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    OKAY!!! Hello. So, I'm a big Advanceshipper, but I'm kinda new to this whole shipping scene, so i don't exactly know all the jargon. I know most of the "shipper" jargon (e.g. Pokeshipping, Pearlshipping, Ikarishipping), but I want to know jargon like OOC (which I learned, this is just an example), and AAML (which I don't know what that means so please explain). So, if you will, please post as many words you can think of so my shipping vocabulary increases!!! Thank you!

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    OTP: One true pairing. Theoretically, you're only supposed to have one, but it's commonplace for more prolific shippers to have multiple OTPs. Basically, an OTP is a pairing you really, really like.
    Canon: Confirmed, happened in the series, indisputable.
    Fanon: Made up by the fans, arguable, not set in stone.
    Crack: Baseless, makes little or no sense.
    Ship: A relationship, or pairing.
    Jumping ships: Switching from one pairing to another. E.g. Shipping Advanceshipping but then changing your mind and shipping Contestshipping instead, or vice versa.
    I will go down with this ship: I have sold my soul to shipping this ship and I refuse to ever jump to a more popular ship or to the canon ship.
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