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Thread: Share the best drawing you ever made and tell a story about it.

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    Love the drawings Lyra. The fanfic sounds really interesting. ^^ This was done in my "Introduction to drawing the human body" course. At the time I was 17 and everyone else was 40+. Needless to say, since everyone's skill level was way above mine, I felt do I put it...intimidated at times. XD I took watercolour lessons for 4 years before, and this was the first time I used gouache and soft charcoal...ehhh...and I still can't draw the body to save my life.

    On a less serious note... The Final Battle: Brock VS Cyrus what is this i dont even know

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    It is probably not best but I really do like how this one turned out. This was a birthday gift to a friend of mine. As it was gift, I wanted it to be the best it could be. I think it went pretty well. He liked it anyways.

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    I'm always jealous of someone if they could draw some mechanical or metallic creature like MetalSeadramon. I'm sure you, Izanagi, had a reference on hand, but I imagine it was a pain to detail it.

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    (I Google'd the planet Earth, so I didn't draw it. Was planning on it, but I didn't have the patience for it.)

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    Omg, BlueHarvast that's really beautiful
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