First of all this was approved by Kreis to be posted in Misc.

So basically this is something where you show us a picture you drew (not a picture of you, like art. something you created.) and you tell us a story about it. It can be a story about the actual picture, or what it's related to, or how you got the idea for it, or you can make up a story that goes along with the picture. If you want you can even draw a picture RIGHT NOW and tell us all about it. The idea of this is to understand the users in misc better by pictures. I think the things that people create can reflect who they are as a person, and give us more of a full idea of who they are rather than just text or pictures of themselves. So go for it. Here is mine:

This is some sort of alien I drew in middle school. Surprisingly, it is a lot better than most of the stuff I draw nowadays. Probably because I don't really have the patience anymore to sit down and try to draw well (not that mr. alien over here is a masterpiece, but I was like 12). I guess his left hand was cut off, so some sort of blood or goo comes out of the empty socket in the shape of a hand. And for some reason he looks very confused- maybe it's because his nipples sag so low. The best part is I drew this in math class, because aliens with severed hands, claws and sagging man nipples are totally more awesome than math, you feel me?

And just for fun, here's something I drew more recently (a few months ago):

I guess that's what puberty does to you.