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    I started a file on my Blue that I got in the mail yesterday, and i need help creating a team.
    I named myself Mr. T, and I want gangster like pokemon.
    I also want them to have a nickname.

    here is what I have.

    name: Gun
    hydro pump
    skull bash
    ice beam

    and one more

    name: Killa bee (if I don't have enough letter space I will have no space.)
    pin missle
    mega drain

    I need to get more I just can't come up with any, plz help.
    Any Help will be appreciated, thanks.
    I was thinking of getting a mew but I can't come up with a name for it.

    Oh and I cannot trade unless you count the yellow I got in the mail to.

    EDIT: I was also thinking of adding an electrode or a chansy for like a bomb kind of guy. I would nickname the electrode grenade, and the chansy bomber, and I would teach it egg bomb from a tm.
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