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In Pokemon 9Th Movie cameo , Team Rocket capture and experimented on Rayquaza.
I like to know the hero who saved Rayquaza.
After all, If Team Rocket has something mega legendary like Rayquaza then they would bother going after 2nd grade legendary like the Kai Trio.
Anyway , It could be a future ark where Ash and co saves Rayquaza.
Or , It could be side-story where Jimmy or another Pokemon Game Protagonist saves Rayquaza.
May be , We could see Ethen and Silver join force to save Rayquaza.
Or , Ash might join force with Jimmy and other game Protagonist to save Rayquaza.
The Rayquaza scene was just made up for movie intros so that the narrator could emphasize how not all people in the Pokemon World are nice. If Team Rocket actually did catch Rayquaza, they would've done something with it already.