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Thread: ShockingShipping- Our Souls bring light to each other

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    Default ShockingShipping- Our Souls bring light to each other

    So Welcome to this Forums new ShockingShipping thread. I know it is an Uncommon Shipping, but I'm sure I'm not the only supporter here. Mods, you can close this topic at anytime, you know. (Sorry for bad OP)


    1. All Serebii and Shipping Rules apply
    2. Have fun, and enjoy here


    What is ShockingShipping?

    it is the pairing and following that believes the Nimbasa Gym Leader Elesa and the Sunnyshore Gymleader Volkner is in a romantic relationship

    Isn't this nevermet?

    Actually, it isn't. The Pokemon World Tournament made sure any and all Gym Leaders and Champions fought each other in battle, and since it's Canon, any shippings there is now considered 'met'. Well, at least in my eyes that is.

    I don't like this shipping, can I still post here and post my opinion?

    Of course! Remember, make sure it isn't bashing this ship. (Which is hard to do) but anything productive and non-bashful is accepted. Unless it's fan.

    I found some FanArt/FanFictions. Can I link them

    OF COURSE! They will all be stored here.

    I'm trying to convert my friend, can you guys help?

    Well, no, sorry... We don't want anyone to force to like this shipping, but if you like it, you're welcome here!

    I made some FanArt/Wrote a FanFic. Can I show you guys?

    Sure, remember as long as it isn't advertising or breaks the rules, you can post/link it to us.


    Credit to Artists that made these wonderful works~

    CandleReaper (Will become Lost Requiem)
    Flame Mistress
    Ruby Moon
    Saphhire Blue Eyes

    If you are kind enough to make us a Banner, please do!

    Alright, first topic!

    For those of you who support this shipping, why do you support it?

    Well for me, let's see. I love how Elesa's cheery personality fits Volkner's more melancholic attitude. That they both are eletric type trainers are also a great plus, and I feel that they can make each other work. Volkner can have Elesa slow down and breath for a while, and she can make him see the light in life again. I don't know much honestly, I just love it.
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