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Okay Seasons 3 and 5 are two seasons that is hard to determine which is worse. But we can agree they're both pretty terrible. But Miguel did have the better development IMO. As Joltik said, it was interesting seeing him transform from high esteemed DA (is that what he was?) to a serial killer even worse than Dexter
Eh, I didn't particularly care much for that season myself, but good luck trying to convert these two as they think it's one of the best seasons. I mean I didn't hate Lumen, but how can you kill people and then lose the urge as if it never happened? That's likely my biggest disappointment with the character, as it made no sense. I get it, of coarse if you're being held captive, you're gonna want revenge, but if that revenge means going as far as killing them... then that must mean you always had some urge to do so before hand. At least with Miguel, it was a learning process but he couldn't handle the power he was then given. Honestly, season 3 would have been a lot better had they chosen to have a better villain then the Skinner. Miguel was good... the other guy not so much

And yeah, I believe he was a DA