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Thread: Soul Silver team.

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    Default Soul Silver team.

    Ok this is probably the wrong thread but I couldn't find Gen IV in team help so if a moderator sees it could you please move it?

    In SS I have a Bellsprout and it's gonna evolve in about 6 levels. The problem I have is Weepinbell doesn't learn Razor Leaf until level 39 and Vine Whip isn't that strong at all. But I want a Victrebell asap because I want the best stats possible. Victrebell doesn't learn Razor Leaf but it learn Leaf Storm and Leaf Blade at level 47. So is there a way for Victrebell to get Razor Leaf even tho he doesn't learn it by going to the move tutor or something. Should I evolve it as soon as Bellsprout evolves and wait til level 47 or keep Weepinbell and teach it Razor Leaf then evolve it? Oh, and it's naive nature. I'm EV training it's attack and special attack because naive raises it's speed.
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    cool story bro

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    You're gonna want to post this in pokepolls I believe.


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