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    Rikka father died while her mother abandon her and her sister 3 year ago.
    After that They lived with their Grandparent (father-side) however Rikka's Grandfather didn't accepted Rikka for some reason.
    Rikka didn't accept her father's death and believe her father is watching over her from ''Eternal Horizon''.
    Yuuta accept Rikka's request and take her to her parent house because she wanted to remember her old memory.
    Only to find out that her's parent house has been demolished and the land of that house is for Sell.
    Rikka's shocked while her sister show up and tell her accept reality.
    Seem like Rikka & her sister will have another battle in the next episode .
    However , Now its ''To Be Continued''.
    This is a heavy episode .
    It explain the reason behind Rikka becoming a Chiuuni.
    Does the Novel really about Rikka & Shiina's rivalry over Yuuta ?
    Because Shiina doesn't mind their relationship and see them as a couple.
    On the otherhand,
    Does anyone else think that Shiina resemble Asuna Yuuki from Sword Art Online.
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