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Thread: "GRASS" the worst starter and possibly type??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BNator92 View Post
    Grass is very important for one major reason:
    Water/Ground types.
    Imagine how hard it would be to take out a bulky Quagsire with Unaware (with Recover in its move set) without Grass! Trust me, not fun unless you happen to land consecutive crits.
    It does make it easier to take them out but is in no way necessary. They can still be taken out by powerful neutral attacks.

    Quote Originally Posted by AeroKorogu View Post
    Examples like sceptile who can learn a shitload of moves like iron tail, dragon claw, dig(i think) and more...
    A lot of grass types have the biggest movepools out there that aren't all one or two types, yet some people are too blind to see that.
    Grass-types are actually notorious for having incredibly shallow/limited movepools. They normally consist of Grass, Normal and Poison types moves. There's a reason Grass-types are generally UU or NU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chapter of Charizard View Post
    WHAT?!? yEA OK THAT MAKES SENSE. 1 OF 3 STARTERS ARE GOOD. aright, first off, grass is amazing, considering it beats water types! lets see if ur Swapmert or Blastoise will withstans a solarbeam from venasaur, or a frenzy whip from sceptile. next, fire types kick ***! what, charizard isnt awesome enough? blaziken doesnt cut it? then what does? ok lets get real. all the types are equal (except for bug. we all hate u bug types! LOL) anyway, fire grass and water are equal. i think there should even be the move boil, cuz fire can vaporize water, so in reality, there equal. in quantity, and quality. but, since u said water is the strongest, let me play devil's advocate and say tht water is the worst. LOL
    Electric also beats Water, just sayin'.
    Obviously a Water-type is not going to be able to take a very powerful STAB super effective hit. What does that prove? Rayquaza sucks because it can be OHKO'd by a Glaceons' Blizzard? No.
    Nobody said anything about Charizard or Blaziken, and judging by your username/title, you are definitely defensive about people disrespecting Fire-types because you love them so much. Basically, your opinion is biased rather than objective meaning it's harder for people to take it seriously.
    Not every type is equal, not even close. Dragon and Steel types being 2 types in particular which are clearly superior to most types.
    Water is probably in the top 3 types in the game. At the very least top 5.
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