I’d be easy to beat as I couldn’t move as of right now. I cursed myself for being out of shape when I was human not that I could do anything right now. Well, I had nothing to lose so I might as well try creating something as I was a sitting duck. But, to find out how I was going to be tracked, I needed to know what happened around me. I looked around and noticed that the area around me was starting to wither up and become dried so I was unconsciously burning up the life around me. It wasn’t good, but at least I could try to counter some of it.

    I concentrated on the object I had in mind, which was a camouflage bush net to hide in. I focused on it looking like it was withered and dried up, even imagined it to have the textures of an actual bush. I imagined it surrounding me and the whole tree and when I opened my eyes, I couldn’t really see out of the bush, but it was mostly empty on the inside. I couldn’t stand up without collapsing the camouflage, but I had some room. I was sure though that psychic pokemon would be able to find my essence as I’m sure that they could sense pokemon with their own mind so I probably needed to put a barrier around me. I focused my mind to produce a small barrier around me, but I was just too tired to use psychic powers. Just creating the camouflage took a lot out of me. All I could do now was just rest, but I felt scared, a feeling I haven’t felt in a long, long, long time.

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