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I just think it's because Venusaur wasn't all too special back then
Leech Seed.

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Contrary Seperior.
Doesn't exist.

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Thanks, but...no thanks. Hidden Powers cause enough trouble for me, as I have barely the patience to do it
And I like Big Root. Giga drain gets STAB from its grass typing and with being Timid and EVd in speed, it should go first before it could take damage, allowing it to heal itsself before taking any more damage.
PRNG manipulation.

As for Big Root, you could, y'know, boost your primary sweeping move. Or, better yet, get 1/16th of your health back every turn without doing anything particularly special, like using a move with half the power of your normal sweeping move.

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Steel types would be taken care of the ST Chandelure I'm going to get when I get access to wifi back.
Said Pokemon do not exist legitimately.

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And this is for my IN GAME TEAM, not PO, so I can't chage everything likw that......
You can't breed Pokemon?

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I don't know why, but someone out there would.
You're saying all Victreebels suck at sweeping because some morons don't use them correctly?