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I'm sure lots of you ask the same question.

Please respect everyone's theory.

I believe the legend is a myth. The way I see it is GameFreak is basing the game off of the scientists discoveries in game. Now before you say, "GameFreak says it so it's true." Think of it like this. GameFreak knows how the Pokemon universe was created and what created it because they made it. But in the game the scientist "GameFreak"come up with theories from studies to how Arceus could of created the universe. There's elders all over the region telling the player about it but claiming it's a myth. There is no in proof game to prove me that Arceus created the universe. If Arceus did create the universe then the scientist can't prove it because they weren't there.

So do you think the legend is a myth or fact, and do you believe GameFreak bases the studies off of scientific discoveries? Discuss.
I you believe its a fact then I would like proof.