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Thread: The destiny strikes you (PG and PG-13 on last chaps)

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    That was pretty good. But i don't understand why were they so scared about May and Misty shopping, i mean, it's not like they are going to buy the whole mall or anything like it, right? ok, maybe they would do something like that, now that i remembered that episode............ ok, see ya
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    well... actually you know that May LIKES shopping ok? and Mist was like crazy in that chap ok? so.... you know... total madness! if they work together! XD

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    yes, you're right, good thing i'm girl and that that is not real for the boys that definitetly would be a really bad thing, though it wouldn't be a bad idea, for the girls.
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    Hee hee. Yay for your fic!!!

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    I loved that episode it was very funny, I hope you can write the next chapter soon, later

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    Eek! The Princess Festival would be evil if I was a boy! Well I think your fic is great!

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    nice fic cant wait for the next chap

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    Umm,Ash legendary Hero, can you update soon, later

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    Wow, this is getting really good, very nice to see the Princess Festival mentioned in a fanfic; I haven't seen that very often. It was funny when Brock was so horrified when he remembered about the festival
    Great job, keep it up!

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    well here's chapter five! Mwhahahahaha *cough cough*

    Chapter Five (largest part one) : Seven Days... err... Three! Three days!

    DAWN OF THE FIRST DAY… 72 Hours remain

    The day started with Brendan walking around the town and then he thinked:

    “Now what? three days and then all this place will be full of maniac girls and all will be free for em and not for men! Man this is such a problem!”

    Then he started to walk when he heard a voice yelling:

    “Stop! Please don’t hurt my pokemon!” The voice seems to be from a girl

    Brendan heard and he ran to the place where the voice came and he saw that two guys were using their own pokemon: a Machoke and a Mightyena attacking a Wartortle and a Nuzleaf when Brendan decided to attack:

    “Now! Go Swampert and Aggron!” He yelled when he ordered these attacks:

    “Now Swampert use Hydro Pump! And Aggron you use your horn attack now!”

    Both pokemon used their attacks when the two boys yelled:

    “What the… who are you?” Both asked to Brendan

    “I’m Brendan Birch and I will not allow you to attack a girl while her pokemon are weak! If you don’t want to get troubles stop attacking her ok? Or… I will have to battle you both!” Brendan replied in a serious tone

    “Then… we decide to battle you kid!” Both yelled

    “Wrong answer… now Swampert use Hydro Pump and Aggron use hyper beam!” Brendan commanded when both pokemon launched their attacks and made Machoke and Mightyena faint

    “No way! Ahh!” Both boys yelled when they recalled their pokemon and fled away

    “Cowards… anyway are you ok?” Brendan asked the girl

    “Yeah… I’m fine thanks” The girl said

    “Well what’s your name?” Brendan asked

    “My name is Amanda! And your name was Brendan right?” Amanda replied

    “Yeah! Anyway where are you from?” Brendan asked

    “I’m from Pallet town! I’m a pokemon trainer since two years!” Amanda replied

    “Hey! I’m from Littleroot town and I started since two years too!” Brendan said

    “Littleroot is in hoenn right?” Amanda asked

    “Yeah! Is in hoenn! How did u knew that?” Brendan asked

    “My friend Mario is in Hoenn now… he called me by his pokegear and told me that his first stop was in Littleroot” Amanda said

    “Oh! Anyway wanna meet my friends?” Brendan asked

    “Yeah! I’d like to!” Amanda replied

    “Then follow me!” Brendan said when both trainers ran to the boat

    Brendan introduced Amanda to Ash and co. and all that’s what happened the first day… (not really)

    DAWN OF THE SECOND DAY…. 48 Hours remain…

    The second day Max and Brock were off and then Max asked Brock:

    “Hey Brock how was that day of… you know that day…”

    Then Brock turned white and he dropped on the floor and he tell in a deep voice:

    “I don’t want to talk about it…”

    “Oh boy…” Max thinked

    Then Brock stood up and said:

    “We must buy the food! Now let’s go Max!” Brock said

    “Hey stop!” Max yelled

    Brock and Max arrived to the market when Max asked Brock

    “Hey Brock tell me about how being a trainer please”

    “Well a pokemon trainer must be responsible of his pokemon everytime and must be friends! Don’t forget to train with your pokemon everyday to be the best trainer of all!” Brock replied

    “Oh cool! I have to wait only one year and then… I can start my journey!” Max said in a happy tone

    “Then when you get stronger or get back here in your journey, you can battle me or my little brother or even Misty remember? We are Gym leaders!” Brock said

    “It may be a tough battle I know but I will win anyway!” Max said

    “Well we will see that when you come back to this region!” Brock said

    They got back to the boat and that’s all the important of the 2nd day (not really! XD)

    DAWN OF THE FINAL DAY… 24 Hours remain…

    Ash was in the fun park (please I need some help here…) playing some events when he thinked:

    “Ok here’s my chance… I will win and try to get enough money to get the bicycle repaired and then tell that to May”

    Then he went to the games when he saw May walking around the park when he yelled

    “Hey May!”

