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With the upcoming release of Black 2 & White 2, the Chatroom has been rife with discussion of the possibilities that are to come while the WiFi Chatroom has been a place for people to hunt down the new Dream World Pokémon for trade and to battle other trainers so be sure to visit them. Our Forums have also had these discussion and are a bustling trade and competitive section for the games. Be sure to like our FaceBook Page.
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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Magnagate & The Infinity Labyrinth
The recent Nintendo retailer briefing has revealed some details on the new game Pokémon Mystery Dungeon - Magnagate & The Infinity Labyrinth. Specifically, it has revealed the boxart for this game and the Japanese release date. It is to be released on November 23rd 2012 for 4800 Yen in both retail stores and on the Nintendo eShop. It also reconfirmed that it has Nintendo Network capabilities. We'll bring more details on this game as it comes

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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - More Localisations & Meloetta
The official site has revealed Meloetta, albeit without detailing how it will be distributed as of yet. As soon as the details for the distribution come, we'll post them here. In addition to that, it updated with various localisations, most of which we have already revealed but have reconfirmed the Key System. In Black 2, the mode you unlock keeps its name of Challenge Mode, but the mode in White 2, Assist Mode, has been renamed as Easy Mode. We'll provide more as and when it comes

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Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 - Genesect Event Details
The official site has also revealed the full details of the upcoming Genesect event due to be on WiFi from launch until November 12th. Like the Japanese one, it has the moves Techno Blast, Magnet Bomb, SolarBeam and Signal Beam, but unlike the Japanese one, it comes at the lower level of Level 15 meaning it'll obey you quicker than if it was the original Level 50. We'll notify you when this event is live. The Event Database has been updated with details of this event.

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Pokémon Black & White - Episode Pictures
As usual, I have done pictures from the episode that aired in Japan today. This episode features the firstconclusion of a two part Team Rocket plot featuring Meloetta, the Therian Formes and Giovanni's return to Unova. The AniméDex has been updated with the massive contents of this episode. Click the picture to go to the gallery but be warned however as they contain spoilers;

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Pokémon Black & White - Keldeo Event
For those of you in the various regions, the Keldeo event is due to end within the next week. If you're in America, the event ends on October 6th in Gamestop Stores. In Canada, it ends October 6th in EBGames. In UK it ends October 11th in GAME/Gamestation. In Europe it ends October 11th in various stores and in Australia it ends on October 10th. There is only a limited time to receive this event so be sure to go get it. If you send the Keldeo to your pokémon Black 2 & White 2 games, you can change its form to Resolute Form in Pledge Grove.

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