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    I'm watching this cartoon at the moment, it's a pretty cool cartoon. The main characters are cool and have neat gadgets and stuff. I read somewhere the cartoon got cancelled because it was too "violent". It doesn't seem that violent to me, even with the "deaths" (like in the episode where a guy got turned in to crystal and got crushed to pieces) that happen on the show. It was one of the great shows back in the day.

    Talk about it here.

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    I happened stumble across this show one night. I actually thought is was pretty cool, if not a bit corny at times. I gotta say, old cartoons still to this day are better then half the new ones shown (there are some new shows that are good)

    Anyway, since I'm not a 100% caught up with every episode in this show, I can't claim the series as a whole was successful, but if it got cancelled for a common reason at the time "violence" then I believe it had to be highly popular back then
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    I used to watch this show as a kid. Those were good times.

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    I can't believe those morons could cancel such a great show.

    Season 2's theme was the best.

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    I liked this show. They need to bring it back, with a full blown ad campaign, with even a Mtn. Dew commercial.
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