    “Ash! Hi I was looking for you!” May replied

    “Oh really? Anyway wanna walk?” Ash asked

    “Yeah I’d like to!” May said

    Then the night came fast

    NIGHT OF THE FINAL DAY… 12 Hours remain

    Then May said:

    “Hey Ash let’s get up to this game!”

    “Man I’m afraid from this game… it always stops” Ash said

    “Is Ash Ketchum scared?” May said

    “Oh you asked for it! Let’s go!” Ash said

    “Great! Now’s the chance!” May thinked

    Both got in and they started to talk:

    “Hey Ash look! Is really high!” May said

    “Yeah… but I don’t want to see…” Ash replied

    “Oh come on!” May said

    “Ok…” Ash said and he looked down

    “Ahh! Is so high!” Ash said in panic

    “I know but let’s calm down…” May said

    “Wow she’s really brave!” Ash thinked

    “Well Ashyboy now what?” May said

    “Well I want to ask you: since when do you know Brendan?” Ash asked

    “Well since I was a little girl because my father was Prof. Birch friend!” May said

    “So… you know him since both of you were young…” Ash said

    “Yeah! But you are something special Ash…” May replied when she started to blush

    Ash blushed too when he asked still blushing

    “What do you mean by special?”

    “I mean that you teach me all about pokemon that I know! How to train them, to capture them and helped me when I was in trouble!” May said

    “No problem May!” Ash said

    “I’d like to thank you somehow…” May said

    Ash began to blush even more when both of them watched to their eyes and started to get closer and then they made a quick kiss on the lips

    “Thanks Ash” May said blushing

    “No problem May…” Ash said blushing too

    The roulette of fortune game ended and both got down and headed to the movies

    “Well which movie do you want to see?” Ash saked

    “Hmmm… Maybe this one!” May said pointing to “The grudge”

    “Are you sure about this?” Ash asked

    “Yeah! Why not?” May replied

    “Well some friends (actually Gary) told me that this movie was really scary” Ash said

    “But if I’m with you: I must not be scared!” May said

    After that Ash blushed because he knew that May trust in him

    “Ok! Well let’s see it!” Ash said

    The movie started…

    To be continued (for every day there is a 2nd part ok?)


    Well the next chap will show the 2nd part of each day ok? just wait for it (will be shown up soon)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Red
    Then Brock turned white and he dropped on the floor and he tell in a deep voice:

    “I don’t want to talk about it…”
    Errr, right. Nice chapter, Red Let's hope they survive the Princess Festival.

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    i said before: there is a second chap right? well i will post it mayb tomorrow or thursday (here in my country) wellthat will show the 2nd part of each day (i was very tired by writing 4 each day so...) ok? oh and amanda is like the FR/LF girl ok?
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    Love the fic Red. Can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter.

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    I just read the lastest chapter and it's pretty good. I'm a pokeshipper but I still like this fic, because you're not treating badly Misty. Anyway, I like your fic. hope you have next chapter soon
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    Just be glad that there's no prince festival gals.

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    well the thread is open again with new title and here is chapther.... err... *closes eyes and choses the chap*

    Chapter Five (2nd part): Seven Days... err.... Three! Three days! ^^;

    NIGHT OF THE FIRST DAY 60 hours remain…

    After Brendan showing Amanda to all the gang all started to talk with her:

    “So are you a new trainer from pallet?” Ash asked

    “Yes But not that new! I started my trip since two years” Amanda replied

    “So… which one was your first pokemon?” Max asked very excited

    “Well… here is he… come on out!” Amanda yelled when a Wartortle came out of the pokeball

    “So… you chose Squirtle right?” Brendan asked

    “Final answer?” Amanda asked

    “Yeah final answer” Brendan replied

    “Correct answer!” Amanda yelled and all started to laugh and Brendan blushed after that joke

    “Hahaha... anyway did you traveled with anyone?” Ash asked

    “Yep actually he’s in hoenn now” Amanda replied

    “You said that his name was Mario right?” Brendan asked

    “Yes and he started with Charmander which now is a Charizard” Amanda said

    “A Charizard! Wow! I heard that is a very strong pokemon!” Max said

    “Actually yes it is!” Amanda replied

    “Anyway, Amanda want to try a game with us?” May asked

    “Sure! Why not?” Amanda replied

    “Ok!” Misty yelled

    Everyone started to think which game will they play when Brendan said

    “Well… how about playing cards?”

    “I don’t know… I’m not good at that” Amanda said

    Then Ash said

    “How about playing Spin the Bottle?” (I don’t know the real name of the game)

    “Good idea! I like that game!” Amanda said

    “Well anyone has a bottle?” May asked

    “Well I better go… I fell tired” Max interrupted

    “Well see ya!” Everyone replied

    Max went to his room and then he said to himself

    “Good work Max! this is a chance for those teenagers!”

