This team's for a series of battles with some of my buddies (money is involved.) I'm up against some serious threats (Jellicent, Excadrill, Garchomp, etc.) Can I get some help with these? I think I've made good choices but I could be wrong. Keep in mind, their natures are probably totally wrong for them, I just haven't tried to breed for the proper ones yet.

Metagross @ Air Balloon (Calm) Ability - Clear Body

Toxic (to cripple)
Agility (I think it could work well)
Psychic (good STAB move, using Metagross' completely usable SpAtk stat)
Meteor Mash (high power, STAB, primary attacking option)

Scizor @ Choice Band (Naive) Ability - Technician

Swords Dance (with Band and high base Atk, he just gets ridiculous)
U-turn (STAB, good move, useful for scouting)
Bullet Punch (priority, STAB and Technician boosted)
Roost (Scizor could surely use the recovery options, though I might be using Blissey over Wobbuffet in order to be cleric)

Gengar @ Focus Sash (Docile) Ability - Levitate

Shadow Ball (STAB and Gar's good SpAtk)
Focus Blast (seriously helps with Steel types that usually get me)
Substitute (because it's fantastic on Gengar)
Giga Drain (for a reliable and useful recovery option)
I want to teach him Hidden Power Fire, but he learned Grass type instead. Don't know how to change that.

Eelektross @ Leftovers (Lax) Ability - Levitate
No weaknesses is a big plus.

Grass Knot
Hidden Power Ice (need help teaching him this)
He has fantastic coverage I'd like to take advantage of.

Starmie @ Choice Specs (Quiet) Ability - Natural Cure

Recover (Starmie uses it well)
Ice Beam (beats some usual walls)
Thunderbolt (can be a serious surprise)
Surf (STAB, high power)

Wobbuffet @ Focus Sash (Bold) Ability - Shadow Tag

Mirror Coat
Destiny Bond

Though I think I might exchange the risky Wobbuffet with a safer Blissey.
Blissey @ Leftovers (Calm) Ability - Natural Cure
Seismic Toss/Flamethrower

Any help would be great. I am kind of looking for possible replacements for Eelektross and Wobb, and maybe Metagross - any ideas that are effective and would really surprise a competitor? Would Reuniclus be an option?