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    Lightbulb #Black 2 >.<

    Hey all, pretty excited black 2 almost out in the U.S. I put together a team, quite random, but it took long and hard thinking for this team to come together. I've decided ill be transfering over pokemon from my current black file.
    Keep in mind this is an in game team.

    Role:Physical Tank
    Ability:Shell Armor
    Nature:Careful (?)
    EV's:252 HP 252 Sp.D (?)
    -Seed Bomb

    I figured I'd use a starter I've never even thought of using, this guy popped in my head, his Ground/Grass typing is so appetizing, I know in reality this typing sucks and is very vulnerable, but i have to! i like challenges and unique things, after all he is the only ground and grass. The idea is to throw this guy out Curse up, synthesis off any dmg while in process, gave him a special defense nature to raise its sp.d up to par with its D, then the 252 Ev's are in Sp.D also since he can curse to gain defense, 2 strong stab moves to finish jobs or sweep.

    Role: Physical Sweeper
    Haxorus@Muscle Band(?)
    Ability:Mold Breaker
    EV's: 252 Atk 252 Speed
    -Dragon Dance
    -Dragon Claw
    -Rock Slide

    2nd recruit for my line up, I chose this dragon because it looks amazing and I got a shiny!...when i played black I was more of a Hydreigon guy (wich is really amazing) I wanted to give Haxorus a chance to shine for being strictly dragon. Basic moveset, doesn't have alot of variety, but it works.

    Pidgeot@Leftovers (?)
    Ability:Big Pecks
    EV's: 252 HP 252 Speed
    -Fly(In-Game purposes)

    I knew i needed a flyer, I need to fly from city to city right? I chose Pidgey, Why? He has 3 evolutions in his line, making it kind of a theme heh, and also he is a Gen1 Pokemon I havnt used since I started back in the days of blue and red. I like his Beefyness so I gave him the big pecks ability for those early game tail whips. Toxic and fly go hand in hand, it makes me laugh, Tailwind is there to speed up my team. ;P

    Role:Special Tank
    Walrein@Life Orb(?)
    Ability:Thick Fat
    EV's: 252 Special Attack 252 HP
    -Super Fang
    -Brine/Surf(In Game Purposes)
    -Ice Beam
    -Hidden Power Grass/Electric/Fire/Ground (?)

    I need a surfer ! The trick is to Super Fang to cut opponents life to half then brine for 120 base power Stab boosted life orb boosted Modest boosted water move, if not surf. Still pondering what hidden power I want. I chose him because I've pretty much seen what every other pokemon has to offer and what they're capable of, I also wanted to see Walrein outside of a hailstorm.

    Role: Special Sweeper
    Magmortar@Life Orb (?)
    Ability:Flame Body
    Nature:Modest or Timid (?)
    EV's:252 Special Atk, 252 Speed
    -Fire Blast
    -Focus Blast
    -Confuse Ray/Hidden Power (?)

    A fire pokemon I've never used in game that wants to blast? Sure. Hes My special sweeper might make him modest with a choice scarf? since i have a tailwind or might keep him Timid to outspeed things faster when a tailwind isnt up. Fire blast for sheer power, Focus blast for excellent coverage and raw power, Thunderbolt to counter water foe's, still need a 4th move.

    Metagross@Choice Scarf
    Ability:Clear Body
    Nature:Adamant/Jolly (?)
    EV's:252 Attack 252 Speed or HP (?)
    -Bullet Punch/Meteor Mash (?)
    -Ice Punch/Thunder Punch (?)

    This guy is the only guy I'm looking to replace, everyone else is stapled in. Basically chose this guy because his typing and resistances can help alot. Trick my scarf lock a foe in a single move, Fire perhaps? switch in my dragon, so on. Still not looking forward to using him, maybe a better disruptor.

    So thats my team, I know alot about pokemon and have been playing since red and blue, My movesets are almost all stapled in, but there are still some things I'm not sure about, those things will be marked with a (?).
    Feel free to criticize? I've chosen 6...(5) Pokemon out of 649 pokemon for there own reasons.

    Im taking suggestions to following;
    6th Pokemon
    Ev's, IV's

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    Body Slam > Super Fang for Paralysis.

    Flamethrower > Fire Blast and HP [Grass] if you run HP at all. If not Psychic is fine.
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    If this is for in-game, replace trick on metagross with Thunder Punch. Trick is useless in-game since most of the time the opponent will not have an item.

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    I like your Walrein set, it's definitely quite creative imo. Go with Hidden Power [Grass] as your last move to hit other Water types, of which there are plenty in this game.

    Not counting Metagross, you're extremely BoltBeam weak and very QuakeSlide weak. You have three weaknesses to Rock, although that's not a massive problem considering the fact that there are no Rock type specialists in the game. imo a Conkeldurr will fit nicely on your team.

    - Bulk Up
    - Drain Punch
    - Mach Punch
    - Payback

    Bulk Up for boosting. Drain Punch for healing and Mach Punch for picking off weakened opponents with priority. Payback gets almost perfect neutral coverage alongside your STAB moves and also benefits from your low speed.

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    As mentioned before your have a big weakness to quakeslide and BoltBeam. So enter Ferrothorn.

    Takes care of Waters with ease. Walls both boltbeam and quakeslide decently. Great ability and only 2 weaknesses.

    Only problem begin that you already have Torterra as your Grass type already. So you probably shouldn't double up on types.

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