    The round started when Brock got out a bottle from his backpack and all decided the positions it was like this:

    Ash in the left

    Misty up to Ash

    Brendan in the right

    Brock was down

    May side to Brendan

    Amanda side to Ash

    Ash made the first move

    Head pointed to Misty and tails to May

    “Well what now… I know! Misty. Say this: I like bugs!” May said

    “Well ok! Anyway is not true” Misty said when she yelled: “I like bugs!”

    Now was Misty who made spin the bottle

    Head pointed to Ash and tails to Brendan

    “I’ll love doing this hehehe” Brendan thinked “Well kiss May” Brendan said

    “What?” Both Ash and May said in unison and blushed

    “You heard me!” Brendan said

    Ash only kissed May’s cheeks

    “Well that’s it” Ash said

    “Darn…” Brendan said to himself

    “Anyway let’s continue!” Misty said

    Some hours later…

    The game ended and everyone went to his rooms

    In the room of May and Misty May asked to Misty

    “Hey Mist! Why didn’t you get mad when Ash kissed me? I know that you like him!” May said

    “Well I liked him… I’m now with someone else…” Misty said

    “Oh ok!” May replied

    “Good night May!” Misty said

    “G’ Night” May replied

    The day ended…

    NIGHT OF THE SECOND DAY 36 hours remain…

    Max keep asking Brock hints to be a pokemon trainer in the boat when Brendan entered

    “Hey Max Brock!” Brendan said

    “Hi Brendan! Both Max and Brock said

    “What are you doing?” Brendan asked

    “Well right now I’m telling Max some hints to be a good pokemon trainer! Want to say something?” Brock answered

    “Yep! Well Max always remember this: Your pokemon are your friends and if you treat them well they will like you a lot ok? And this: your pokemon are your responsibility ok? You take care of your own pokemon!” Brendan said

    “Ok! I will! Thanks for everything guys!” Max replied very happy

    “Ok… hey Brock want to see TV?” Brendan said

    “Well… what are we checking now?” Brock asked

    “We are checking this!” Brendan said when he got out a DVD box out of his pack

    “Well which movie then?” Brock asked

    “How about this one?” Brendan said when he showed the box with the movie: Jackass The Movie

    “Well I like to see something funny now!” Brock said

    “Well now let’s go!” Brendan when they started to see the movie

    Some minutes later them started to laugh like crazy and then Amanda came and asked

    “What’s going on?”

    “Oh them… they are watching Jackass… a 2002 movie made by MTV… they are nuts” Max said

    “I know! My father watch that and is really funny!” Amanda said

    Max said to himself

    “Ok Maxie… you may be nuts because you heard she say that they were funny…”

    “I will watch it then!” Amanda said

    “Yep definitely You're nuts” Max told to himself again

    Back to the last day…

    The movie started and the May started to get afraid

    “Oh man I hope that I made the right choice for this…”

    May started to scare when the movie started

    “Hey May what’s going on?” Ash asked

    “What? No-no-nothing!” May said

    “Well… let’s continue” Ash said when they kept watching the movie

    58 minutes later… (I watched the movie ^^)

    “Ahh! That again!” May yelled when she hugged Ash because she was really scared

    Ash blushed after that and then he kept watching the movie when he remembered one part and then he covered May’s eyes

    “Don’t watch! This is very horrible to watch” Ash said when (watch the movie please n American version) The scene passed

    The movie ended and both get out of the room and then…

    “Wow what a scary movie! I think I won’t sleep today” May said

    “I warned you…” Ash said

    “Well I think I will have to sleep with someone tonight…” May said

    “Me too! I think it was very scary too! Ash replied

    “Well… better try to sleep the best as we can don’t you think?” May asked

    “Yep! I think I will have bad dreams tonight…” Ash replied

    “Me too! Don’t forget about me!” May said

    “Well try to have nice dreams May”

    “You too” May replied

    Next day…

    “Well take your guess!” Max yelled to everyone

    “I quit! I will help Amanda” Brendan said quite nervous

    “Well… ok I’ll help you but well… girls you will go with?” Max asked

    To be continued...


    Here we go! Anyway next chap will tell each one (May and Misty) choise ok? see ya!
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    Is this the fic I'm suppose to post in?

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    Wow. I hope they make it through, I'm a girl, so, hehe. I also wonder who each boy is paired up with, I think I know, but I'll wait.

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    good chapter! I wonder who is Misty interest now. Guess I'll have to wait.
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    all of ya will have to wait until saturday! i'm very busy in other fan fic (still working and not posted) ok? just wait ^^
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    i'm posting now that i won't be able to post the next eppie between the next wekk and maybe july (the first week) because i'm grounded... for four weeks or maybe 3 or 2... i hope two
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    I must ask that you pick up the pace with the updateing, if ye mind it not.

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    Damn...and i was really hoping that after a few months that this would of been back up again. O well....good while it lasted, eh!

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